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  1. @Clearman box received. Hopefully I will have time to open it tomorrow!
  2. Voting shipwreck and discovering what is out at the point before moving deeper inland. May as well know what's behind us
  3. Does anyone have any suggestions for stopping those big bed adjustment dials on the Ender from unwinding during a print? mine keep unscrewing themselves. i probably need to lower the z stop so i can put more tension on the bed but that is a job for the future. however, since i have to make adjustments, loctite is not an option. thanks
  4. that or you open the box and nothing comes out until you smack the box a few times, then all the pieces come flying out at once covering the table, chairs and floor!
  5. i wonder if that takes more or less time. i might have to give that a try right now a 4x4 cottage takes 21 hours of build time. Seriously considering making molds for the rooftops and gluing them together
  6. fortunately, I havent seen too many Terrain patreons out there. Minis I am pretty sated on and Filament printers dont do to well with small things anyway. terrain on the other hand...
  7. They are all great but I adore the feedback painted like a badger! It's great! Nice job on everything I think that will look great for display or combat
  8. I have always run these with only the outline to get flow going (a skirt if i have my jargon right. On the Prusa I get a some droopy lines on the rest fill level but it's don after that. I don't know what the Ender will do until it completes but I agree 100% with the no support rule you would just get a solid brick. I was considering a raft without supports though that might make it easier to separate from the Prusa build plate My problems with invisible films stem from fat dragon roof and gable tiles. Though I may see if I can modify the roof setup to print all at once rather than those thin roof sections.
  9. Well the print was finished. Need to figure out better supports for the Prusa and also modify the model if ibwant to try it again. On to the most irritating prints (to me at any rate) some fat dragon buildings. The floors take forever to print (4x4 floor take 3-5 hours and the wall sections are tricky to get to stick because they are tall and narrow. But it's a good test of the level of the bed and how easy it is to remove material from the bed.
  10. The prusa is supposed to use a program called prusa slicer. which has worked okay right up until when it doesnt. I have used Cura before but it was for simple stuff a long time ago
  11. of course the next challenge is getting the software to cooperate. when I try to make the cut the entire program just shuts down. Ah, Prusa such a wonderful product.
  12. Oh, that is so frustrating. 3/4 through 30 hour print i suffered a power blip. the ender print may recover but the prusa has no recovery function. going to try and figure out what layer it was on and see if i can modify the print to make a second half
  13. Maybe it is now. The PLA I have (from 2016) is all marked with print temperatures from 210-220 deg C. Maybe the formulations have changed over the last 4 years (I cannot believe how much time has passed, I did not realize until I was looking at filament on Amazon that the last time i had bought filament was in 2016.) I am going to guess that there has been a formulation change. i tried a quick print on the ender at 200 with the old filament and print was very stringy. I increased the temperature to 210 and the print was much better. on the new filament for the Ender I was running at 200 deg c without any problems
  14. So we awake the following morning and Arune gets up early to study his spells and get breakfast ready, bringing some morning tea out to the last watch to see if anything happened in the night.
  15. Relax @Glitterwolf, think calm thoughts... breath... listen to some new age jazz... the last time you got that excited it took weeks to get the glitter out of the tread!
  16. Okay, which one is the nightmare fuel? the one on the right looks like it just ate the baby at the all you can eat baby buffet and is now trying to come up with the energy to escape. That is one creepy toy!
  17. It has been a really great holiday weekend! Got both my 3d printers up and running, successful prints on both. Got the porch cleaned up and most of the last bit of painting done. Got shopping done for the week, got to sleep late, had an awesome DnD session on Sunday, and had friends over for dinner to just chat and catch up. Only downside was it rained so we couldn't spend much time on the porch but the actual get together was great and felt like normal. And i still have 2 days of vacation left, a 2 day work week and then back to weekend! Hope everyone had a good weekend, Its been a long time since i felt like i was doing something right or normal.
  18. test hedgehog completed. Test dog completed. now we are trying a bed sized print on the ender to check bed level. its a 4 part circular temple. Makes a great mini staging area. 17 hour print though. Prusa is 10 hours into a 30 hour print job of a starship. On a complete side note: the ender head runs a lot cooler than my prusa. i have to be at least at 210 (preferably 215) for the prusa to print but the ender is doing just fine at 200. Just different calibrations or something else? tomorrow aught to see some interesting progress. Very happy with the weekend. Hoping the rest of vacation goes as well Thanks again everyone for your help and patience. Because of you guys i have 2 running printers.
  19. both printers are running. I may have challenged the Prusa. Its at 3 hours of run time and only 10% completed...
  20. All I get is my annual 'please dont even try' notification...
  21. My Ender is starting its first test print success for weekend! both printers back on line!
  22. Depends on the board. A little stain and that sort of thing makes a real nice sideboard What on the agenda for the film fest?
  23. Nice work! Though it seems to be the fate of blue dragons to wind up as zombies. Not sure why but people, including myself, seem to make their zombie dragons blue...
  24. Very well done! Really looks like a rhino beetle specimen. I like your shell work nicely iridescent without being over the top.
  25. @WhiteWulfe I think you have the right idea but i am waiting until I am completely comfortable with my filament printers before starting in on resin. eventually (like in 2 weeks) i have to start traveling again and the way it looks, these are going to be car trips so 2 week specials and i hope to have some standard prints i can set up for the family to run while im away but i have to be able to troubleshoot. Good luck to you the resin stuff looks really cool but i hear big pieces can be a challenge S as for my Prusa The test hedgehog worked! I
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