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  1. Ratticus gets a 16+2 = 18 fort save and a 17, no bonus, con check No power issues If it's going to take us more than a day to get where we're going we should push on a bit but stop well before dark. Setting up camp in the Dark sounds unpleasant
  2. the problem is the price I pay for personal time is not usually worth it. I look away for a week and i come back to the office world with emails from the CEO of a billion dollar company sending hourly emails about what is going on. usually all of these can be stopped with a half hour email... unfortunately this means never looking away...
  3. This vacation thing you speak of..it sounds fun, how do you get it? My favorite period of Dragon. I grew up reading it and still have and read from issue 15 through issue 233. Once 3.5 started getting popular the magazine became less about discovery and more about critique and I got bored and lost interest, but I loved the magazine in its heyday and would drool over the minis and dream about the pbm adventures (mom would never let me subscribe, maybe that's why I'm so fond of the forum games...)
  4. I'm sorry @haldir, it's hard to lose a pet so suddenly and pretty crappy of the vet not to at least have someone see you. My sympathy, Thumper was the most unique bunny I knew and the stories will be missed!
  5. good Job and Congratulations! Wish my wife would take the plunge. she has a couple of really good works but is afraid of rejection so she wont take the final step and seek a publisher. Not one of those issues I can push any harder on so, good for your wife and i hope she enjoys much fame and prestige!
  6. Joe on the other hand, listens to the minimum spiel and then waits patiently for them to leave. he re-emerges to go explore the ship when he has a chance to change into one of his nicer kits (dress merchant marine) and takes the opportunity to wander the ship to find the places they will throw him out of....
  7. Great, and by the time we get there, they'll blow the bridge and I'll be stuck swimming. I do not like the smell of wet fur Ratticus moves at 30ft
  8. those are just the common ones. there is hijacking, mysterious encounter in hyperspace, look we found a new star, look at that phenomena out your side window, aliens ate my baby and plenty of others but the setup of skeleton crew, new computer, new stuff in old ship, super powered drives all point down the path of the first two. that doesnt mean I am not enjoying the surprise or what this is working to. But given Joe's life and experience, he is expecting something to go wrong. it always does. and then there is the artifact in his pocket that may or may not come into play.....
  9. hey a trip on a liner for a week is fun for the character but pretty boring for the player, so I figure we are either going to go the "mad AI" route or the "where are we" route. Either one means adventure....
  10. What I got from the PHB and the DMG , thieves tools is not a proficiency. Thieves tools provides a bonus to the slight of hand proficiency when performing specific tasks. I had to spend a lot of time both with the books and with other DMs trying to get the hang of kits and tools. If you found a specific call to use Thieves tools and other kits as separate proficiency, please let me have the location in the rules because I missed it completely. True but if the door is that stuck you may as well point the barbarian or fighter at it and get it unstuck 😀 To be fair it also i
  11. Certainly worth looking at. I really dont need more minis at the moment, but the bookish dragon and some of the others are hard to pass up.
  12. So really what it sounds like is, if I want to create a wizard character, it is far better to pick up training in slight of hand (not a bad trait for wizards in general) and just ignore the knock spell unless its necessary to pop a lock from a distance or use it as a trap to draw monsters in. The effect seems a little ridiculous, but it can be used (hide 60 feet away, cast knock, see who comes running and get the drop on them from behind). Its just important to know about. And I should post a picture later but the sound is not in my version of the PBH, so it would be good to kn
  13. Hmmm almost experimental military tech in an ancient liner that isn't quite finished yet.... Nice setup, I will be interested to see where this one goes (plotwise and in actual travel). Good job so far. Joe is excited and curious but also pretty sure he will never see this sector of space again... which is fine by him!
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