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  1. Canned elder god. Really, its not a marketable product!!! 🤪 Serously though, this is terrific! i love the idea and the concept and you did a great job bringing it to life Actually, i think its more plastic 😁. And i think those guards are going to need a lot of plastique!
  2. thanks everyone for the great comments. the three primaries wind up in a lot of the things I do and they seem to play well together as long as there is some buffer between them. The eyes are complements of the instructions from Scale 75. They have great instructions for doing very specific things.
  3. ⁸You mean one of these And one of these? I'm not sure how they Would involved...
  4. I really like this mini! You did a great job on the skin and the pig. Your worn on the pig's eye is also really cool!
  5. Well had our church management meeting tonight, there's another 120 minutes of my life I won't get back. At 54 I'm the second youngest on the council but do you think one one them will stop whining about spending unnecessary money to listen to the fact that they are being had? The webservice we use wants to sell them a license for 365, which is over priced but it's quick. This, comes with 100tb of one drive space. The kicker is they then want to spend an equal amount of money on "cloud" storage because they won't have any.... and my choices are do it for them or watch this farce happen. Am I missing something? This tops off my day of a 3 hr meeting at work where the client spent the entire time arguing about a design until they eventually designed the system I proposed at the startkf the meeting. The to top it off the lead engineer says that it's a good thing we had this discussion or we would have gone with the design my company proposed... I think the only ones who got too see the eclipse in North America were the people in the southwest. In our area it went from mostly clear to completely oudy in the 30 minutes leading up to the eclipse! My mother always said that they stopped at 2 children. Because they couldn't change from man-on-man to zone defense without a heavy investment in the liquor industry!
  6. First diorama I've done since I've been I was ill this winter. Although I have been doing a lot of reminiscing and wishing, which is what this piece is about. I have at least one of all the Burrows & Badgers range from Oathsworn and one of the parts I like is thst ao many or their miniatures can be used for non-dnd or domestic scenes. I also finally found a use for the stable piece from the Reaper nativity scene. I built an actual stable for that sp I had thst bit left over and it worked pretty well here. I could explain it but I'm hoping the piece speaks for itself. Hope you.all enjoy I find tje affect the best when staring through the portal...
  7. I guess I am just not OCD enough. the scale difference between 28mm and 32mm is just not enough for me to care. 25 to 32 is enough to make me think they are on the shorter end of the scale and many of my old grenadier minis have been repurposed to halflings and gnomes. My only gripe with Bones 5 was the Dragons. the initial prints were significantly larger and i was a little disappointed with just huge minis rather than gargantuan. I know it doesnt really matter but I paint dragons mostly for display rather than play and I like the bigger platform.
  8. Doctors say this to me and other cancer and Addison patients all the time. Being above your average weight is important when body systems can shut down and leave you unable or unwilling to eat for a couple of weeks!
  9. This style of LED came out a few years ago. Each of thos bars is an extra wide LED unit (or dozens of micro LEDs, could be either, and they produce the image of a long filament. There's a more powerful version they use in replacements for the long halogen bulbs you find in work and commercial spotlights Have some fresh raspberries!
  10. Am I the only nerd here who recognizes those as plastic bulbs and an LED light set? they wont break and even if they did they would still be illuminated. (sorry, it was bugging me...) 😜
  11. thanks for looking! What can I say, I'm a child of the 70s. oriental dragons are either festival colored or neon.... I chose to go with festival colors on this one. He joins the dragon of the Sea (green/blue), air (white/blue/purple) and earth (Green/yellow). All of them as close to neon as I can get them. He's pretty tame in comparison...
  12. Another piece down. This is the Chinese dragon from the oriental expansion in bones 5. And proof that dragons look funny from the wrong angle
  13. Good to have you back painting again Those look pretty cool 😜
  14. Cool concept! Nice work bringing it to life
  15. That sounds like great news. Good luck to her and I will keep you and her in my thoughts.
  16. the other holiday for today: May the 5th be with you! everyone responsibly enjoy some spirited beverages!
  17. Nice! I like the group. Definitely and old school adventuring group off to raid a killer megadungeon somewhere! The pole man and the wizard are my favorites!
  18. Thanks! I don't know what is in my worlds deserts but all of my blue dragons seem to need both ambush and protective camouflage! I appreciate the c9mpliment. I was going to do just a fade from dark ti light bottom to top but the scales were so well defined and sharp I couldn't resist. The dragon has three sets of blues, the scales are the ocean triad, the back and belly scales are the indigo triad and the wings are the sky triad. I really like how the set came out. It's nice to paint something though it's still taking me more time and I can't paint for as long as I used to. Hopefully it will continue to get better! Thanks, Im glad you like him, I try to give all my dragons a flash of contrast, I like the effect and it seems more realistic The Sculpt is from the Bones 5 kickstarter but he doesn't have a number yet. It's one of the 5 extra dragons. I think he was supposed to be white but the base and scales screamed BLUE so he became a blue desert dragon Thanks! Good to be actually finishing something this year. It's been a rough one and I'm hoping this is a sign that things are returning to normal!
  19. I guess I was supposed to see snow on the base but I saw desert and I competed this dragon as a blue More importantly this is the first mini I have really started and finished since the new year. It has been a rough ride and this feels like a trend back to normal. So I hope you like him!
  20. @Green Eyed Monster I'm really hoping we don't have to got there again. The rampent inflation was bad but i dont know if i can handle cheap polyester clothing all over again! Setuously this inflation and repeated shortages is terrible on both a personal and professional level. I really don't want to so the 80s job hop every 2 years to keep up with inflation! @Inarah. Sorry to hear about the router it's a pain to diagnose and can be a pain to get your provider to recognize! Hope everyone is well over there!
  21. You all have too much time and not enough space! Most of my painted, nonmilitary figures are on display in glass ikea cabinets and my military stuff is in plano lure boxes. My unpainted stuff is mainly in file cabinets... unmarked file cabinets. I relt on my memory to find stuff You have an adorable and very patient cat!
  22. Yea! Baby dinos for the win! Nice work on the nest, it looks dinoriffic!
  23. Great job on the griffin! I really like the eyes and the wing patter looks phenomenal on him. I still have one of these In a box somewhere and may have to bring it out for a try. The weight of the old minis can bring out the wrist braces in the best of us but I wouldn't gove.them.up. Thanks for sharing!
  24. Its a christmas crew! Nicely done and really bright and showy. Love the red especially. Good Job!
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