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  1. So brim, asgrim , Nic, and Morgan at the end?
  2. Nic is behind the guys in heavy armor all the way!
  3. I would think there is not much up but we should go that way first to prevent surprises later
  4. I love It. Dog and pony, nose to nose!
  5. Thank you! I definitely love how vibrant everything is too! It's called 'Magic Water' Its a two part epoxy with a 24 hour cure time. It takes dye really well and it can be de-bubbled with CO2. Apparently it weakens the surface tension causing the bubbles to rise and pop by blowing across the surface once or twice for the first hour or so I haven't used it yet this way but it's got a long mid stage which is supposed to allow you to set thing in the resin so they look like they are floating
  6. I think checking the door in the room the furthest away from the tarp would be the best choice. if someone is waiting for something to come through the tarp, this is the best way to surprise them!
  7. thanks @Kuroneko! I really loved how this came out. everything seems to have come out well, right down to the blue chunk of Lapis. In my mind Mama had found the stone and loved it so she used It as a marker to use for her nest. my only disappointment was that the clear resin wicked up a lot more than I really wanted to. its hard to see if you aren't right on top of it but the inverted meniscus on the resin edges is much higher than I liked. I also had to go back and repaint a lot of the rocks because the resin migrated up the rocks giving them a wet look I wasn't happy with. But that was a minor gripe, the piece is stunning and it just feels real to me! It really does tell a great story. even the little pseudo-dragon adds to the scene and, even though he was a last minute addition, I think him and his little cave make a great addition to the scene. In my mind, he was basically Mama dragon's baby cam, someone to watch the nest while she went out hunting. the scene was that she had gotten up early to hunt and prepare for the imminent hatching of her children. While she was hunting, she heard the shrill scream of the little guy warning her that her eggs were in jeopardy! She raced back to the nest to discover that the little guy had been chased back to his cave and the thieves were removing the first egg and now she is deciding how to deal with the horrible kidnappers!
  8. that is a great idea and addition for the color and use of the goblins. It took me a while to see this as skin color variation though. when I looked at it, I first thought that the green was the goblins favorite outfits and with time the outfits had developed holes.
  9. very nice color choice on the oxidation colors! I may have to use this on the bronze and brass dragons currently sitting on my shelf.
  10. nice greys on the suit! I have always struggled to prevent my grays looking like modified primer, I like what you did with that.
  11. Show off pictures up! https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/94903-clutch-of-fear/
  12. I am not good at telling stories on paper. my mind races far ahead of where the story wants to go and I never get it right so I will let the diorama tell itself. this is an original copy of the Clutch of Fear produced by Ral Partha in the early 1990s. The piece is high lead content. so soft infact that without some strategic pinning the joints fail (or so I have been told). The basic story is that 2 egg thieves come to relieve a mother dragon of one of her eggs and she comes back early catching them just as they are leaving. The setting on the box seems to be some type of sulfur spring or volcanic hot spring and I get the impression of stillness of morning broken only by the shriek of an enraged mother. I went pretty classic on this one, going with the red dragon and robin blue eggs like the box art but decided that the spines and chest plates should be more contrast than the slightly darker red of the box. I took the original base pieces included in the box and expanded them to a small diorama of a hotspring using Magic water, a transparent epoxy to create the water around the spring. The resin developed a little bit of a lip at the edge but I wasn't willing to cut it down and risk the clarity of the water by trying to sand and polish the resin. (its more rubbery that solid and difficult to polish -- I tried on two sample pieces and it didn't work out well.) anyway the WIP is here if your interested: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/94482-a-new-year-a-new-old-dragon/ and here are the images of the final project. Hope everyone has as much fun looking as I did creating this. Feel free to comment and question away as always. The project was a lot of fun and the they got the expression of the egg thief who is looking back to see an enraged mother dragon bearing down on him just about right! One shot from the human's perspective to give an idea of the trouble they are in.... And one from a mothers perspective as she hones in on the ones who are trying to steal her precious eggs!
