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    Miniature gaming, pen and paper RPGs, reading, swimming and taking good naps.

    I started wargaming in 1985 while in high school. I began with Battletech and the then Warhammer Fantasy Battle in the old hardcover books, and now I'm happily playing Warlord.

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  1. Was it one of these? Or maybe similar? http://www.solegends.com/citc/c32slann1.htm
  2. I completely forgot they were 65's, now I wish I had bought more of them back when. Oh well, here's hoping they make a return! Thanks, Shakandara.
  3. I glanced around the website to double check the price on the Icingstead giant spearman and warrior, and noticed that they were missing. They aren't even coming up in any kind of search. Are they discontinued or possibly getting reworked as Bones? Just curious because I love my giants!
  4. Really? I found it completely useless, and actually thought it was one of the most poorly designed screens I'd seen in a long time. I used it for about five months, and not once -- literally, not a single time -- did it ever have the information I needed on it. All that useless thing ever did was serve as a pit stop on the way to a book look-up. I find it pretty handy, since it has the states and conditions on one of the panels. The quick references for skill checks are also pretty useful to me. But depending on group play styles, I can definitely see where some of that info would not be needed. We play heavy skill based games, so just quick reminders for modifiers helps a lot.
  5. From my experience, the Pathfinder GM screen is one of the best table top screens ever made. Great resource for quick referencing. Good luck with the game!
  6. Really well done! Great color scheme.
  7. At character creation, players choose a favored class for their character. It will have to be a standard class, it can't be a prestige class. As the character progresses, the player will choose to either gain 1hp or 1sp each time they gain a level in their favored class. Let's say you have a half-orc with favored class of Fighter, and he has 4 levels of fighter and 2 levels of wizard. He would only get the 1hp or 1sp for each level of fighter since it is the favored class, and none for the levels of wizard. With a half-elf, he or she is allowed to choose 2 favored classes, meaning that the player could choose fighter and cleric (or whatever combo of standard classes they want) and gain the ability to choose the 1hp or 1sp for each level they gained in both. It doesn't mean that they are automatically multi-classing, it's just adding the benefit of the choice. That make sense?
  8. I think I'd like to see some form of clockwork demon or angel. The new dragon concept looks really cool, and I bet an extraplanar critter would look nice too. Secondly, ratmen and rat ogres would be nice, so I can give you folks my money instead.
  9. I really love that gobbo on the hopper. Great job on both!
  10. Yeah, that's one rule that we made out to be understood. If you can't get into base to base because you don't have the space, then you can't move stuff around to squeeze it in.
  11. Until about 2 years ago, I had collected GW minis since the mid 80's. I just absolutely refuse to keep up with their pricing scheme though. Anywho, what I've been doing since I'm playing Warlord now is, of course, using my old GW stuff in my games, and what I've been using them as is: 1. Lizardmen for Reptus 2. Ogre Kingdoms for Icingstead 3. Dark Elves for Darkreach (My Dark Elves were already on 25mm bases instead of the standard 20mm) 4. Human Chaos for Overlords I started (happily!) buying Reaper stuff to fill in cracks for stuff I needed in the armies.
  12. That helped clear up a whole lot of confusion. I really appreciate your help.
  13. Thanks, Shakandara, I've been doing it wrong all this time. I imagined that if a flying creature entered into base to base with a grounded creature, the flying creature would remain Flying, but allow other ground units to move into base to base. So just to be clear: 1. Using the same critters as above, would an owlbear be able to charge and enter into base to base the eagle if the eagle is flying? I imagine not since the owlbear is grounded. 2. And if a flying creature is on the ground due to attacking, kills it's opponent and is no longer in base to base, on it's next move it will need to follow the standard rules for taking off from the ground to become Flying again, right?
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