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  1. Kangaroorex

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    While the song is catchy I am trying to figure out when one of the royal eastern European cavalry attacked Scottish or Irish soil... I'm pretty sure that the obscure quote 'sir, what do we do when there are no more Yops?' covers this. Anyone else ever read 'With Friends Like These...' by Alan Dean Foster? Hope everyone is having a good day!
  2. While I have no interest in the game itself, I do hope it succeeds in making it to retail and that I can pick up the dragon and a number of the other monsters. They apparently had some nice sculptures on the project. That is a nice dragon. The cocktrice and the kraken also look incredible!
  3. Kangaroorex

    Happy Birthday Flit!

    Happy Birthday!
  4. Kangaroorex

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    This is a good way to get furry bacon... put the bacon on a plate first next time!
  5. Snicker, only time I use corrective lenses is during painting and in really dimmly lit resturants when reading a menu. Or 3 point font...
  6. If already burned 2 sets of penguins (who would have thought those would be the first, but my in-laws like penguins) I have no fault with the new plastic mix (now that I know a fresh exacto blade is necessary to cut properly) Today I acquired a 6x set of cheaters (er, reading glasses) for painting. I originally considered some of the adjustable lenses then realized that up til now I had 1.5, a 2 and a 3 diopter glasses on my bench and I only used the others when I couldn't find the 3. So I just bought 2 pair of 6's instead. The focal distance is about the limit for a 28mm figure (I have to switch to a 3 for bigger minis because portions of the bigger ones are out of focus with the higher power but the level of detail is nice. It may be time to break down and consult an optometrist about some corrective lenses for close work...
  7. Kangaroorex

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Congratulations on your anniversary, may you have many more. I sympathize about the rain, we got away on vacation last week and It was apparently very wet at home. I like a good storm as much as the next person but I could use a little sunshine. (Someone pass me the brain... my area is moist!)
  8. Cool find! Sort of like my set of MB gamemaster games: slowly acquired through yard sales and thrift stores and not perfect but they are nice display pieces along the the tops of my game cabinets (It was either that or my mother's plates . They're neat and wonderful to look at but except for broadsides and boarding parties, not that much fun to play. (For me, I find them long and can chop out a single player early. I have games that are more fun)
  9. Kangaroorex

    A special anniversary for me

    Update and some bad news/good news/bad news When I restarted the drugs I got a CT scan as a new baseline. And news is the tumor grew. This was expected (It is cancer after all and held in check by medication. The good news is that the drug is working. The other bad news is that we know this because it tore apart most of the healing done on my leg which most likely means that it will do the same to the added growth on the cancer. So now I need to find a new way out of this little catch 22 and find a way to allow local healing without inducing tumor growth. Chronic illness is so much fun... but I'm still here and around to complain it certainly beats the alternative!
  10. Kangaroorex

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Ouch! That looks like it stung.
  11. Kangaroorex

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Well got home last night and discovered we had a power outage. Wasn't until the morning we discovered it wasn't momentary. Basement got flooded... again. (No power, no sump pump and the ground has been saturated by rain all week) Not major, best we can tell was maybe a half inch at its deepest but enough to be really annoying. A few boxes were lost and some games were left on the floor but as usual, more that enough to be annoying, not enough to be actually something to pay someone else to take care of or call the insurance company about. The joys of house ownership! Got to clean up instead of paint tonight, sigh Hope everyone has a good friday! That's a rather large sacrifice if it put you there. Are you okay?
  12. Kangaroorex

    Dungeon Dog

    I like it! Good paint job, terrific story!
  13. Kangaroorex

    Kyphrixis 77565 for a birthday present

    Thanks @Glitterwolf I enjoy using the scale 75 paints I also have a decent amount of their regular paint which seems to run pretty universally opaque. Makes it great for base coats and shadows but hard to work with on highlights and layering. I recently got their NMM kit and I'm looking forward to good results. The under wing is reaper verdigris with aquamarine highlights I need to figure out how to shade that deeper the top of the wing is what you get when you mix verdigris with copper. It's a georgous color and to my surprise, repeatable the wingspells are my favorite on the Dragon. I have a clear version and I want to try fading him to clear while one of the spells glow Thank you! It was fun to do. The metal and alchemy make it so much easier to provide variation while staying metallic. Non metallic shades are one thing but getting a metal to darken and stay metallic can be difficult. The scale 75 paints really help with that. Go for it! There is something intimidating about that large a mettalic surface but with some experimentation they are a lot of fun. And if they look too shiny just ask yourself: who does a dragon have to run from? And, as I've mentioned the spells on the wings were my favorite part!
  14. I have heard that supply is finally caught up with demand in a lot of places. I was able to find one on the shelf and the game store said they had cleared their waitlist completely Good luck