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  1. @Evilhalfling wow, Sorry to hear that. It sad when another fighter goes down. I am glad you got to spend some time with him before the end. I hope he stays with you in spirit.
  2. Sorry to hear that @ShadowRaven I'll keep you and your friend in my thoughts and prayers Force feeding? ID10-T? Intravenous protein injection Some weird new home remedy for Covid?
  3. thats a great job! I have some of these, i need to paint them...
  4. really nice shot! it sums up autumn beautifully fall is also the time of harvest and relaxing, of beer and celebrations, a time to reap the rewards of the year. Its my favorite season of the year, easily beating out spring and summer and more closely beating out winter. Its just sad for me that it seems to pass so quickly... okay since you all decided to bring it up and someone dragged out the punchline: A witch is nailing a lion into a wardrobe. a child walks by and asks "what are you doing?" the Witch responds: "Narnia business!"
  5. that's a MAAAAAAAAD paint job! though i want to know how you got the goat to not eat what its wearing! Nice job.
  6. being at the end of the run, most of my things will go back to @Inarah and have to go around again before anyone gets to them. so it goes. Looking forward to seeing the box again and all the goodies people find! Rob
  7. After grumbling about how I missed this, I began reading nice little military meets magic to save the world with an interesting take on dragons. So far my experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Looking forward to the rest of the series. also reading Penric and the Shaman by Louis McMaster Bujould which is always a fun romp. who doesnt want 10 new personallities in their head (12 if you count the lioness and the mare) and the ability to use magic. That wont frighten anyone, will it? and just to round out my reading, i am trying to
  8. just for the record: I dont want to Monday! this has been a public service announcement.
  9. <*with great loathing*> TURNIPS. large smelly strong flavored TURNIPS. That is what rutabagas taste like...
  10. @redambrosia I'm sorry for your loss. My prayers and hopes for better times are with you
  11. Ugh. Life just seems to get more interesting. On the plus side last night I got to sleep longer and deeper than I have in months. I woke actually rested and it felt weird. Took advantage of it to clean the kitchen floor. Spent the day just reading and relaxing (how the Heck have I missed the tales of Bazil Broketail?) and finished the day off by spending the evening over at a friend's house playing board games. Which is where life gets Interesting. I discover on the way home that either I am suddenly allergic to cats, I have the worst timing for sinus issues out of nowhere or 3 of my
  12. hey if the old guy wants to take one for the team, more power to him! Joe has been itching for a little action and is happy to see it come his way.
  13. Joe just quietly sighs and mutters here we go... He looks wistfully at the remainder of his lunch and heads off to see where this adventure will lead. Things were getting a little dull around here anyway! If he happens to get by Crystal for a moment he will murmur in a surprisingly singsong sotto voice I get the girl, but why are you protecting the suit? He wants to stand infront of a wall full of death, let him and good riddance. I will follow the miss and see that she doesnt get into too much trouble With that he grins and takes off after miss Van Horton and th
  14. Honestly, I have seen worse prices for ammunition. loading a chain for a belt fed gun could be rather tedious though...
  15. terrific! glad everything made it okay! Hope you have a great time with them and i get to see them painted eventually!
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