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  1. Glad to hear it wasnt a lot worse. I hope your neighbors recover quickly. even small fires can be really scary
  2. Kangaroorex

    Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    I am an amateur observer to be sure but KD:M seemed to proceed the whole legacy action. Also Oathsworn, Day Night Z, and to some extent even Gloomhaven and Rangers of Shadowdeep seem to have that deep dark story combined with a good chance of failure and a story that reveals itself along with gorgeous artistry and many unanswered questions than help rather than detract from the story. I'm not the expert but that feel wasn't there before KDM and now it is part of the toolbox of game systems, adding a new genre to the gaming environment. It also was one of the very first to have a game that pretty much made the players commit to 60+ hours to play that wasnt a war simulation (wargames had that pinned down decades ago -- im looking at you War in the Pacific!) Those are my thoughts
  3. Hey, don't get crabby, sometimes you just have to eel the joke. maybe they want a different venue: Lettuce entertain you!
  4. Yes! be Alert. Europe needs more lerts! some of us are anglers lighting the way. Others are just floundering in a sea of puns
  5. Hey! you got your brass pun in our drum puns! Keep this up and someone will use some really bass comment to move from music to fishing... you know: just for the Halibut!
  6. *doesn't even attempt save* Apparently they have their marching orders: they are to go out there and snare some business!
  7. Yes, the only problem is I'm really not good at this management thing and I have only conjecture and hearsy to work with. Ad to that mix the fact that I haven't seen the behaviour in person and the person making the accusations is doing it as a whisper campaign and refuses to admit anything publicly and you have a great recipe for a headache. I have to try and find a solution that keeps everyone working towards keeping the plant running without kicking everyone in the ego, which was my first impulse. Management is not my first choice. I got cornered into the job trying to improve the efficiency of the group. Then the management was restructured and the new management seems to believe that the weight of your words is directly dependent on the number of underlings you have. I'm the last of the top core engineering group that actually wields any power and still actually does any engineering the rest have either been put out to pasture or retired. Unfortunately, I'm too young to retire and too stubborn to just accept my lot. And to be perfectly honest, too scared to look for a new job when I have an illness that can terminate me in a couple of years if it escapes control. I do like most of my job and I would love things to go back to the way things were but that's the past and this is now. I just need to find a new path that works. I really appreciate the sounding board. I just wish people would quit with the politics and just do their jobs.
  8. Well, I thought I was getting tomorrow of but 30 hours of phone meetings and conference calls says otherwise. I'd complain to somone at work but they would probably want to have a meeting about it! Maybe I can make enough progress in the morning to take the afternoon off... Of course that requires the latest squabblers make peace. I've got one person who's ego can't let them admit they make a mistake and another who is bound and determined to prove the first person does. Of course the issues in question are all fixed in 10 minutes but the blame game goes on for months. I would really like people to stop worrying about other people's business and just get some work done. Sorry for the rant but one of the affected parties is one of my subordinates so I have to keep my temper an not tell them all they are acting like 1st graders fighting about a stolen cookie.
  9. You are forgiven. the hamster will be sated. you might be stuck with the flag glitter though, I may have used a little glue.... Its the truth sing it loud! Its how they make sure engineers never achieve perfection. They bump us into management before we actually do anything truly amazing. I avoided the curse of management for 10 years, then it fell in my lap and I have never recovered...
  10. Ooof, that is quite the pressure drop! no wonder you have a bit of wind. I miss those type of storms. When the winds get that high out here, everybody starts worrying about tornados so they are never just fun to listen to the storm and the wind howl and tell scary stories to. I feel for the those on ships when one of those comes in though, those are a rough ride! I like it but I would have the gods gift her with some sort of delay to the healing spells: maybe they have to leave her aura before they activate, maybe there is a short term illusion that triggers and keeps them from noticing until they leave or until a time expires. that way you can keep them guessing about the source of the healing. Consider the entertainment available if, by chance, they get attacked by something only to realize they have been healed and start chasing certain gang members to attack them so they can be healed... and of course it doesn't work because that's not the source. then something else works. you can have a lot of fun with this and all the time they are visiting with the old lady because she's helping them with information. With luck it can be multiple sessions before they connect the two... ***Grabs glitterwolf up and rubs him down with red white and yellow flag glitter*** Let the little hamster sleep! He has work now! you can get your bones information tomorrow.... if you're nice and bring the hamster bacon and coffee... Oooooohhh! kiddies acting like kender. I have one of those too! with time and patience you can tune them out. learn the secrets of timed grunts and nods. it works very well to make them think they are being paid attention to without having to do so.
  11. Kangaroorex

    Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    Well, as usual its a mixed bag of news. So many new and beautiful things, but such a long timeframe to get them done. I have always treated this as more of an art expression than an actual product of a game. Poots and his team work to make the masterpiece they want to express, not meet the deadlines. If it takes longer, it just does. Its nice work if you can get it, but I don't think anyone will complain about the final product (unless we all pass from old age before its completed) when it finally arrives. a lot of his game mechanics drive other games and companies to do more and create better things so even the material that is slow to be realized in KD:M does cast its reflections in the gaming world. Besides, I haven't finished our first campaign yet. it will be a while before I need new stuff!
  12. unfortunately one is usually a direct result of the other. and it usually works in both directions. good luck and I hope you feel better. Naw, that's just Smoke--Doggie--Dog practicing his stage entrance!
  13. My response to this sounded much funnier in my head. I think I will leave it that way. needless to say, someone is very confused right now.
  14. Kangaroorex

    Maledrakh's 77329 Silver Dragon

    Wow, In under an hour! I'm deeply impressed. and very jealous! Nice job!
  15. That power word sounds fishy.
  16. Dems close to fightin' words! don't go starting a metal vs resin argument here In all seriousness. most of the high end sculpts, be they metal or resin are usually excellent but all may need a little help fitting together at the joints (The number of bubbles and thin spots I have had to fill on resin models could fill a tube or two of greenstuff) Perhaps its because i work with resin every day (making it for the wood industry) that i find no joy in working with it although i realize that in larger scales it is the better medium to work with.
  17. Kangaroorex

    Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood

    Sigh, I give, I'm in for the game and minis. I did speak to them at Gen Con and they the plan they told me was that the game is done. From what i saw and what they said, it sounds like they are well funded and well backed. the only real concerns i have for the KS are purely logistic, and i love this style of soft RPG so once i saw that it looked to be complete, I was pretty much committed. I better not get hit by a bus. I have way too many storyline games to play through. I just need the time to play them! They Said that the design was done and everything was laid out. If I were to guess; they are running faster than planned and have the minimum funds they need to make everything but if they go too fast they will run out of stretch goals before they run out of time on the kickstarter. having your final reveal 15 days in usually means the KS buzz goes flat from there on out. If you only have a fixed number of goals and dont want to over promise but do want reveals throughout the kickstarter, the daily reveal may be the best option.
  18. Kangaroorex

    Crowley's Almaran the Gold

    Nice color choices. I love the blue and you did a great job with getting a really smooth and buttery gold tone from the metallics!
  19. Kangaroorex

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    That is a pretty cool ship! Hopefully incan finish my wooden one before it shows up at my doorstep...
  20. @Unruly. Sorry to hear about your sisters issues. It's really hard when a parent doesn't live up to expectations and harder too not to let that weigh down the children. I will keep you all close I'm my thoughts. In other news I can cross yet another screwup off my bucket list. (I think, could have been somone else but if i step up we avoid the witch hunt) Was working at a plant and managed to trigger a product delivery system when the truck wasn't there. Unfortunately somone was there before me and defeated all the safeguards. The delivery device in question was a 2 inch hose. I pretty much painted the entire delivery bay with red resin. For better or worse it's an automated bay so no one was there to get sprayed (no one wants to be covered in glue, even if it's non toxic.) And we got it all cleaned up but 13000 pounds of goo is a new record for me. Now this next week will be the part I dread. The inevitable meetings and paperwork. Sigh: I suppose I must. Pay for my sins. And although it sounds impressive, the loss was less than 500 USD even if we scrap it all. Benefits of making a commodity i guess. About the worst punishment will be the ribbing I'm in for if I don't die of boredom from the meetings... The fact that we packed in 20 days of work and testing in a 4 day week non-withstanding.... Oh, and Canada: keep your cold weather, I got a taste this week. I don't want any....
  21. Kangaroorex

    CAV Secret Santa 2019

    I'll play again. Maybe this year the postal service won't decide they want it more than the recipient.
  22. Micro reapercon box is also away and wending it's way to Arc724
  23. Hope you feel better. Now for the important question: did stallone own a deli and was rye or the Kaiser playing in the background when you did it?
  24. Interesting. I didn't think main coon and little could be used in the same sentence. She is pretty though. Almost is right. When my father was living with us he insisted on keeping his old daschund alive was past the point where kindness dictated otherwise. We kept it as clean as possible but as soon as he moved into a nursing home we took the poor fellow to his final get trip and the chair went on the curb. Twice the chair was taken... Twice the chair was returned (it's the returned part that was strange) Good luck on your move. It can be fun but it's a lot of work! I hope everything goes smoothly.
  25. Much to the hamster's distress, this worked for my brother too. Now he only does decaf and regular coffee on very special occasions. He had Chest pains and some arrhythmia. this all went away with the cessation of caffeine (he had to give up cola too...) I second this, especially if you have the paid sick days to do it. A day of rest now lessens the chance of relapse later in the week. Rob