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  1. Hello everyone! We kick of the event tomorrow morning at 9am! The raffle drawing will be held at the conclusion of Extra Life on Sunday Nov 8th! We will draw ONE lucky winner to receive the entire Swag Pack. Every $10 donated automatically gives you one free ticket in the drawing to win all of this: -One VIP Package ticket to FADECON 2016 http://www.fadecon.org/ To be held Friday January 15 - Sunday January 17 Ticket guarantees a seat in the BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer), access to the keg, access to the Bar Tab, access to the Buffet and an official FADECON 2016 T-shirt Will be hosted at the Hyatt Place Dallas/Garland - 5101 N President George Bush Hwy, Garland, TX 75040 Valued at $90 Winner must be at least 21 years of age (due to alcohol) And One "Date Night Pack" from the Alamo Drafthouse Two free movie passes One $20 food and beverage voucher One Alamo Drafthouse pint glass Be sure to tune into the Podcast! ill put up a link as soon as I can!
  2. Hey everyone, getting close to the 24 gaming marathon. I have been donating $10 a month since the original post and will be at $100 at the time of the event. Just wanted to give this a bump since the date is getting closer. We will be doing the live stream with chat again this year and will have more things to raffle off! Your donations will automatically enter you into the raffle. Once again, do not feel like you need to donated $100, do what you can, it all helps. Even sharing my link on your Facebook page to encourage others would be a great help! Thanks again! Aaron Dyer
  3. This is for November 7, 2015. (I thought i would post early instead of the day of this time!) First off, I just wanted to thank all of you for your support last year despite my poor planning by posting after the event started. You guys are amazing! For those of you that don't know Extra Life is; its a 24 hour gaming marathon fundraiser to raise money for Children's Miracle Network. Once again all money donated to my page will go to the Childrens hospital in Dallas, TX which isn't to far from Reaper HQ. Our groups event will take place in the DFW area which we stream live and have raffles for different swag from all sorts of companies and individuals that donate. Last year we had a lot of stuff from Barns and Noble as well as handmade dice bags. For those of you that would like to help out and make a donation: You can do a one time donation or easily set up a monthly donation to cut off after a number of months of your choosing. You will not have to log back on to cancel it! Do not feel like any donation would be to small! Extra life is made possible by the thousands of individuals who donate a few dollars when they can. We are a group of gamers hitting up friends and family, not a large corporation getting corporate donations. We are grateful for any donation, sharing this with your friends, or even well wishes! Link to donate http://www.extra-life.org/participant/143816 To learn more about the organization check out http://www.extra-life.org/ Thank you for time! Aaron Dyer USS Artemis NCC-75635 http://www.sfi.org/
  4. We have 20 minutes in til the end of the event. My team had a goal of $1500 and we collected $1505 so every donation made was vital for us making our goal! Thank you all again for donating. My team was excited to meet our goal but more importantly we helped a great cause! I had a lot of fun with this event, but now its time to sleep...
  5. Hey Guys, just a quick update. My team has raised $1250 so far and Extra Life as a whole has raised 4.1 million dollars! Power in numbers!
  6. No apology necessary! Anything helps, thank you for your donation! Extra life is made up of small groups all over the place. Most donations are personal donations and because of individuals like you, Extra life has currently raised over 3.6 million dollars for the Children's Miracle Network!
  7. Thank you so much for the support! Everyone just got really excited! :)
  8. Hey fellow Reaper fans. At 10 am this morning i joined 16 other gamers in a 24 hours gaming marathon for charity. All money donated to my page will go to the Childrens hospital in Dallas, TX which isn't to far from Reaper HQ. At the time of this post i have received $115 out of my goal of $200 raised. I would love to be able to meet my goal, or even better, blow it out of the water like the reaper kick starters :) If you would like to help out and donate it would be greatly appreciated. Also we will be streaming this event and there will be prizes to be won in a raffle such as hand made dice bags!. Every $5 donated will get you one ticket. You will be automatically entered when you donate so check out the link below. http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=98564 Check out the live stream! http://www.twitch.tv/ussartemis Thank you all for your time and support!
  9. i still think you need to tweak the cost on the thrown and final area. 5 2 2 1 instead of 4 3 2 1. If you did this all the deathriders or what ever non-corp, blink, teleport you do will only make it an even 5-5 on points. To gain an advantage the throne would have to be taken. wedge, you said "If the attacker strikes deep and fast with a non-corporeal/blink/etc army as you suggest, the defender has a much easier time mopping up the spread out attacking troops by surrounding and eliminating the forces cut off from their peers thus the defender loses points for holding rooms, but gains more points for killing enemy models." the point of the non corporeal/blink/ect isnt to attack the rooms. My death rider idea works well becase its one of the ones fast enough to reach the last room on its first turn. Any unit could with a little support magic as well. At the end of the turn all you need to do is get one rider into the room and then at the end of the turn you get the points. And if possible you move it back out beginning of round 2. even if you lose them both you lose very little of your army(while gaining at least 6 points giving you the advantage) and the first round of combat will be about 900points vs the defenders 300ish. A well constructed army with provoke/shock/stun will kill the 300 points and lose very little.
  10. Unless things have recently changed, Razig will be released as a PDF at the same time the savage north is released.
  11. Sinden

    Pancake Breakfast

    Yeah. thanks for the 100% maple! so kit...about this every morning idea... ill even come on days i dont work...
  12. We were glad to have you there and I personaly really enjoyed your games. You definitly did your research and it shows! Looking foward to seeing you guys again and also looking foward to a rematch! -Sin (Aaron)
  13. Stunned - A model that has become Stunned may not participate in any defensive combat (Defensive Strikes, Defensive Shots, Counterspell) and may only take a single Action during its next Activation, after which the model is no longer Stunned. If the Stunned model takes any damage before its next Activation, it is no longer Stunned (remember that all damage takes affect after defensive combat, so the Stunned model would not get to participate in defensive combat in the attack that damaged it). Gus is correct, If it said they many not do anything on there first activation then it would cause damage since you would spend an action but stun says you only get one which in this case makes a diffrence.
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