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  1. Can anyone tell me the height of the spirit of the forest? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the responses, everyone! At least I have some ideas on how to use it now. I appreciate your time.
  3. Ya know, I did notice that when adding a little water, It made a nice wash. Perhaps I'll do the same! By the way, missmelons, great blog!
  4. Just purchased a few of the HD paints(meadow green,elfin flesh, and umber brown), and while the green and flesh colors were fantastic, the brown seemed not to cover very well and had an oily look to it even straight from the bottle. I shook it considerably, but the problem remained. Is there something I can do with it or is it simply a bad batch of paint?
  5. The giant eagle, and any(or all) of the Sandra Garrity elves.
  6. wish I wasn't moving to Gainesville in a few weeks. It would have been nice to play with a group.
  7. I don't have alot of experience with inks and the like. I was just curious if the flesh wash was only good for basic human flesh, or is it also good for pale flesh colors.
  8. thanx! I was actually hoping he was a wood elf. he reminds me of the old Jes Goodwin Scarloc sculpt.
  9. Probably a good idea, but I have already pushed the "Order"-button, so the unicorn will have to wait. But I'll consider the it next time! anyone have any info on this narthrand nightblade? stats? anything?
  10. Thanks! Yes, I would definately take archers. they are my favorite to paint. My compadre is building a single troop consisting of Varaug, Omber, a goblin mage, 4 archers and 3 bull orc fighters. I like the idea of having 2 troops since Danithal doesn't have tactician. So, thanks again for the feedback!!!
  11. I,m looking to put together a 500 point starting force and, since I'm new to wargaming(and forums!) I could use some help. I"m tied to danithal, but am easy on all others. Can I get help(please)?
  12. I am new not only to Warlord, but to gaming in general, I was just curious if anyone ever used danithal in their companies, and, if so, what are good line up ideas.
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