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  1. I have had the same problem with Judas, seems so awesome but never pulls his weight in my games. It does matter who he is fighting, he is going to get hit every time.
  2. For any of you wonder what Gus does at reaper all day. He replays this same game over and over by him self, but sometimes he will use He-man and my little pony proxies.
  3. You are all wrong in everything you have ever said or thought, even when you agree with me when im right, you are still wrong! Yeah people do have there "must haves" but i have noticed its different with each person. Some people love justicars, i personally wont take them. But i do like seeing how other people play the same armies as I do. Sometimes it leads to new lists and changes the way I play an army.
  4. I wasn't "booing" it. Just letting people know that the game was designed/balanced to be played at 1000 points and then stating my opinion on game sizes.
  5. The game was designed to be played at 1000 points, its meant to be a skirmish where you cant take every model. At 1k points you have to choose want you want so it makes a lot more diverse lists. I think 1.5k really takes a lot of that away. I played a couple at 1500 and didn't like it as much. I think a quick skirmish is much more fun than a long drawn out game. -Sin
  6. Just a heads up, I will be running demos and playing at The Gamers Realm every Thursday night! We had a good turn out last week, ran 3 demos and i think we got 3 new people hooked. A couple of the people that did a demo were going to bring friend/family soon so we should have a pretty good group going soon so come join us! We start around 6:30-7:00 and the store is opened in till midnight! http://www.thegamersrealm.com/location -Sin aka Aaron
  7. Lol, i clicked on this thread thinking, "i wonder if anyone has mentioned auto primer". so yeah one more vote for that... -Sin
  8. Good call on waiting for Icingstead, i dont want to say to much but the models i have seen look really good! But....you can still play any army you want with the razig models using the proxy rules. Here are the offical Reaper Proxy Rules: 1) Official models that are unpainted, primed, or painted a single color are acceptable and allowed for use in any official event. 2) Substitute models from outside manufacturers are not acceptable and are not allowed for use in any official event. 3) Generic substitutions from any Reaper lines are allowed for use in any official event. 4) A particular generic substitute model type can only be used to represent a single type of model and/or data card in any official event. 5) A generic substitute model must be on the same size base the model it is substituting for would be on in any official event.
  9. Yeah, we get a lot of different proxy models. One of the local guys has an all pumpkin necropolis army and we had someone one year at reaper con with an all dinosaur army.
  10. Race isn't a factor in costing the model, but it is taken into consideration when making spells, doctrines and warlord abilities. So you can use the proxy but the race on the data card(which determines what effects it) would have to stay the same for game balance. -Sin
  11. anyone else playing this on PC? ive been playing the hell out of the beta and kicking butt. Got best on server(ace pin) 6 times in a row tonight. If anyone else is palying send me a friends request. Name ingame is Sinden, have a clan tag, {BK} -Sin
  12. I have found the the light lancers make a good support unit for a large unit of archers with bless. One of my favorite lists almost an all lion lancer list. Its a lot of fun and there are a lot of cool twists and synergys you can use with it. -Sin
  13. The new barbarians should be like the one in this video.
  14. i know of 3 others that for sure will join the army painting class. So that 4 confirmed and im sure others I havnt talked to yet will join -Sin AKA Aaron
  15. All the suggestion sound great but is there a army painter class? I am pretty good at painting inside the lines but id like to learn a few tricks to make my models I use for warlord look even better, so kind of a painting class for the non painters.
  16. That is correct. You can cast whirlwind in the air and it will stun and move the enemy units but it will NOT ground them. -Sin
  17. YEAH! i challenge any of you to come play Darren! -Sin
  18. If you focused and need 8s you would need 10s with a rapid shot. you start needing 9s, focus adds a +1 rav and rapid shot gives a -1 rav with an extra shot. But its still true, sometimes its better to rapid shot and sometimes its better to focus. With a range heavy army shaken can be a better effect that stun. If you stun a target and shoot it you get no benefit. If you shake a target and then shoot it you get a +2 to hit it since his defence is lowered. So while most of the time i do agree stun is better than shaken, in this case shaken can be very powerful. -Sin
  19. yeah i emailed Matt about that and he got if fixed pretty quick. Hmmm, i hope i can get off work for reaper con. i have some pretty mean bosses.
  20. I think the plan is to have it available between ReaperCon and GenCon but I'm not "official" enough to get you anything more specific than that. im not "official" either but i hang around reaper a lot and play warlord. I think its going to be after reaper con. but who knows, you will have to bribe Gus with old, lame and nerdy stuff to get the official date.
  21. the pest pack option is the reaper con pack option, so come to reapercon and get that!
  22. im really tempted to reveal one of my "secret" army lists that I was saving for a tournament.....
  23. what do you think about it?
  24. Is anyone playing the PC game Borderlands? I have one friend thats playing it and likes it a lot. Just wondering if anyone else has checked it out. -Sin
  25. As someone who doesn't like that it only effects one target in that picture. I agree the rules say it only hits one model. -Sin
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