  13. Sure! And it's mainly to draw out the flavor. We can generate the character on line like you wanted.
  14. No worries. I am already running a vargar medic elsewhere. If you don't mind, I'll run one through the traveller lifepath to see what he winds up as. Then I can choose the template from there. Personally I would go with 150 points and let the lower size templates pick a second small template like a colonist doctor or a capitalist diplomat to add some skills and make generation easier. Not perfect but it will probably work. But whatever you decide is fine.
  15. May have to steal your color scheme for a sea monster on my shelf of shame... Looking really good!
  16. Beagles live for food! It's their defining trait. Every one we have ever have would risk life and limb of herself and the pack (family) to get at a half eaten hotdog! To keep our beagles weight down I remember using a lot of exercise, including digging. Our first beagle loved to dig so we had an area of the yard for him to dig in (it was also for us kids...) dad would use a post hole digger to put a hot dog in the ground at various depths where Fred could see it. Fred would then spend hours digging up the hotdogs. With beagles we needed to use food as a motivator to keep them trim! Might be a bad or old starter. You mentioned it but it bears repeating. I had an older car and had a 4 foot iron rod to reach the starter with. It would get stuck (turn the key, get a click and nothing else) I got pretty good at using the rebar to smack the starter just right to loosen up the starter solenoid With us the hobbies are different but the effect is the same: Me: I'm going to order some new dragon minis! My wife: that reminds me, I want some alpaca wool... That's a good start.... You can't win against people with nothing to lose I don't see how the onion affects the internet. I've triggered toxic gas alarms but never stopped the flow of electrical impulses. I love onions but they don't always agree with my medications and digestive tract This o can get behind! One of the neater things (from a DM's point of view at least) in the lost worlds campaign setting are false healing potions. They apparently give you health but in reality they lower the players max hp by 2d8 without letting them know. They also last until the end of the next rest period. So not only do you have players thinking they have 8-10 more hp than they really do, they wake up with hp missing from the night thinking they're being stalked by some kind of blood sucker....
  17. i'd give it a shot. My starfinder game has sort of stalled so I would be happy to be a player. Ratticus Maus, engineer for hire: You break it, I'll make it!
  18. how many points are you looking to start at?
  19. once you learn the rules, you can do a lot with the system. I think the biggest failing of the system is that its hard for a group that doesn't have anyone who knows the system well to get involved with the system and since there really isn't a lot of campaign/scenario material I have found for it, it doesn't get a lot of new adherents to the system. Like a number of systems I know, it will always be there and it will always have people who love it, but they are a relatively closed group and it will never be the next DnD or even CoC but it will never fade away unsupported into the either neither
  20. the biggest problem we always had with deadlands is making everything work in the plot. we usually wound up with a Cthulhu-isk BBEG at the end trying to destroy the world because most of the time any lesser "evil" plan left the world in a better place than where we started. We had one game where the BBEG was a leader who was using evangelizing in the name of god to hypnotize and pacify the town and surrounding area. the group was supposed to eliminate him and return freedom to the town. In the mean time there were a lot (and I mean A LOT) of bandit groups and smaller bad guys around, most likely there to give the group the experience they needed to take out the BBEG. That was the plan. What actually happened was the party began smuggling the good citizens out of the town and freeing them from the hypnosis and tricking the smaller bandit parties into the BBEG's (I think his name was Jerome) sphere if influence where they would be hypnotized and trapped into working to the good of the town. By the time they were done, 2 new towns were created, and the BBEG's town had essentially become a local prison ward. They worked with the stagecoach and rail line to have the trains and coaches carrying valuables to wear earplugs and ride down through the town spur or main street to shake off robbers. In the end, they actually had to defend the BBEG's town from marshals twice to keep the status quo and prevent all the bandits from escaping. It was a bit of a weird scenario but not unusual for our deadlands experience
  21. Weird. Maybe he's nervous about putting that much load/responsibility on someone he isn't paying and has no control over? He could also want more control over the running of the groups and he's afraid you wont use the sales/marketing material he wants to use. Im just guessing but there could be reasons he feels important, but it would have been nice for him to explain it first.
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