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  1. Don't. Hang back, wait for the other guy to come to you, and then wipe him off the map. -Lionheart.
  2. In my experience, only ancient kung-fu masters who want a challenge or clueless newbs use Change of Heart. As a purely practical matter, Scoundrel's Luck is the way to go. -Lionheart.
  3. *Sigh* After all the angsty hatred of divine favor in prior editions, we get both Goodberry and Treebark on the same army list. And people wonder why I spec my lists out with the sole purpose in mind of killing big monsters. -Lionheart.
  4. Looks like a balanced scenario. The only drawback that I see is that there's no advantage to being the first to take out a totem... which means that there's good incentive to just hang back. Now if you let the first player out of the chute to pick his opponent, then you would see some eager attempts at tactical engagement. -Lionheart.
  5. What does the spray SA on Vasyl's warhorn magic item do? It won't print, even when I ask the builder to print SA's. I don't think the builder recognizes SA's attached to items rather than troopers. -Lionheart.
  6. A tournament scenario that favors particular army builds is a bad scenario. -Lionheart.
  7. When I read the scenario, I thought it heavily favored the big player in the middle. All you have to do to win is commit your 2000 point force against the speedier of the 1000 point forces, crush it, and then mop up the other guy. No need for "divide and conquer", the dividing is already done. Just defeat the opponents in detail. Sounds like that's exactly what is happening. -Lionheart.
  8. Troops should be designed according to what you want them to accomplish. Form follows function. I use 3 general troop types; hammer units, control units, and auxilliary units. I use hammer units to dish out damage. My heavy-hitters go here. Typically, the officer commanding the unit has armor of courage. Typically, I equip the troop with a unit standard. Typically, I use a mix of hard-hitting melee soldiers and soldiers that can support with reach. I prefer to keep my hammer units behind my auxilliary units. Whether I get the first punch or deliver a counter-punch, I want my hammer unit fresh when the important fighting starts. Hammer units are expensive, and therefore tend to reduce your intiative card count, so I only take 1 or 2 of them. My control units typically consist of soldiers with a ranged attack. I use them to dictate the terms of engagement to my opponent. Shooters rarely dish out a lot of damage. Their main function is to force the opponent to close to melee on the terms that you want. I typically keep these units small in order to keep my initiative card count high. Auxilliary units consist of small numbers of expendable troops. They have several important functions. I use them to screen my control units, to claim map objectives, and to keep my initiative card count high. I also use them to intercept my opponent's charges. When I don't get to make the first significant attack, when I have to receive it, I want to receive it on an auxilliary unit. I usually place my auxilliary units at the front of my force, in a loose screen. -Lionheart.
  9. Oh, and also where I come from, sportsmen don't throw straw-man arguments. It's considered ungentlemanly. -Lionheart.
  10. It's probably a good thing I'm not a judge for any of your tournaments. I'd probably have to DQ you for poor sportsmanship. -Lionheart. So, which do you find is the problem, my choice to show up with a painted army or my choice not to show up for tournaments that allow unpainted armies? Oh, it's neither of those. It's your attempt at coercing others to accomodate your weaknesses. Where I come from, sportsmen don't do that. -Lionheart.
  11. It's probably a good thing I'm not a judge for any of your tournaments. I'd probably have to DQ you for poor sportsmanship. -Lionheart.
  12. Oddly enough, I don't see your list in the top 10. Oddly enough, I don't see your opponent's list in the top 10, either. Oddly enough, you didn't mention who got the first activation in your game, either. In fact, there are only two lists led by melee-soft spellcasters in the top 10. Kudos to Daren and Dan for pulling that off - I know they're both solid players. -Lionheart.
  13. Tourney was awesome cool. If a 3-color paint rule goes into place, I'll prime my army in bright green and spatter it with yellow and pink. The painting room was less than 20 paces away. Go there if you want to see pretty stuff. You're more likely to find me at the other end of the building, in the metal exchange. -Lionheart.
  14. I'ts a badly designed scenario. It grants a huge advantage to whoever gets the first move on the first turn, and heavily favors whoever brings the biggest close-combat general. -Lionheart.
  15. Cool. Thanks. I don't think I could make Friday or Sunday work, but Saturday I can. -Lionheart.
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