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  1. Hi Maybe it is unrealistic, I don't know the situation over there at Reaper Central. I'm thinking the last batch of LE minis should be listed on an Order form or a Shipping invoice. But, what do I know? And it's only been two months since I first asked, barely enough time to get anything done. but my intention is not to rush anybody, Just gently reminding them every once in a while, so they don't forget about me. Thanks for caring!
  2. I think the LE line is excellent! They are well worth the effort to collect them. Unfortunately, Reaper doesn't focus on the Collectible aspects of the Hobby. Their focus is on Roleplay, which is fine, unless your trying to keep up with the different Paint Schemes. The Pics help, but they're not 100% accurate, and they're also unorganized. If someone could take the time to fix it up a bit. (Hint, hint) One Numbered Pic for each Paint Scheme, and maybe some kind of notice every time a new batch arrives. Anyways, like I said before, any HELP would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi Basically, I have EVERY model and EVERY different paint scheme, except for this last batch. I have; Skeleton Swordsman x5; Bronze, Blue, 3 different Red & Black Skeleton Archer x5; Bronze, Blue, 3 different Red & Black Skeleton Spearman x5; Bronze, Blue, 3 different Red & Black Orc Warrior / Scimitar x5; Blue, Purple, Orange, 2 different Red Orc Archer x5; Blue, Purple, Orange, 2 different Red; Orc Spearman x5; Blue, Purple, Orange, 2 different Red Cave Troll x2; Red Kilt, Black Kilt Ogre Chieftain x2; Red Kilt, Black Kilt Minotaur of the Maze x2, Grey with Red Kilt, Golden with Blue Kilt Elf Archer x2; 2 different shades of Green Ghost x2; Grey & Blue Great Worm x2; Brown Base, Grey Base Zombie x2; Red, Purple Evil Human Fighter x2; Black Armour, Regular Armour Bathalian x2, Green Robes, Red Robes Good Human Fighter x2; Blue, Light Blue Female Human Ranger x2 Green, Blue Goblins; The Original Ones Werewolf x2; Brown, Grey Bugbear; The Original One Giant Spider x2; Brown, Green Unicorn; The Original One Small Dragon; The Original One Female Vampire; The Original One Gargoyle; The Original One Kobolds; The Original Ones Giant Rats; The Original Ones Dwarf Warrior; The Original One Gnoll Warrior; The Original One I enjoy collecting minis, I'm really trying to keep up with your different paint schemes, but it's not easy. I'm trying hard not to miss any, because once their gone it's almost impossible to track them down. So any help you can give me would be very much appreciated.
  4. Sometimes they have the new pics even though they are not available yet. This has happened to me before when I had an order and got the older models, so I know why he is concerned. And sometimes they are slow to put up the pics. I don't want to pay double shipping. I'm just waiting on someone to let me know exactly which ones are new. Better to do it right, than to do it twice.
  5. Thanks Halber Can anybody add to this list?
  6. Hi again! So, which Sculpts have new paint schemes? And are you repainting any others any time soon? Can you please let me know! Thanks alot.
  7. Hi I noticed that pictures of Yellow Skeletons have been posted. Does this mean that the new Paint Scheme is now for sale? Also which other sculpts have New Schemes? Thanks
  8. Right... I forgot about that!
  9. Hello? Is anybody there? When are we going to be able to buy the Dinos, Cerebus,and Cyclops from the Reaper Online Store? Thanks
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