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  1. Thank you You guys are great! Keep em coming I'm learning a lot.
  2. I know I need to improve my painting technique. I'm stuck and need some advice. Here is an example. On this mini, isn't much contrast. You see brush strokes. There isn't much depth. I used to blame it on the photo,because the mini always looks better in actual. I need to learn to paint in a way that will show better on camera. I would appreciate all comments. Thanks for your time
  3. I used green stuff and molded the texture on the base.
  4. Does anyone know if there is going to be a miniatures painting contest at Gen Con 2010 ? I can't find anything about it on the Gen Con site ?
  5. I like the expression you did on the face, that look is very clear and clean looking.
  6. The skin looks great. The tone is well blended and I like the look of the olive.
  7. The Armour looks great. I like to see metallic paint done well. The fur looks great too. You followed the model exactly. This piece will make your Exchange very happy.
  8. Congratulations on your award. It looks great and I look forward to seeing your diorama.
  9. I love the Knight. That is really creative and nice sculpting too.
  10. This woman definitely needs a safety razor. The paint job is very realistic. It looks like decay.
  11. I like that style and you did a great job. I like that style where the edges are super highlighted.
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