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  1. Two thumbs up! One for the great paint job and a second one for the Monty Python reference!
  2. GHarris


    These are the words of a wise man!
  3. GHarris


    Besides what Talespinner already said you also have to remember that learning how to sculpt in this scale and making the model printable while keeping detail intact is another skill that you have to master in this industry. You can have some models that look gorgeous in the renders that don't work when printed out, let alone being molded and cast.
  4. Thanks for the nostalgic flashback! I actually had these models back in the day but I only have the Gollum now....maybe he ate the other Hobbitses?
  5. This sounds like a good thing!
  6. Maybe we can team up in 2021 for another presentation of this class?
  7. I suspect you are right. Besides the logistical nightmare involved with letting people "roll over" their current badge fees into new swag for the online con (which may be why Reaper is looking at just refunding everyone as step #1) you have to remember that physically attending the previous version of Reapercon 2020 was impossible for a LOT of people. Most people around the world just cannot plan a trip to Texas on Labor Day weekend, and that is a huge hurdle that affected this year's badge sales. Now that Reapercon is being relaunched and the playing field for attendance has been leveled it hardly seems right to penalize these people for not buying badges for the previous con. Just speculating on my end but I'm betting that Reaper will wipe the slate clean for previous registrations and just start over for the online con. Knowing Reaper it will still be pretty awesome.
  8. Oh I understand this completely. However I would point out that the only people guaranteed "full" VIP and regular swag bags were people who physically attended Reapercon. A few people may have been able to grab a bag online after the fact but they were usually complete- Reaper could usually cover their products in the online bags but that didn't always apply to the other vendors who donated to the swag bags. Putting this together was clearly a huge effort by everyone involved. Now imagine you have just added in thousands more customers all over the world who want full swag and VIP bags, people who otherwise probably wouldn't have gotten them because they weren't physically going to Reapercon. Sure a few may catch a bag online but this is still potentially a huge increase in number of swag and VIP bags needed, maybe double, triple, or quadruple what they would have otherwise need to put together. That's a lot of extra work, not just on Reaper's end but also on their partners who are also contributing swag if everyone ordering is going to get a "full" swag bag. Maybe the contents will be pared down to Reaper only items? Or maybe only a certain number of "full" regular and VIP bags will be made, and if demand exceeds supply then some people may miss out a bit? How would you determine who gets what, by lottery (shudder)? First come first served? Current badge holders first? I'm a bit curious how this will pan out, and I'm just speculating about what could happen. I'm sure Reaper will do the best that they can, they are cool like that and all.
  9. I am bit curious about the logistics of still offering swag bags and especially VIP swag bags. Putting those together has to take a lot of work as well as a lot of donations and help from companies other than Reaper, honestly just getting what we are getting in the past as attendees is pretty remarkable, but still a bit more manageable because it was mostly limited to people who physically showed up. How would this work if opened up to literally a whole world full of people that wouldn't have otherwise attended Reapercon? Not that I am begrudging people from participating, not by any means, I am more interested in the logistics.
  10. I actually am a licensed PTA, all of this is part of my training and I've had to teach people this as part of my job. Not that I wouldn't welcome input or help from a PT or an OT! I wouldn't be mean enough to do this as a pure lecture, people would totally zone out. I've had to do 1 and 2 day long continuing education seminars to maintain my license...the last one was an all day class on changes in Medicare billing for Part A and B patients....omg there wasn't enough coffee in the world to keep us attentive through the whole thing! Plus you have to practice exercises and stretches a few times to make sure they are being done right, and when you are getting into doing nerve glides for carpal tunnel you have to make sure they are being done correctly and that they aren't being done too aggressively. Nerves are very touchy, you have to be careful. 45 minutes to an hour would have been doable, 1 1/2 to 2 hours would be stretching it a bit unless everyone was really into posture and ergonomics. I wouldn't expect this to be a two hour thing. Of course with Reapercon being cancelled this discussion may be moot!
  11. Hello everyone! I seem to remember some old threads talking about ergonomics/posture/carpal tunnel management classes in the past. I was curious if there was still a demand for that sort of thing? It wouldn't be a hobby class of course, more of a "how to mitigate what the hobby does to our bodies" sort of course. Realistically the actual fix is to not sit hunched over working on a project....but also realistically that is our hobby. My initial idea would be to talk about posture, breaks, eye strain, and exercises and stretches to help keep things in line. Would people be interested in that sort of thing? If so maybe I can offer to teach?
  12. Related to Rainbow Sculptor's story about using a pin I knew of a few English sculptors that cut the eyes in with a razor blade as described, then used a needle to poke in the inside and outside corners. Supposedly it made the eye more rounded after being cut in but I could never get it to work when I tried it. Maybe next time I break out my hand sculpting tools I'll try it again! I totally stole the ball bearing idea from Talespinner and I used to use it on larger figures. I bought a bunch of little ball bearings on Ebay for next to nothing. Hooray for cheap solutions! I don't see why it couldn't be used on human sized models, I just didn't try it. Technically eyeballs are, well, a ball. It would just require making depressions for the eye, then adding in more putty after inserting the ball bearings to make the eyelids and surrounding structures.
  13. I think the princess may be grumpy because she has her head next to a hill giant's armpit! Just....ewww!
  14. Back in the 90's before GW came up with it's newer generation of washes the 'Eavy Metal team would routinely recommend adding "washing up liquid", aka dish soap, to washes to make them flow properly. You would only use a very tiny bit to break up surface tension and prevent the wash from beading/pooling funny. Dish soap used to be a thing, now a days it's far easier just buy an additive and go to town.
  15. A quick coat of Testor's Dull Coat will also calm the shine down and help protect your model! I sometimes use it while I am still painting to help reduce shine or if I find that paint is being rubbed off while handling the model while painting, you can go back and paint on top of it without any problems.
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