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  1. Mina has to be my band of Skeeters. They don't cost much and they tend to not DO much but every once in awhile they get a wound on a caster or finish off a big baddie. 99% of the time they are just a glorified speed bump....
  2. My problem lately has been being TOO cautious with my earth elemental types. Burrow just feels so warm and safe! I wonder if it would have been more effective to keep him closer in to the main body, and popped him up on the surface right after the crazy goblins rushed in... that way you've got the big nasty that's making Goblin Paste for you, but he can't necessarily devote an entire troop to ripping it down all at once. Now, see, there you go getting all logic-y on me and stuff. I definitely considered that, but I wanted to try something new. I was also trying to count on the Fearsome aspect as well and the Goblins relatively low DIS to help out in that regard. That led to a Spirit. Wild Bill Well..I DID have like 6 guys fail their discipline checks to make into b2b if that makes you feel better.... Honestly, I was expecting the Spirit to make paste out of the skeeters. They put 80% of the wounds on your priest...
  3. Here is my list. Same as last week since I wanted to see how it would do against an army that would not deny the Support Bonus. Troop 1 Gronkelfibbets and Mazak Armor of Command Goblin Warrior x25 Skralla the Black Gonda Troop 2 Dantral, Half Orc Armor of Command Goblin Warrior x20 Gonda Lunk Troop 3 Goblin Skeeter x6 Totem of Battle 57 models, 3 Init, No spy No tact. 999pts. And it really did pay off. As stated before in the topic we did 2 battles, timed, and winner vs. winner/ runner up vs. runner up in the final round. I don't say looser since we all had a blast. And all I won was was the right to say "I'm going to Disney Land!". Battle 1 I faced off against the really brave and courageous merc army of Not Sure. He boldly charged out to face the goblin horde - which was perfect for me since I could save both Gonda's from casting burst of speed - for Bless and other great things. Every single goblin died when his minotaurs and Okurans even sneezed at them - but viscous and cleave don't really matter much when they are 1 damage track models. He definitely over killed 90% of those that died. I know that Not Sure's favorite moment was the Warlord to Warlord battle royale but for me, honestly it was the swarm just eating those poor Minotaurs alive. The first time I played this list we were testing Korbolas and they had no support bonus. This list is built around having that. It is just gratifying to charge in a 9 point model and he hits with 2 attacks at a MAV of 6!!!! (2 base +1 for totem +1 for Bless +2 for support because I would have 5 in b2b). That was my highlight of the match for me. And since I have faced off against Warwicks minotaurs before and struggled to kill them it was very satisfying. Eh..I'm easy... Battle 2 So here it was....Dwarves vs. Reven...the battle to end all battles. One winner....one looser. The fluff match of all fluff matches....Aggressive play style against aggressive play style.... And what does Wild Bill do? He was a coward using some weird thing called Tack - Teeks? WTF? They camp....on top of a hill......the Spirit was suicidal and 2 warriors swapped places with 2 others to heal...and the was his movement....THE WHOLE GAME. What a let down. Actually it was genious on Wild Bills part since it made me do all the work. I decided to use G&M's warlord ability for the first time and rush attack some blessed goblins. In hind sight I should have just moved up slowly and charged and attacked. They have DV8....cutting their attacks in 1/2 only let his stuff live longer as I neutered half my attack power. My highlight of the match was the suicidal Stone Spirit. I know the Wild Bill was thinking it would last for a turn or two with me whacking at it but it went down in one melee...with something like 11 wounds. It was awesome. It reminded me of the 3rd matrix movie when the swarm of drones just wash over those armored suits...awesome. Actually, the whole game was a highlight I felt until the bottom of 3 when I kill 4 or 5 of his guys and he makes all the tough checks....what a let down.
  4. QFT - We had this discussion on the way home. Score one for the Freshman!!!!
  5. Were the warlord group of players in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Everyone on those forums call us the "Tulsa Crew". I just used one of the fonts in phrotoshop. I might have to change that - don't want anyone getting mad at me!
  6. lol no clue. I can't paint as well as 80% of the folks that post here (though I look and drool) and I was unaware that 3 clicks of a mouse was considered "art". But hey, thanks for the comment!
  7. Well, since we are called the Tulsa Crew I set myself to my super basic Photoshop skills to make us a logo. Tell me what you folks think! And yes, that is the Tulsa skyline...
  8. you're just jealous that orcs never attract babes Why do we have to attract 'em when we can just bonk 'em on the head caveman style....
  9. Yeah. We were at the FLGS. I have had stuff go missing and with all the people there I just don't bring my camera. Just in case.
  10. In the immortal words of Homer Simpson "Doh!". Well at least the upside is my transgression did absolutely jack and squat. 16 shots at the griffon between them and 0 hits...Oh wait, I got one and then WB made me Albatross it.... And when we get to DFW I will make sure and take a jacket...I head it gets cold when there is nothing to break that piercing wind...
  11. Man...I was all set to do a double burst of speed on my two berzerker troops and what does the little midget with a book three times as big as he is do? Frickin fireball...hitting 9 models!!! At caster power 3 no less (I dispelled for 3)....When that happened all I could say was "bleep" and try and pull it out of my behind. Nearly did....IF I could have made more than a single tough check....IF I could have remembered all those Discipline checks he SHOULD have been taking from Varug's WA....Still a great game. And...as a side note, we DID play like the DFW boys and had 2 hills for terrain. Thats it....I think I started to hyperventilate. You should have seen Wild Bill... My list: Varaug w/ Bonesplitter Gaaguk Bull Orc Berzerker x 4 Narg Bloodtusk w/ Magic Weapon Bull Orc Berzerker x4 Lunk Harpy x3 Fire Keg Goblin Skeeters x4 Goblin Skeeters x4 Greka, Shaman Albatros Amulet 1000pts. 6 troops, tac and spy. Also, there was a nice little spy battle that didn't work at ALL..(for the good guys - me) And the Griffon roaring.....at a bunch of fearless models..... Great game had.
  12. I don't see why not as blowthrough doesn't target a model more a "direction". The rules for stealth say that it can not be "targeted" by an attack more than 12" away. Now if your within the 12" I am 90% sure your hosed either way. I am sure someone with more experience will post soon - but that's my interpretation.
  13. Long story... I ordered the book after it had "sold out". I found a web vendor who claimed to have some in stock, and I wrote to them and asked if they actually had the book in their hands and was told "yes", so I paid for it. And then I got told a couple days later it was "out of stock" and they'd have it for me after Reaper got it reprinted. I waited, what was it, about two weeks? They shipped it to me a couple days after you guys announced you had it on the loading dock. So I am pretty sure it was the 2nd printing. Ditto for what happened to me except it was my FLGS that ordered it through their distributors. Mine has started something new this past weekend and the laminate on the cover has really started to peal off. 3/4 of an inch so far. But I do read through it at lunch every day AND it has been raining every other day for weeks now...
  14. Wow. Read this report at work and the pics are well worth the wait. Looks like a great match no matter the points cost!! Pitty you didn't get to finish. Go team Reven!!!
  15. ::cough cough The Unmentionable Company's Codex cough cough:: I still have my 3rd Ed. IG and Daemonhunters codex's and they have seen YEARS of continuous play and are still in great shape. I think my IG Codex was only $15 when it first came out, and the newer ones are $25. I still gave it a 4 star because the rules are some of the best I've seen for speedy play. Poor binding or no its still a good game.
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