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  1. Not a dire Frog? I'm kinda disappointed . . . . But Percival is cool too.
  2. Umm . . Spartan's is easier to remember, but yours has merit, too, Tim.
  3. One of the great things about Reaper is that there is no "Official paintjob". They generally feel that if a mini tells you to paint it purple, who are they to say it is supposed to be red? SOME companies will get prissy about hat kind of thing, but I've even talked to RB about Official color schemes for Warlord armies, and basically - They have a scheme they use for the box covers, but it's not official. It's just one Anne Likes. I wonder how many people actually would like Official schemes for Warlord? I don't, but I gotta wonder.
  4. I think I may enter, too. And, Ironically, I am HTML Certified, Microsoft FrontPage Certified, Photoshop Certified, and do not have my own web page. I just tell people this one's mine . . .
  5. http://www.wegotgame.net/jen/paint_review.html I'd say it's a pretty accurate review. It lives up to my exeriences with the stuff.
  6. Inquisitor Jex looks at McDaniel, his face unreadable, the usual stony look of the Malvernians' seeming even more impenetrable on him. "Yes, there is a catch. The Breeder was stolen by Mitso-Ta operatives, and they have had sufficent time to install it into a prototype new CAV - They are calling it the 'Oni' - Apparently a Terran name for a demon. you will have to fight the Oni - and retreive the breeder - intact." He pauses to look out over his city - and hands Loggerhard a dossier. "This has all the details for the demonstration Mitso-Ta is giving - a test of their new CAV. I have managed to get the contract for the demonstration. Khardullis' information network is vast." "Oh - one more thing. There is no pilot in the Oni. Apparently the Terrans are quite concerned about secondary losses, and are continutin their preoccupation with AI that led to the Psyros. The ONI is completely unmanned - which should be the key."
  7. Sorry about that. My Home PC has a Virus so I have only been able to post at work, and then only between tasks. Freefall - you will be introduced Soon. I have plans. Feel free, everyone, to PM me or to contact ReaperBryan about this game if you can;t get me. Let's just say I stay in touch with him
  8. *Looks disdainfully at the extended hand before turning away. "Gentlemen, As you know, tensions are pretty high between several of the Major UCOR's right now. Corporate espionage is at an all time high, and all signs indicate a soming war - not betwen the planetary powers, but the UCORS, felxing their muscles. They became fat and bloated form the profits of the Galaxy War, and have come to enjoy too much influence." He pauses, reaches into his Inquisitors robe, and pulls out a datapad. Ont he screen is a small Cube, with patterns etched into the surface. Gadget immediately recognises it as a Breeder, but not one he's ever seen. "Mark IV industries has recently been the victim of one such raid. A revolutionary new Breeder design was stolen from them by a rival UCOR, and we need to get it back. Luckily, Khardullis was with us, and we know who stole it, and how. We also know where the prototype is. All I need is for you to get it back. This is very urgent - The longer they have it, the more they can learn form it."
  9. IIRC Shakak got one of the B&W advance copies from Origins - Redeemable for a color HB, Right?
  10. I'll make some based on D20 Mecha. . Unless anybody has those and wants to do this. We need Dragonfly, Mastodon, Starhawk VI for PCs and others for NPC battles soon enough
  11. OMG! Skavenbabe - The resemblance is uncanny! LOL!
  12. Combat in a CAV will translate to D20 Vehicle combat rules - so it won;t be exactly like CAV combat. TL and ECM and stuff would fall under Profession/CAV Ops or Pilot/Drive(CAV NAME). Action points - start with 5. Wealth - I'll have to read up on that, but assume Treds translates to $. ANd all sorts of synergy exists between Computers/Profession CAV/Knowledge (anything military). BTW Erion -these links rock. Helps out for those w/o Modern.
  13. Denton is not exactly a suburb of Dallas - The Dallaw & Fort Worth metroplex area covers 4 Counties (Texas counties, BTW are about the sixe of Rhode Island - Is Rhode Island even big enough to BE a state?). Anyway, Dallas and Fort Worth are the respective centers of their 2 counties, and McKinneya nd Denton are the ceners of their 2. TV stations out here even say Dallas/Fort Worth/Denton/McKinney sometimes (I know KERA channel 13 does). But yeah - Suburb is close enough. We are about 50 miles form Dallas proper, but up North there is just no valid term for the urban sprawl that is north Texas. We have more real estate here than we do people to put init - so we have spread out over an area larger than some European nations.
  14. I have access to the Adobe products, also - ia am making an Excel version based on the D&D Excel versions. I will be including the classes from modern and Spycraft, and probably Future once it is available. I will make it available once complete.
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