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  1. Each player can "corral" the models that they get VP for into their pile and any neutral kills can be placed in a common pile to be forgotten. It definitely makes more sense to not give someone else VP for your hard work.
  2. Wild Bill came up with a similar scenario a few years ago. First, the invading army had to make it across two parallel bridges before sacking the town. Of course, you send in a band of flier models and you could easily set the buildings on fire without retribution (i.e. land on the roof or an upper floor).
  3. We definitely need a rematch. Koborlas did okay, but after seeing other army lists and tactics in action, I feel that I could do a lot better. Rangers and/or fast models and models with DR will basically survive the day. Ranged and magic attacks are also your friend - was jealous of Warwick's fire wizzy. If you bring a bunch of fliers (or burrowers), then you get to choose if/when/where you engage, as well. Lots of choices to make.
  4. You made yourself an easy target for Wild Bill. Your aggressiveness actually cost you the game. ;-p As Warwick stated, lots of chaos going on. I had Frostfang Hunters (part of Troop 1) poised to strike whomever was to be my enemy in Turn 1, but Warwick and Wild Bill got the initiatives in their favor. Troop 1 was intended to be offensive, but ended up playing a defensive role and vice versa for Troop 2. Such is the chaos of the battlefield. We all made a lot of Tough checks, too, which was good and bad. If I had managed to kill Wild Bill's Giant Eagle, I still would have been about 5
  5. Talk all the smack that you want, now. You say that you're not afraid, but you will be... you will be...
  6. Yeah, with two Reach guys you would get the buddy bonus with minimum retribution.
  7. Interesting ruling on the defensive strikes. I guess everyone will start fielding this combo from now on.
  8. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!! "Always in motion is the future." I'm glad that we rooted our your devious plan. I came up with the idea based on a drinking contest where one guy had to drink 7 large glasses of beer and the other guy only had to drink 7 shot glasses of beer. They weren't allowed to touch each other's glasses, but there was no rule against placing the larger glass over the smaller glass. So, the guy with the larger glass placed his first empty over one of the full shot glasses and won on a technicality.
  9. One dirty trick that can be pulled is that you send out a bunch of Rangers and surround the other totems. Other players can't do squat about it. You then kill your totem at your leisure and start chasing your new enemy around the board.
  10. You charge in the Swift Attack models, first, and then charge in the Reach models right behind them. Do all combat rolls and then the Swift Attack models disengage. The Reach models are left in perfect position for the next time, assuming that the target models haven't moved. If the targets do move, then it's just a matter of moving the Swift Attack and Reach models as necessary (assuming all are within range) on the next activation.
  11. Even if the Swift Attack model is directly between the target and the Reach model and in B2B with both at the time of the Swift Attack?
  12. Is it possible for a model with SA Reach to use Reach on a target, if the friendly "intervening models" (in the same troop) use Swift Attack on the same target? My thought is that the swift attacks and reach attacks are happening at the same time. So, at the beginning of an activation, the Swift Attack models charge in and attack a target, the Reach model, which is already in position (or could even charge into Reach position) makes a simultaneous attack, and then the Swift Attack models retreat to half their MOV. My apologies if this has been addressed in the past.
  13. Makes sense to me. I think I finally came up with a pretty brutal list for this scenario and all for 1000 points. I'm pretty proud of myself. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!
  14. I created a Spray template in MS Word. On a blank page I added a 0.5" horizontal line and a 2.5" horizontal line. Then, I created a 6" vertical line to properly space them. Lastly, I drew diagonal lines to connect the ends of the two horizontal lines and then removed the 6" vertical. I printed it on yellow paper and glued it to thicker construction paper. I have a different question about SA Spray. Does it affect friendly models caught in the blast? I would say yes.
  15. Yeah. Lots of possible outcomes and strategies depending on what approach your opponents take. It reminds me of the three-way gunfight at the end of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.
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