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  1. Yup. Most of the bands i listen to have people in it that are near retirement age or close to death. Like Neil Peart the drummer from Rush died in 2020. I remember hearing "Tom Sawyer" on the radio back in the days. I noticed too that the kids today don't get my music. One time i was playing the main riff from Iron Maiden's the trooper on my electric guitar and a kid went "do you even know guitar?"
  2. Anyone know why Mainstream FM radio no longer plays any hard rock or metal alongside pop music? Cause i remember during the 80's,90's and early 2000's they did,but they haven't since then and i haven't listened to the radio in about so many years after the radio got rid of hard rock and metal.
  3. I wonder if anyone remembers when Hot topic had gothic and punk merchandise? I went by one recently and saw they look just like Hollister co. or such.
  4. Anyone know where to find those D&D LGBT pride shirts at? https://gaymingmag.com/2020/06/help-lgbt-youth-by-purchasing-these-dungeons-and-dragons-pride-shirts/
  5. I wonder if anyone here plays flight sims? Cause i do. Of course i notice my entry level joystick seems to work ok on the small planes, on the big planes like the Boeing 777 and such i seem to lose control of the plane with the joystick.
  6. Anyone notice that Japanese is hard to translate to American English. Cause i once uploaded a model kit manual that was in Japanese and tried to have DeepL Translate to translate it, but it appeared as mostly nonsense.
  7. In looking back at Home alone, a lot of things don't make any sense at all. Like why didn't the pizza guy call the cops as soon as he heard the sound of gun shots? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6M_mFUH35s
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVHyl0P_P-M Song from Sabaton about D Day
  9. Convention in Honolulu been postponed to August. I been going to that convention.
  10. Anyone know why some people are jerks or avoid those with aspergers? Because i have had people who treated me like i did something to them,when i never doing anything bad to them to make them hate me or such.
  11. I seen that game on Steam. I wonder why Apple disabled support for most 32 bit games and apps in their latest OS Catalina. Apple y u no more have 32 bit support? I know i can run windows 10 in a dualboot on my mac using bootcamp. I wonder though if there is a way to transfer windows 10 from my now broken laptop to my Imac for a dualboot.
  12. Yup. A University i used to go to irl has a set of sims on there,but they seem to have left it empty. I know the US Army even had a set of sims,but they closed it down and went to opensim or something.
  13. This tweet came in a while back. https://twitter.com/philiprosedale/status/1236729924062330880 I would like universities to start using it again. Plus i think it would be revenge against people who have insulted me for using SL.
  14. I heard on facebook that someone blasted the purge siren in my state. I wonder what would happen if someone blasted the siren from the silent hill movie.
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