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  1. I couldn't get into RVE this year either. everytime I went to join a class, something else came up. Not sure why it didn't work out. OTOH my older son had a great time and got 3 classes in as well as 4 games so, from this household, I think it was more timing than a missed opportunity. I do hope they continue the RVEs. the One or 2 classes I did get to were very good. as for hireling wizards, they tend to be expensive, they can make a decent living with just a shop front. However, there are other, less professional magic users that might be available...
  2. Fish, my preference is fish which draws wandering monsters from far and wide..
  3. Little pricey for STL files though
  4. I've got a 5 and a 3 respectively. Apparently expecting more of the little vermin
  5. So brim, asgrim , Nic, and Morgan at the end?
  6. Nic is behind the guys in heavy armor all the way!
  7. I would think there is not much up but we should go that way first to prevent surprises later
  8. I love It. Dog and pony, nose to nose!
  9. Thank you! I definitely love how vibrant everything is too! It's called 'Magic Water' Its a two part epoxy with a 24 hour cure time. It takes dye really well and it can be de-bubbled with CO2. Apparently it weakens the surface tension causing the bubbles to rise and pop by blowing across the surface once or twice for the first hour or so I haven't used it yet this way but it's got a long mid stage which is supposed to allow you to set thing in the resin so they look like they are floating
  10. I think checking the door in the room the furthest away from the tarp would be the best choice. if someone is waiting for something to come through the tarp, this is the best way to surprise them!
  11. thanks @Kuroneko! I really loved how this came out. everything seems to have come out well, right down to the blue chunk of Lapis. In my mind Mama had found the stone and loved it so she used It as a marker to use for her nest. my only disappointment was that the clear resin wicked up a lot more than I really wanted to. its hard to see if you aren't right on top of it but the inverted meniscus on the resin edges is much higher than I liked. I also had to go back and repaint a lot of the rocks because the resin migrated up the rocks giving them a wet look I wasn't happy with. But that was a minor gripe, the piece is stunning and it just feels real to me! It really does tell a great story. even the little pseudo-dragon adds to the scene and, even though he was a last minute addition, I think him and his little cave make a great addition to the scene. In my mind, he was basically Mama dragon's baby cam, someone to watch the nest while she went out hunting. the scene was that she had gotten up early to hunt and prepare for the imminent hatching of her children. While she was hunting, she heard the shrill scream of the little guy warning her that her eggs were in jeopardy! She raced back to the nest to discover that the little guy had been chased back to his cave and the thieves were removing the first egg and now she is deciding how to deal with the horrible kidnappers!
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