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  1. Fantasy Grounds is great too, no need to upload maps!
  2. People also seem to like to confuse "haven't gotten caught yet" with "it's legal" You can totally make one thing from scratch for yourself as a piece of fan art and be totally fine. If you start using it as part of your advertisements you are tempting the Gods. Start distributing files of, say, a crashed TIE, even for free, and you are tempting the Gods even more. Start selling the files and you are really asking for trouble. It's probably more the sheer volume of IP violations that ensure a few slip under the radar. You have to be careful with "inspired by"
  3. 1e style? Going seriously old school! But I am loving the mohawk fin on the Black one, a bit of 70's punk to go with the 70's old school dragon aesthetic! I'm looking forwards to seeing the revised versions, I'm sure they will look great!
  4. I found that I didn't care for the semi-transparent green resin that came with my Photon S, it didn't seem to hold detail well and cleaning the supports was a bit tricky because they were stiff but brittle. I started using their environmental resin and I found that my prints were a bit sharper (but still room for improvement) and cleaning the supports off was much easier. The environmental stuff is much less smelly, and as we are still tinkering with the settings and getting a lot of failed prints I feel much less guilty about throwing away failed prints if they are biodegradable.
  5. That is one snazzy paint job! I'm glad you like him!
  6. Yes! Does it come with a Methodist Coloring Book? Do you encounter Beezelbubba? Is "Punk Rock Girl" a character class? Do Bards get a bonus to Perform checks if 'You'll Dance to Anything"? Enquiring minds want to know!
  7. These pictures are triggering a lot of nostalgia for toys from my youth....unfortunately they are also triggering a feeling that lawyers are going to get involved if they see this... But if they don't get a C&D letter I would love to see what people do with these models!
  8. Can confirm, there were sightings of a Pirate Sophie teaching an excellent shiny metallic paints class!
  9. Two thumbs up! One for the great paint job and a second one for the Monty Python reference!
  10. Besides what Talespinner already said you also have to remember that learning how to sculpt in this scale and making the model printable while keeping detail intact is another skill that you have to master in this industry. You can have some models that look gorgeous in the renders that don't work when printed out, let alone being molded and cast.
  11. Thanks for the nostalgic flashback! I actually had these models back in the day but I only have the Gollum now....maybe he ate the other Hobbitses?
  12. Maybe we can team up in 2021 for another presentation of this class?
  13. I suspect you are right. Besides the logistical nightmare involved with letting people "roll over" their current badge fees into new swag for the online con (which may be why Reaper is looking at just refunding everyone as step #1) you have to remember that physically attending the previous version of Reapercon 2020 was impossible for a LOT of people. Most people around the world just cannot plan a trip to Texas on Labor Day weekend, and that is a huge hurdle that affected this year's badge sales. Now that Reapercon is being relaunched and the playing field for attendance has been leveled it h
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