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  1. I think the penultimate procedure I had to write was either changing an incandescent light bulb or how to use a urinal. Both wound up being 6 and 10 pages respectively I gotta admit, how to calibrate a fingernail is spectacular! ! Thanks for sharing that. Bureaucracy is still alive and well I see!
  2. I will miss all of you. Hopefully I will be back next year
  3. Sorry folks, I can't make it this year. Failure of my last adrenal gland is keeping me on a very short leash. Hopefully everything will stabilize for me to come next year
  4. @Glitterwolf thanks. Trying to find time and energy to paint lately has been a challenge, but these were fun... @KruleBear ...especially the bear druid. Between the glasses, the owl and the pipe I was amused.
  5. Just thought I would show them off. They are all from Naga Minis and printed well on the first try with the supplied supports.. Not my best work but the really cool minis cover a lot of sins
  6. I don't know. The coloring and shading looks pretty good for shorts stained with the usual result of death
  7. You got me there. for ender parts I turn to fleabay or the river. they are cheap usually easy to figure out and a lot less hassle than trying to get anyone in customer support to care.
  8. I'll be interested to hear what you receive. the examples of neptunes that I saw required quite a bit of assembly but there could be other options out there. I wish you better luck with auto-leveling than I had. My personal favorite is the Ender v2 which has manual and auto leveling so when the auto leveling fails you can continue printing (another feature not provided by Prusa --- yes I really do not like that company.) Good luck and welcome to the world of 3d printing!
  9. I suppose it depends on what you want. I never had problems with the crealty to need customer service. The Neptune looks like a fine model as long as you like a diy kit. I hat the ender up and printing in 20 minutes. It's all in your experience I guess. People swear by prusa but I've found their support stuck up and unable to ha dle anything not on a checklist and heaven forbid you ask questions about design choices. In the end you really shouldn't have problems with any of the basic printers (ender, Neptune, ender clones) the fancier you get the more problems you risk. At the same time those features can also make printing easier.
  10. I've seen that one. Maybe I should have been more specific. I'm looking for a tapestry unicorn in a position that has some action or pose that differentiates it from a horse with a lions tail attached. Most of the tapestries picture the unicorn as more cat-like in pose than horse like and that's what I am trying unsuccessfully to capture. My son is good enough with 3d cad and blender programs to change the tail and thin out the figure. It's that cat like pose while still retaining the horsey features he can't do and I can't find. Also looking for someone who's printed one. Thanks
  11. Personally, I run the ender 3 pro and like it enough that I will probably get another. As for Prusa, I have one of those dust collectors sitting on a shelf taking up space. I have had 5 parts break on it when I was running it, including the fans, the heating element, and the leveling proximity sensor (nothing like having the corner of your print bed snapped off because the head didnt know when to stop. I have also found their tech support pretty useless unless your problem is something you could have probably figured out yourself. (It took 2 months for them to finally diagnose that the filament heater had failed and that I didnt have a clog, even after i sent them a boroscope shot showing light through the nozzle.) overall I am pretty disgusted with them and I find them overpriced and overhyped. your experience may differ. I bought my Ender 3 because i was disgusted with the prusa and its been running for 4 years without a single problem.
  12. anyone know where i might find a last unicorn style mini? more lithe than a horse and with a lions tail rather than a horse tail. or something of the sort? thanks
  13. anyone know where i might find a last unicorn style mini? more lithe than a horse and with a lions tail rather than a horse tail. or something of the sort? thanks
  14. Hi all, been quiet for a while due to work and other life related issues. Annnd, because, for whatever reason, the off topic section of the forum will not load for me on my phone or on my computers. I can get to this topic through a notification but I cannot get to any of the other topics in this section and when we move to a new off topic topic, i will lose access to that too. there does not seem to be anything wrong, the location just will not resolve. the rest of the forum is fine. Anyway, if anyone is going to Reapercon, could someone look at the vendor hall and get the contact information of the store that is selling the Warlord game stuff? looking for a US source for the newer Black Seas stuff. Thanks!
  15. I could just be inept but I could not make blender split the object. I'll try meshmixer and see if that works. Thanks everyone!
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