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    Bones V Faun/Satyr

    Very nice! Do you find that you save time posing first with ZSpheres vs using a T pose and symmetry for making basic anatomy and equipment, then posing?
  2. Thank you sir! Your mermaid bar is looking fantastic, were there any other goodies in the Kickstarter that you worked on that I missed?
  3. I thought you guys might like a closer shot of the Cockatrice mini encounter that I worked on! I'm glad I got new pictures in on time. I had a lot of fun doing these guys! The Cockatrices were based on some excellent Izzy artwork, the nest was Ron's suggestion, and I thought it would be fun to include a little egg thief! It amuses me to think that the Halfling left behind the other treasures because, to him, the giant egg for second breakfast WAS the treasure! I didn't sculpt him specifically as a "statue" because I thought I would leave it to the painter to decide if he made his escape or not... I hope you all enjoy them!
  4. I seem to remember Reaper mentioning a few times that they aren't a historical miniatures company and have no plans to be a historical miniatures company. I don't think we are going to see this as a Chronoscope expansion.
  5. GHarris

    New releases?

    I would love to see how you paint them! Please post lots of pictures. I painted the Admiral but I haven't gotten around to painting the others yet.
  6. Well unless you are playing out a scenario based on the Buffy musical episode! Once more with feeling!
  7. Wizkids did credit the sculptors for the first few waves of Heroclix miniatures they did, but then again they were being sculpted primarily by sculptors in the US and Canada. Since they switched to Chinese sculptors that all stopped.
  8. Thanks! He is a serious chunk of metal. This picture is from when I was sizing him and getting ready to export the parts, the stick on the left is 70mm so he is about 63mm from the bottom of the feet to the top of the barrel!
  9. Thanks! I made the new First Mate Higgins too but it was mistakenly credited to Bobby Jackson. That's ok though, Bobby doesn't get enough credit for being as awesome as he is! How can you not want to make some well dressed hippo miniatures? I guess the one good thing about dealing with bad companies is it makes you appreciate working for a good company! Yikes! What happened?
  10. I actually never had a problem with Eastern Front Studios. I made a couple of models for them like 15 years ago and everything was cool. 15 years ago...now I just feel old!
  11. Unfortunately the now-owner of your Flumphs is also the same guy that commissioned me to make five sculpts for him, then completely ghosted me. When I saw him at Garycon it was all "I'd like to keep working with you, I love the sculpts, send me an invoice and I'll pay it!" but zero follow through. Hopefully we will both eventually get paid for our work...
  12. Good news! Reaper has made a couple of eye beasts over the years!
  13. GHarris

    New releases?

    Giff are in Mordekainen's Tome of Foes along with rules for chucking explosive barrels at people. They aren't an official player character race but there is no reason why a clever DM couldn't adapt them as one!
  14. GHarris


    Keep in mind though that gills do not work like lungs in humans, they do not hold water inside of them at all times and exchange gases through alveoli. Creatures with gills take in water through their mouths and immediately force the water out and across their gills. It actually would make a lot of sense for gills to be on a humanoid's neck much how they are located relatively close to the mouths of real world creatures. Of course this is fantasy and all so a Nereid could totally have her gills on the side of her torso, and it looks good on these sculpts, but putting gills on the neck is also a sensible choice. I actually put the gills on the necks of the Tritons that I sculpted.
  15. GHarris


    Very nice! Are you using a curve tube brush for the hair?
  16. GHarris

    Tips For Entering Reaper Painting Competitions

    FWIW I won silver for a stock Bones Black ogre in the Painter's division. He was mounted on a 2 inch square cut MDF base (so it matches 5e sizes on a battlemap) with some painted gravel, a couple of rocks, and some static grass glued on- nothing elaborate. The feedback I got was that the judges wanted me to do just a little bit more highlighting around his delts. Nothing crazy, just a smidge more. Fair enough! Definitely paint for your enjoyment, not for a competition. If you are enjoying something you will practice it more and naturally learn new things, fixating on awards is a good way to get frustrated. Sure, try to get an award, there's nothing wrong with that if done in fun, just don't make that the be all end all. But regarding the basing thing you should be able to win gold in the division with a standard model on its standard base.
  17. GHarris

    Safe arrivals!

    Well we were going to drive back to Chicagoland...but we seem to have accidentally ended up in New Orleans...!
  18. GHarris

    ReaperCon 2019 pictures!

    The Dwarf was being sculpted by Tom Mason, the fish thing (I forget the name) was being done by Andy Pieper aka Talespinner. Both are true gentlemen and scholars, if you see them next year they are worth visiting! The rest are by Christine Van Patton, aka Rainbow Sculptor. I was lucky enough to take a class with her this year, she is truly one of the most creative people that I have met! A big thank you to One Boot for the brush and black paint loaner at the beginning of the show. I had a dullcoat incident on my Tigerlily that I didn't notice until it was too late (it was a mad rush packing and clear coating before I left!). I never formally met her before but I am glad I did, she is WAY cool!
  19. GHarris

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    My wife and I arrived Saturday night. We've been doing touristy stuff and looking at the housing market.....but on the way to dinner we saw the room getting set up as well as a room full of goodie bags so it's starting to feel real! The hotel is still wonderful, and now there is an IHOP and a cool bowling place (think snazzy Brunswick Zone) next door. Woo-hoo! It was 96-99 degrees yesterday depending on which thermometer you looked at. It was hot but not quite as bad as a 90ish degree day near the Great Lakes. "Dry heat" is a thing!
  20. GHarris

