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  1. Box has been gone through, things were chosen, things were put in, message was sent. I will try and get pictures up tomorrow. Work has been unforgiving this week!
  2. Neat! and i sense a Flail snail in your future!
  3. Cool choices @Fire_Eyes, @Mutilatedlips, and @SparrowMarie, those are lovely! I can't wait to see what you all do with them!
  4. Can we make out the name of the wreck? If the wreck is stable and doesn't seem to be moving, I recommend investigating to see what can be recovered. "who knows, there may be a keg of rum on board! We grippli sing so much better when properly lubricated!" Arune will also look for any signs that something may have moved in to make it a home -- sea scorpion bisque could be on the menu again! (perception 18+3=21) (survival for tracking and identifying creature spoor 7+3=10) "we should also keep our eyes our for those nasty leatherwinged things. A pet or three might make the rest of the group more active and cooperative"
  5. Nice idea, unreasonably pricey. They will probably sell some because there is way to many people with more money than sense, but I won't be one of them.
  6. Alright my decent into patreon is all your fault. You had to point out the dragons... and the other sculpts are pretty good too. I'm willing to give this a try as I learn how to get the most out of my printers. I now have 1 patreon...
  7. First set of files released. printing first couple now
  8. I am not sure if he was mine or not but the sea serpent is from iron wind metals and is a recast from the 80s. Still a cool mini after all these years
  9. Why is there a cat...in the cat? Yea! Had a small group of friends over for memorial day and it was more fun than it had any right to be. Just eating and talking about movies and catching up.
  10. @Clearman box received. Hopefully I will have time to open it tomorrow!
  11. Voting shipwreck and discovering what is out at the point before moving deeper inland. May as well know what's behind us
  12. Does anyone have any suggestions for stopping those big bed adjustment dials on the Ender from unwinding during a print? mine keep unscrewing themselves. i probably need to lower the z stop so i can put more tension on the bed but that is a job for the future. however, since i have to make adjustments, loctite is not an option. thanks
  13. that or you open the box and nothing comes out until you smack the box a few times, then all the pieces come flying out at once covering the table, chairs and floor!
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