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  1. First off, welcome! I am new to the game and thinking of starting a Reven army as well. On paper they look awesome. Heres what I have been thinking for a good unit: 477pts but oh man, what a 477pts... Varaug Omber Skulltooth Gaaguck, Bull Orc Berzerker 3x Bull Orc Fighters 2x Bull Orc Berserkers All Bull Orcs, all have Bloodlust, so if you take some archers and soften the target up a little thats +1 MAV Use Omber to cast Frenzy on the whole troop and wow...6 MA from Varaug, 8 from Gaaguck, and 4 from your other guys.... Or, Use Incite to give the whole troop Rush Attack to
  2. You the man! Thanks alot for all this info. I come from 40k and Imperial Guard no less so using this info and trying out a static defensive posture might be the ticket.
  3. Very nice. What model is this if you don't mind me asking? I really like the sculpt.
  4. I completely agree. I was just mentioning these as an apples to oranges comparison. Justicars are supposed to be our best foot soldier and they don't seem to stack up against other factions soldiers. Ah now were getting into Army cohesion. Think Duke Gerard with Justicars and rage. Thats a +2 MAV with two guys on a charge. Thats signifigant. Also, your point of better degrading stat line. There is not that much of a difference. They do go to DV10 on Track 1, but their MD stays higher. All the guys I play with know that Justicars are my toughest Std base size soldier. I also use Hospi
  5. Ok, Ill bite. Here's a run down of a Justicar. 47pts. 3 damage tracks, MOV 5 DIS 7, DV11, MD12 with deflect1 and tough/1. 2 attacks at a 5. At DV 11 they are getting hit left and right. And this DV only lasts on their first track. Now, I am not saying that for 47pts they are THAT bad. But without any provoke and our single model with disable having 1 MA at a 3 keeping them alive is impossible. I have tried running up to three Hospitaliers in the same troop to keep them around. I just wish Crusader's had SOMETHING better. And all those saying how wonderful Justicars are, look at Crimson Knights
  6. Now if you recall I did that. Sent 1/2 of my army around your right and was constantly basing 2-4 vs 1 at a time. With Gerard I was only needing 2 for the buddy bonus with them. I would put one or two on each guy and then on your activation you kill a guy and feed. Even the double activation in turn 2 was not a deal breaker. My problem was two fold. 1. Dice. I could not roll anything to save my life..... and 2. Crusader infantry stink. I know that their cost is in their DV and damage tracks.....but my BEST foot soldier only has a mav of 5. My single ranged attacker costs twice that of any othe
  7. <rant> It wouldn't have gone much better. With my entire left flank killed, fed on and several turned to zombies I had no chance. And after beign 0-6,7 or even 8 I have a really nasty taste in my mouth regarding Crusaders. I should have looked at the stats and not the models when I picked a faction. I have tried everything under the sun even using one of Warwicks lists against WildBill to no avail. To make things worse, I putzed around with Army Builder and made a list that looks 150% tougher with Reven. Crusaders have nothing going for them. </rant> The best uni
  8. Wow, just don't ask Warwick what happened to his already. I thought he has been swatting flies with it....
  9. Thats nice Sinden, but I was thinking more along the lines of putting her with some hard hitters like Justicars. They would only be a 7 MAV when focusing, but you throw in some dogs and get the buddy bonus..maybe an Inspire in there......
  10. Well, that still doesn't explain my bloody lip.... j/k What can I say...I miffed it so bad on 98% of my rolls. Tactically, I think I did what I wanted to do. I made him split his forces with him not commiting enough troops to the Right (where his minotaurs were). Even with Inspire and the buddy bonus rolling a two still wont get the job done. his crossbows played havoc on my War Dogs and I don't think they even inflicted a wound before they went poof. By the end of turn three I had Brannor, 1 Justicar, 2 wounded Archers and a handful of Hospitaliers. Thankfully he took his foot off my ne
  11. Yeah, except that was one of mine...and I was on Warwick's side of the loosing....But thanks tho!!
  12. In reading through this whole thing I keep reading "Well, just get 3 or 4 in B2B" with the DR model and suddenly it will become clear as rain for you". In theory this sounds great but when you have 2 new players (Not Sure and myself) learning from 2 very experienced, and lets face it devious ::bleep's:: like Warwick and Wild Bill this nearly never happened. Each group of DR1 model and their accompanying Pike troop were separated by just a few millimeter's. And the other question I have is, If I am using 3 47pt. models to kill his single 35pt model....What is the rest of his entire army suppose
  13. Hey folks, Matthew from the above mentioned game. Short-time reader first time poster. The dungeon brawl was flippin' Ca-Razy. Like Warwick and Wildbill posted - Mark got seriously hosed with his dice. He needs to head down to New Orleans and consult a witch doctor about why someone would put such a bad voodoo whammy on them. Come to think of it, since they WERE Wildbill's dice and I did hear this weird tribal music comming from his car when he pulled in..... Anyways, here is the official list if anyone is interested. Kristianna 3x Battle Nuns 3x Ivy Crown Archers Book of Tactic
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