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  1. id rather have 2 Templar knights than a justicar.
  2. if your going to go with heavy troops id go with the lion lancers. compared to other heavy infantry the justicars seem to fall a little short.
  3. hey warwick, a fun build you might want to try Lady Jehanne with 10 battle nuns in her troop. add in Isarah, Cleric of Shadarzaddi to cast burst of speed. and Halbarad, Priest of Aurellius for bless so they all get to move, then focus for a plus 2, and martyr for 3. you now have 10 models that can do 3 at 8. and so not to waste her warlord ability id take a group of archers with a cheap melee leader and run him in to kill and get killed, then regroup the archers so they can start focusing with a plus 2 focus and bless(total of plus 3) to finish off whats left. and you still have plenty of points left over to take what ever you want. have fun :)
  4. several other SAs say "with an attack" or "with each successful attack" that we use on defensive strikes all the time. So why would martyr be the exception?
  5. Defensive swings are still attacks. He attacks you and you attack back. Both models are attack at once. step three of "how to resolve a fight" from the rule book. (its a good read, check it out!) 3) The defender declares their model’s Defense Value (DV). Usually, this will just be the value from the appropriate DT column on the data card. However, it can be modified by some special rules and abilities. This is when the effects of those abilities should be resolved. Parry or Martyr would be declared here.
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