    Digital Sculpting Journeys, Views, Discussion

    Ah, yes you are right. It is Character Design that I signed up for. Basically I want to hear your thoughts about designing characters so Character Design seems like a good place to start! Regarding Cintiqs, I think everyone can agree that they are blatently overpriced. But they may be worth it depending on your work habits, how you prefer to sculpt, possible portability, and so on. The thing you have to ask is how you are going to use it. If you aren't planning on regularly sculpting on the go, or you are worried about ergonomics, and you don't feel artistically boxed in by having to use a small tablet it may be worth it to just buy a new laptop/desktop or upgrade the one you have. You'll save a lot of money!
  21. GHarris

    Digital Sculpting Journeys, Views, Discussion

    I think we are of the same mind here! Even if you use a "shortcut" you still have to take the time to go back and adjust things so they don't look stiff and sterile when you are done. I could get a traditional sculpt done in about three days with dedicated work. I can get a digital sculpt done in about three days with dedicated work. The number of raw hours being put in is probably about equal. The thing I find with digital is I can put more hours in on a daily basis, so while I could have a sculpt done in three days by hand it usually took closer to 5-7 days simply because I had to work around curing times and I had to take more breaks to let my back/neck/hands/eyes rest. I can also squeeze in a quick half hour of work before going to the store if I am working in ZBrush, that is much harder with hand sculpting when you are working around cure times. I can appreciate your view on working in the round! That's something that I often mention to people when they hear that I am an artist so they assume I am good at drawing. I'm not. I am taking your class about composition at Reapercon, if drawing is involved you can see my lack of skill first hand! Basically I can fake it and put down a general idea, but I think of things in the round- I am used to turning pieces that I am working on! Basically I don't have to learn how to make faces in 3/4 view or how to do perspectives or foreshortening because I am making things that are viewed from multiple angles. That's not to say that learning to draw better wouldn't help me, it's just a skill that I haven't had to really sharpen. Regarding Cintiqs, I am actually in the process of returning a brand new 24 inch Cintiq Pro Studio with the upgraded Pro Engine. I could totally see it being great for drawing on with its large surface area but it is totally not portable, and all the drawing area that I actually need is covered by a small Wacom stylus pad (I think it is an Intuos of some sort?). The bigger screen actually makes me work harder because I have to move my arm around more, and I can use better body ergonomics with a monitor and separate stylus pad. I literally have spent two weeks using a stylus pad with my Cintiq simply because it was more practical! Basically for what I am doing I can get a much more powerful desktop for far less money, and I am planning on using the extra money saved to go to New Orleans after Reapercon. Quick caveat, I use a mouse and a keyboard while sculpting. A mouse is great for scaling as well as using ZModeler. I tried the Wacom remote but promptly ditched it. As you are probably aware you can end up juggling up to four keys at once in ZBrush- that is far easier to do on my Bluetooth keyboard than it is using the buttons on the remote, especially if you have carpal tunnel in your left hand. Also, typing is obviously easier with a keyboard vs tapping on a screen. Basically YMMV when it comes to how "necessary" a Cintiq is.
  22. GHarris

    Digital Sculpting Journeys, Views, Discussion

    Oh and in regards to your fur question...fur is time consuming. On most of the fur I have done it has taken hours of passes with Move/Standard/Snakehook/Orb Cracks brushes to get them cut in deep enough. Lately I have been experimenting with making custom Layer brushes to do large patches a bit quicker, so far it seems promising. The set up is a bit tedious and you still have to go back in afterwards to "mess it up" a bit (aka not make it look too stiff) but it is good for laying down the basic pattern. If you'd like I can show you at Reapercon?
  23. GHarris

    Digital Sculpting Journeys, Views, Discussion

    I would say that digital sculpting is faster if you don't mind the end result looking like a digital sculpt! One thing I do like about ZBrush is how much easier it is to send clients and update. Taking good pictures of hand sculpted models is just a pain. I am actually taking Doug Sundseth's photography class at Reapercon in the hopes that I can get a bit better! I find that sculpting digitally usually ends up taking about as long as if I sculpted the model by hand. The advantage I see for digital is I can spend longer periods sculpting compared to sculpting by hand so I end up getting more done digitally.
  24. +2 for nose grease! I actually rub my sculpting tools on my cheek too. I use alcohol wipes (or just a napkin soaked in alcohol) to remove the oils/Vaseline when I am done sculpting.
  25. GHarris

    Warm-up exercises before sculpting

    Ugh. Yeah PT can't do much about that. Usually in the lumbar and thoracic spine you can talk strengthening and weight loss but in the neck you are a bit more limited. You have the right idea about not delaying surgery any longer than you may have to! Honestly I would probably have more work if I was still sculpting by hand vs on ZBrush but at this stage in my life ZBrush is so much kinder on my body and eyes. If you are having neck problems you probably already see the advantage of being able to use better posture sculpting digitally vs sculpting by hand (unless you are one of the guys that hunches over their Cintiq). Have you been enjoying ZBrush? I remember you mentioning that you might like to try it for jewelry design.