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  1. No Fear! The Natty Boh casts an aura of security.... look at his magic gaze emanating from the black screen ;)
  2. Here is the mini based and pre-shaded Boh knows color ;)
  3. Here is a Mad Caster raging in the Wild the pic is not the best it is off my phone.. my 35m camera setup is currently down
  4. Looks good.... do not get too hung up on close up details on a Bones model. They are not crisp like metal or resin minis, you can only go so far with a Bones. ;)
  5. Quick tips: Prime Black, then 'over spray' with white for killer pre-shading Always paint light to dark.... never dark to light as you layer your colors Practice Practice Practice
  6. For some reason this reminds me of the artist David Trampier, who gave us wonderful images during my teenage years long ago before the internet. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_A._Trampier
  7. I think it is just the pic... there is more color separation on the actual mini between the beard and shirt.... and I did not even notice it in the pic til you mentioned it ;) Thanks I am shooting loads of minis tonight should have more up tomorrow or a link to a gallery
  8. Hi All, I am going load this thread with Bones that I have painted from the first Kickstarter. I have been meaning to share these images with you all. Any comments are welcome. Here is the first... more to follow in the next few hours. This is 77148: Mangu Timur
  9. The pics shift the colors a little... I think the latest paint job is 'cleaner' but the photography is a bit deceiving, in my first paint job, as it is probably over exposed some.
  10. Here are some shots of the model of the latest Cthulhu in progress
  11. Here is another I painted that is some what darker.... I think the new one looks a little better What do you all say?
  12. Its flannel fabric from the fabric store..... $9 ;)
  13. Here is another Bones Cthulhu I painted up for a client Hope you enjoy it about 75% airbrush and 25% brush work.... oils and acrylics
  14. Thanks he was a blast to paint. I used Createx colors for airbrush and Reaper and Vallejo for the brush work. I also used oils for washes on the undercoat painting which was a purple/pink. I did not wash anything in the top coat painting.
  15. About 80% was airbrush and 20% brush work. The bones minis are fine models, notice I said fine, not awesome. They are great for tabletop gaming but your are going to need all your painting skills to 'bring them to life' or move them from looking like toys. I like them and backed both kickstarters.
  16. Here is the finished piece... I never made the second part of the Video :p
  17. Here are some of the Goblins I painted up
  18. http://www.dickblick.com/products/golden-airbrush-mediums/ I use this to cut almost any brand of acrylic paint. It has extenders that helps to keep the tip from clogging. I also spray at as low a pressure as I can, in multiple coats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VN-fm-JL6Hw
  19. Here is part one of video on painting a cloak. It covers wet blending. Part two will cover creating and applying an oil wash. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOVYaJFETT0
  20. Hopefully I can post another video tommorrow... the oil is still curing ;)
  21. Not sure where you are seeing the wound... so no big wound on the flank It is a very nice model. I hope to make another video tommorrow .... the oil is still curing ;)
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