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  1. Kangaroorex

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Congratulations! Glad to see the hard work paying off. Also glad to see you in a more comfortable spot. I hope all goes well with the move! Sorry to hear that. Hotel mattresses are often a nightmare. For a while one of the Mariott properties was offering the air mattress type beds. Unfortunately they had a tendency to die in the night and you would wake up in a poorly slung hammock 8 inches off the floor. That was not a pleasant evening, especially since I had to be doing a plant walkthrough the following morning! Hope you continue to feel better I am also tempting fate! I am trying to take a few days off around memorial day before we try to catch up on all the work that got delayed by the cyber attack on our company. And I can't help but wonder what is going to prevent me from a vacation this time...
  2. Kangaroorex

    Roc as Thunderbird

    Nicely done! I like the concept and it came through really well in the feathers and the other features. I really like the blues and the lightning in the face as well. I am still figuring out what I want to do with this one. actually debating between a wild creature or making it a weapons platform for goblins or some such, maybe even 15mm humans Either that or I need a small elephant to put infront of it for a capture!
  3. Travel and delays happen to us all. I expect the second half of my year to be riddled with travel to make up for the lack in the first half. I'm Just glad to see it come back again. It may not drive me to paint (my own sick little mind does that) but it does drive me to post so others can see!
  4. Kangaroorex

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Yep dubia roaches are bred for food for dragons and she likes them. She doesn't get the wild ones as we don't know what parasites they may be harboring. Her favorites are still hornworms though. She'd eat her own weight in them if we let her.
  5. Kangaroorex

    Legion of Justice and Caeke 01429, 01428, 01427 01424

    The dragon kings confectionary was stolen by mouslings and the legion of Justice and Ceake were sent from the halls of the dragon king to retrieve it? I can go with that. Evil Mouslings, using their cuteness to trick the baker into releasing the great cake of power! I too wish they had been finished. I will say that there are a number of unidentifiable lumps of Plasticine and putty that were attempts of mine to put that right. But that will have to wait for another day. Next challenge is designing the base. i want a forest scene but I'm not sure where I'm going with it yet. more to come
  6. one thing to try. resin usually doesnt show layers when it dries. you can get some really cool wavy effects by putting the resin in a number of pours and then layering the horizontal leaves between the layers it looks like the plant is following the current and even if you get a bubble or two it looks reasonably realistic as long as you are dealing with a shallow water reef
  7. Kangaroorex

    March - April RPChallenge

    will there be a may-june challenge?
  8. that is an exceedingly cute dragon! Mine is still in her box but I expected to t be painted soontm Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. mine remains unpainted mainly because i keep waffling between rainbow unicorn, white and sparkly or pastel rainbow. Decisions, decisions... I kickstarted a UV resin as a glue a few years back. The really good news is it doesnt dry out and it doesnt show signs of creating a meniscus when it activates. I dont know if this is the same stuff but i have done some really good gap filling with it. the only real problem is that it dries very shiny and can be difficult to paint over.
  9. Kangaroorex

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Others have said it but i will re-emphasize: watch out for hitchhikers and egg sacks. Those little pill like egg packets are easy to miss and one viable one can start a colony. That said, I do keep some cockroaches in the house... talk about a food source for my dragon that no one has any sympathy for! some people even get squeamish when she eats mealworms or crickets but i have yet to see anyone get upset about watching her munch a Dubia Roach And as I said, Bearded dragon + roach is not a good equation for the roach.
  10. Kangaroorex

    Dragon Elder by Ral Partha for TSR

    Thanks for finding that! I like to know what I am painting, even if its after the fact. as for being the mentor of the good guys... it wouldn't be the first time a party of adventurers got duped by a nefarious mentor! Maybe Fatimus was protecting his lands from an invasion of the evil dragon kings.
  11. Kangaroorex

    Frostgrave henchmen

    I needed some more henchmen to fill out my frostgrave parties, especially some archers which I seem to have in very short supply. So i Found these while rooting through my drawer of 'I dont know where this goes and put a pretty basic paint job on them. I needed some minis to fill out the challenge for this month so here they are: I did try a little freehand on the soldier's shield and played with some of the brighter colors for the dwarf twins so they would stand out. In the end, basic minis to liven up the frostgrave maps Thanks for looking!
  12. Kangaroorex

    Dragon Elder by Ral Partha for TSR

    This piece has been sitting in my mini drawer for quite some time. I'm not sure where it came from or why it showed up but it appeared and desired paint so it got some. I am thinking of making it the grand mentor for the legion of Justice and Caeke to counter the dread influence of Fatimus but we will see. In the mean time, I dont know too much about this mini other than it was produced by Ral Partha in 1991 for TSR Its pretty and it was fun to paint, but my google fu is not strong enough to find the name of the character and the base has no further information. So without further Ado, my dragon Elder
  13. well I finally worked up the nerve to paint one of my cuter sets. These have been waiting with primer on them for a Loooong time. It took a great deal of effort to put brush to mini on these because i want them to come out right. eventually they will be incorporated into a base with holes for them to set in, I just haven't given a long enough thought to what it will be. I am considering a forest seen with the Dragon Elder from Ral Partha but I haven't decided yet. I did decide that Frummity looked better as a red squirrel than Lemur so Squirrel it is! I hope everyone enjoys these!
  14. Kangaroorex

    #14337 - Thunganir, Dark Dwarf Captain

    Im not sure if that is the lighting or the mini but the gold does look very washed out. I can see the faint area where the white points are but they get really washed out. maybe take the whole pallet darker and leave the white highlight? You did a good job on the dragonskin.
  15. I as well. two part resins are clear but they take forever to cure and waterfalls are just not possible. Looking forward to results!