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  1. I have a small group in Central Florida that plays fairly regularly. Always looking for new recruits.
  2. Like many here I love Warlord. I've been playing since it was first released. It is near perfect in its balance and polish. My gaming group plays fairly regularly still. As others have pointed out, it is near impossible to find new players. Out of the 6 or so people I have playing it I introduced/taught them all. That formula seems to have been, and is, true since the game came out. It never really seemed to get much attention or traction. Huge shame, because in my humble opinion it is THE best fantasy skirmish game on the market. My suggestion is if you like the game put together two small fo
  3. Hello All. I have some questions regarding Target Locks: 1) Do Target Locks expire at the end of an activation, turn, or are they continuous (at least until the Locker or Lockee? perish). 2) Can a single model accumulate a target lock on more than one target at a time, or will Locking onto a new target cancel an existing Target Lock a model had? 3) Are any of the Skills (ECM or Counter Measures or ?) usable outside of the defending models activation? Example: Player A activated a CAV with Medium Guided Missiles. Using his First Activation he uses a Targ
  4. I am re-posting this here, since creating it's own section seems more appropriate: Hello, I believe I found a Bug in the Force manager. When constructing a Ritterlich Force with Lightning Warfare doctrine, the constructor applies Assault +1 for every weapon system a model has when it outputs the data to PDF (as opposed to Assault +1 only). Just wanted to throw that out there. Program rocks over all though - keep up the good work!
  5. I believe I found some bugs in the force Creator program. It appears that on user made files that contain only one type of weapons system (such as 2 x MRAC or 4 x PBG) with the piercing upgrade, the force manager neglects to add the points cost when it "imports" the file over, even though the points are accurately calculated on the constructor file and associated exported pdf. This only applies when you have ONE weapon type as opposed to multiple types of weapon groups - when you have say 2 x MRAC and 2 X PBG the program asks you to assign piercing to a particular weapon group). Example:
  6. I have played every version of CAV that has ever been put out over the years, and the basing guidelines mentioned by Vil-hatarn are spot on. I would add that IF you are adding any special/heavy weapons upgrades to a squad using the 4th model is a great way to represent that - especially if you do a minor simple conversion on the gun. In CAV SO Infantry squads are composed of 4 -12 bases (with SA: BULKY count as 2 bases for each base - power armored troops). I would suggest loading the squads up to MAX (12 bases) or as close as possible if you want them to be even remotely effective offensively
  7. Hello, I believe I found a Bug in the Force manager. When constructing a Ritterlich Force with Lightning Warfare doctrine, the constructor applies Assault +1 for every weapon system a model has when it outputs the data to PDF (as opposed to Assault +1 only). Just wanted to throw that out there. Program rocks over all though - keep up the good work!
  8. Hello all, It seems very strange to me that non CAV models are pretty much immune to Pilot Checks. Anything that causes loss of control/balance/steering/etc to a CAV is very likely to do the same to smaller (usually anyway) ground vehicles and Air Craft. Having to spend a movement action to correct course (as a CAV does to have to remove Prone) seems logical, and even more importantly, more balanced for game play. Perhaps model state Stun? At the very least maybe some drift (possibly in a random direction with a d10?). I am curious to the community's thoughts on this. I am also curious to
  9. Hello All, My crew and I have been playing a lot more games lately - the pending kickstarter delivery has us fired up. And with more experience comes more rules questions.Here is a collection of questions that came up during our last few gaming sessions: 1) Can models engaged in B2B Close combat Break from Stunned or Prone models WITHOUT rolling for disengage (assuming a 1 vs 1 situation)? As far as I can tell it appears they must roll, which seems somewhat counter to logic, unless I missed something somewhere. 2) How exactly do IDC weapons affect Aircraft
  10. Thank you Sir! That will be a big help Fishnjeeps.
  11. I have had a few sessions with a couple of my crew - totaling about a dozen games played. We are in Central Florida - South Daytona specifically.
  12. I couldn't find arm sprues I started modifing my own Rotary Gun barrels using small coffee straws and other materials, and hacking up arms from Kickstarter Bones CAVs I don't intend on using.....
  13. Yes I was aware some of the undead names being used. Didn't really care Since it is a merc unit I decided I'll take some liberties. I'll likely add "... MK IV" or some other random numerals to help distinguish.
  14. I didn't realize there was an existing thread Thank you all! I will look for the arm sprues.
  15. I've been giving all the designs of my force the names of undead - ghostly undead for CAVS and "related" undead terms for Vehicles and Air units. I am running a Terran backed Merc Faction...haven't fully committed to a name yet...I was originally going to name them "The Reapers" - but there now exists a Terran faction in the background by the name of "Grim Reapers"....so back to the drawing board on that. Enjoy! Using the Naginata as an appropriate model. He is a heavy platform used for shutting down primary threats so packs of Revenants (see next entry) can tear apart targets with mini
  16. Now that I have a copy of CAV: SO I went to the Robot Supply Depot to start ordering parts to complete some custom CAVS.....and I discovered virtually none of the CAVS have individual arms/parts for sale! Does anyone know what's going on with that, and when/if it will be back online? I planned on placing a sizable parts order
  17. There is half a dozen or so of us in the Central Florida region (specifically Daytona Beach)./
  18. You crippled him on the OPENING round with a critical hit that knocked his weapon systems to RAV 0, and a further critical on the 2nd round that gave him a further -1 to all combat rolls....prompting code name "Useless" That remained until I got close and actually hit you - which changed his code name to "Gimpy" The game was certainly a blast though!
  19. I in fact used a Move Action, A Charge, then a C3 point to conduct the initial round of CA! Was a lot of fun. I got more games in on Sunday, and after work today as well with some of our other crew members (including a 3k TVP one). VERY good game so far and very well balanced! I do have some feedback to share with Talon Games if possible though.
  20. I found an error in the construction program, and though I should report it. I am running v1614 on a Windows based machine. When selecting the Negative SA Reduced Turn, the program is not properly refunding 50 TVP as stated on PG 123 of the Rule Book. In the case of the revamped Naginata ("scratch" built - no importing of data) I am playing around with it is only refunding 20 or 21 points (depending on what combination of skills I have applied to it).
  21. Ah not sure how I missed that. Thanks guys.
  22. Hello there. Me and some of my group have been playing around both with the CAV Construction Program and "Pen and Paper and Rulebook" method of creating various designs of CAV's, Vehicles, and Planes. A question has come up that I do not know how to answer. What determines the Maximum limit of Weapon systems you could give any given unit? The Construction program seems to impose certain limitations upon you, but no where in the rule book can I find where these limitations are defined. Example: Jokingly I was creating an Ultra-Light (2td/hp) Air unit (Drone). According to the Rule book my limi
  23. I would REALLY love to see a few new sculpts of Dwarven Bear riders, on scale with Ursula. I have a dwarven force I started that has been "on hold" for at least 3 A years simply because I can not find Dwarven Bear rider figs that suit! The generic ones made by reaper are rather puny and unimpressive when compared to Ursula or the other Warlord specific model that exists. Nor can a force of 15 bear riders be represented with only 2 figures available. I should also mention I had asked once on this forum, a long while back, to see a Large or Giant based "ghost" model to compliment the Necr
  24. I also occasionally use a mix of 1st and 2nd ed rules, particularly the doorway fighting for combined spaces. I also miss the rogue feats, the undead BOO feat, and the campaign system. My crew altered some of those things slightly to use as house rules when the need arises. Mostly we stick to 2nd ed though. No reason not to use all the tools at our disposal after all.
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