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  1. Trick with autodialers is detecting them to make the charge, especially since most of them are already spamming illegal source numbers
  2. Thank you all for the kind words. With such an expanse of wings I wanted to have something besides just a fade or b color but my first attempts at a freehand image (a picture was first then d desert on both sides) didn't look right. So I went for something more abstract and I think I found a balance between interesting and distracting. It won't win any awards but I is another of my horde of dragons complete!
  3. We went on a little trip south to get away from things and relax and play some rpgs. If the weather holds we may do some exploring but the main point was to get away and relax. Got to meet our neighbors today... it turns out they are early risers Other than that the trip has been going well
  4. Wonderful series and a great jobbing them look newly risen!
  5. Continuing deeper into the dry steppe I cane across a brass dragon in its native habitat. I think she was keeping watch over a nearby nomadic tribe but she took off before I was able to ask. Another old piece of miniature history, this is the brass dragon from the 3rd and final dragon of the month series by Grenadier. The amount of energy put into this mini is pretty amazing and, like all its brethren, this dragon has stood the test of time. I painted this one using a basecoat of scale 75 metallic but then did all the highlight work using a wax metallic set I recently acquired on sale. Hope you like her; this series does have some seriously dramatic positions for the dragons, especially when you consider that these are all softer, lead based minis.
  6. Further efforts to produce a dozen dragons this year brought me out to the desert sands where even dragons new to worry about being spotted if they want a decent meal. To this end desert dragons are campflaged to look like the ground from above and the sky from below. Hope you enjoy him
  7. Is there any such thing as too many spaceships? I have played BFF, SFB and firestorm armada a few times each and have rules and ships for 2 others but still don't have enough ships...
  8. 2nd Dynasty's starfighters thats 2 of the 3 cores the kit makes a number of clones like the Awing and X wing here. The kit will also make a couple of versions of faux-viper and some other goodies. The new kickstarter they just finished has tie fighters and shuttles I highly recommend the company's stls. They have all come out well though their instructions need some serious rework.
  9. Thanks again @SGHawkins09. Looking forward to it!
  10. Nice work everybody! My printers work best wen I stay at the terrain/dragon scale
  11. Nice work! Somehow I missed the existence of that completely. I need to rectify that.
  12. For the last 10 years I've used a press (French or euro) and a hand grinder so. The noise is kept firmly under control. Sounds like either doing away with the equipment or finding a better method is the way to go. Most morning coffee drinkers are not a fan of noise either, just desperate for caffeine.... Sounds more like a people issue than a coffee issue. The bean didn't do anything... . OTOH. I have never been unhappy with someone willing to do my housework so I may be jaded... Not looking forward to it but my doc has already done the third round of polite 'this would be a really good idea' speech and I will probably have to cave in here soon. Unfortunately for animals everywhere, the number of non animal protein sources i can't consume and the number that the rest of the family won't let me eat means I don't get to do much long term vegetarian dieting. Good for you though!
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