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  1. Anyone notice that Japanese is hard to translate to American English. Cause i once uploaded a model kit manual that was in Japanese and tried to have DeepL Translate to translate it, but it appeared as mostly nonsense.
  2. In looking back at Home alone, a lot of things don't make any sense at all. Like why didn't the pizza guy call the cops as soon as he heard the sound of gun shots? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6M_mFUH35s
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVHyl0P_P-M Song from Sabaton about D Day
  4. Convention in Honolulu been postponed to August. I been going to that convention.
  5. Anyone know why some people are jerks or avoid those with aspergers? Because i have had people who treated me like i did something to them,when i never doing anything bad to them to make them hate me or such.
  6. I seen that game on Steam. I wonder why Apple disabled support for most 32 bit games and apps in their latest OS Catalina. Apple y u no more have 32 bit support? I know i can run windows 10 in a dualboot on my mac using bootcamp. I wonder though if there is a way to transfer windows 10 from my now broken laptop to my Imac for a dualboot.
  7. Yup. A University i used to go to irl has a set of sims on there,but they seem to have left it empty. I know the US Army even had a set of sims,but they closed it down and went to opensim or something.
  8. This tweet came in a while back. https://twitter.com/philiprosedale/status/1236729924062330880 I would like universities to start using it again. Plus i think it would be revenge against people who have insulted me for using SL.
  9. Anyone think though that most people don't know what a troll is? To some people,it means someone who posts a message they don't like or such. When to me it means someone who calls someone gay in a online game or forum, says threadstarter is gay. says really offensive stuff, signs up with a offensive username. The stuff you can see often in overwatch or what happened to this trans woman. https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/bullied-trans-game-developer-dies-after-setting-herself-on-fire/ I was a victim one time of a site called encylopedia dramatica. I fee
  10. I heard on facebook that someone blasted the purge siren in my state. I wonder what would happen if someone blasted the siren from the silent hill movie.
  11. I heard conventions are closing. I think a anime con in my state might cancel or postpone event scheduled in may.
  12. Went Costco yesterday and they were all sold out of toilet paper. Note to people, please save some of that toilet paper so that older people (like someone's grandma) can buy them,instead of the stuff going out of stock.
  13. University of hawaii is thinking of having classes online https://www.staradvertiser.com/2020/03/12/hawaii-news/uh-prepares-for-switch-to-online-classes/ I wonder if they will use this game/virtual world/thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbNMtFXMNWg Also i heard Coca Cola might have shortages, i wonder how Mexican coca cola is like. I seen some Mexican coca cola at Costco and a Hispanic mart in town.
  14. I remember a Magic the gathering t shirt with the words "deckmaster" on it and a dragon on the back,i think a shivan dragon or such and the words magic the gathering in small print in front of the shirt. I'm not sure what kind of shirt it would be. I can't find it on Ebay or such.
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