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  1. 2 hours ago, ManvsMini said:

    I bit the bullet this weekend and ordered a Neptune 3. Theoretically it should be here sometime this month. So I don't have much info to contribute yet, but hopefully it turns out as a pleasant experience. The auto bed leveling was what pushed me towards it instead of the Ender line, plus the price point. Split the cost with my brother.

    I'll be interested to hear what you receive.  the examples of neptunes that I saw required quite a bit of assembly but there could be other options out there. 


    I wish you better luck with auto-leveling than I had.  My personal favorite is the Ender v2 which has manual and auto leveling so when the auto leveling fails you can continue printing (another feature not provided by Prusa --- yes I really do not like that company.)  


    Good luck and welcome to the world of 3d printing!

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  2. 9 hours ago, PaganMegan said:

    Elegoo's customer service is good.


    Creality was absolutely terrible.

    I suppose it depends on what you want.  I never had problems with the crealty to need customer service.  The Neptune looks like a fine model as long as you like a diy kit.  I hat the ender up and printing in 20 minutes.  It's all in your experience I guess.  People swear by prusa but I've found their support stuck up and unable to ha dle anything not on a checklist and heaven forbid you ask questions about design choices.


    In the end you really shouldn't have problems with any of the basic printers (ender, Neptune, ender clones)  the fancier you get the more problems you risk.  At the same time those features can also make printing easier.


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  3. I've seen that one.  Maybe I should have been more specific.  I'm looking for a tapestry unicorn in a position that has some action or pose that differentiates it from a horse with a lions tail attached.  Most of the tapestries picture the unicorn as more cat-like in pose than horse like and that's what I am trying unsuccessfully to capture.  My son is good enough with 3d cad and blender programs to change the tail and thin out the figure.  It's that cat like pose while still retaining the horsey features he can't do and I can't find.  Also looking for someone who's printed one.  





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  4. On 7/5/2022 at 6:18 PM, Olaf the Stout said:

    I’ve just started researching this myself, mainly as I want to print terrain and that’s expensive to do in resin.


    From what I’ve read, the Elegoo Neptune 2S seems to be well regarded for its fairly low cost. They are coming out with a Neptune 3 very shortly.


    Creality was a well regarded brand, but have gone downhill in quality in recent times.


    Prusa are pricier, but are considered one of the best, if not the best, FDM printer brands.

    Personally, I run the ender 3 pro and like it enough that I will probably get another.


    As for Prusa, I have one of those dust collectors sitting on a shelf taking up space.  I have had 5 parts break on it when I was running it, including the fans, the heating element, and the leveling proximity sensor (nothing like having the corner of your print bed snapped off because the head didnt know when to stop.  I have also found their tech support pretty useless unless your problem is something you could have probably figured out yourself.  (It took 2 months for them to finally diagnose that the filament heater had failed and that I didnt have a clog, even after i sent them a boroscope shot showing light through the nozzle.)  overall I am pretty disgusted with them and I find them overpriced and overhyped.  your experience may differ.  


    I bought my Ender 3 because i was disgusted with the prusa and its been running for 4 years without a single problem.


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  5. Hi all, been quiet for a while due to work and other life related issues. 


    Annnd, because, for whatever reason, the off topic section of the forum will not load for me on my phone or on my computers.  I can get to this topic through a notification but I cannot get to any of the other topics in this section and when we move to a new off topic topic, i will lose access to that too.  there does not seem to be anything wrong, the location just will not resolve. the rest of the forum is fine.


    Anyway, if anyone is going to Reapercon, could someone look at the vendor hall and get the contact information of the store that is selling the Warlord game stuff?  looking for a US source for the newer Black Seas stuff.



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  6. Not positive this is the right forum but it's close enough.  After a year of dithering about potential Abell, hazards and other things I finally started printing with my resin printer... snd,, so far the results have been pretty good:received_1137868026776583.thumb.jpeg.efeacba410ece1017d0a02a444d50056.jpeg

    These two came pre supported. I'm still trying to understand some of the island errors I'm getting in the middle of the solid section of the print but I think they cam out pretty well


    And then my first attempt to support one myself



    they also came out better than i had any eight to hope for.


    Now my first multipiece mini is printing and we will see where that goes next but the wings look really good so far.


    Anyway, thanks for looking, comments welcome

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  7. one of my favorite combinations:  Wizard with constitution bonuses!  he gets almost as much hitpoints from his con bonus as he does from his hitdice!


    nice job on thins one.  I need to consider picking this one up.  I like your leatherwork and the cloak



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  8. My opinion is that the base would look good with treasure on it but those gems are way to large for the scale.   I would either find smaller gems or use 1 gem and build a centerpiece or pedestal for it (look up the grenadier dragon of the Month series 1 for example)   in scale those gems are almost the size of a man's torso so even a dragon would.gove them some respect.


    My suggestion  anyway,   I like the dragon,  white is a hard color and I think you pulled it off well.



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  9. I like the overall paint work and I love the hair! The face is really getst too.  Only thing I see is the abdomen looks weird, emaciated or too small for the body.  Just curious if something acted up during the print?  This month I've promised myself thst I am going to actually get the resin printer that's been sitting on my shelf for almost a year up and running!


    I think you did a great job and I really like how the piece came out.

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  10. Canned elder god.  Really, its not a marketable product!!! 🤪


    Serously though, this is terrific!  i love the idea and the concept and you did a great job bringing it to life


    On 2/26/2017 at 4:23 PM, Kendal said:


    Actually, i think its more plastic 😁.  And i think those guards are going to need a lot of plastique!

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  11. thanks everyone for the great comments. the three primaries wind up in a lot of the things I do and they seem to play well together as long as there is some buffer between them.  


    The eyes are complements of the instructions from Scale 75.  They have great instructions for doing very specific things.  

  12. Well had our church management meeting tonight, there's another 120 minutes of my life I won't get back.  At 54 I'm the second youngest on the council but do you think one one them will stop whining about spending unnecessary money to listen to the fact that they are being had?


    The webservice we use wants to sell them a license for 365, which is over priced but it's quick.  This, comes with 100tb of one drive space.  The kicker is they then want to spend an equal amount of money on "cloud" storage because they won't have any....  and my choices are do it for them or watch this farce happen.  Am I missing something? 


    This tops off my day of a 3 hr meeting at work where the client spent the entire time arguing about a design until they eventually designed the system I proposed at the startkf the meeting. The to top it off the lead engineer says that it's a good thing we had this discussion or we would have gone with the design my company proposed...


    On 5/16/2022 at 12:13 AM, Inarah said:

    I hope someone out there has a good view of the moon tonight.  Too many trees and clouds here, but I got a glimpse of something red, maybe the Eye of Sauron. 

    I think the only ones who got too see the eclipse in North America were the people in the southwest.  In our area it went from mostly clear to completely oudy in the 30 minutes leading up to the eclipse!

    13 hours ago, TripleH said:


    My mother always said that they stopped at 2 children. Because they couldn't change from man-on-man to zone defense without a heavy investment in the liquor industry!

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  13. I guess I am just not OCD enough.  the scale difference between 28mm and 32mm is just not enough for me to care.  25 to 32 is enough to make me think they are on the shorter end of the scale and many of my old grenadier minis have been repurposed to halflings and gnomes.


    My only gripe with Bones 5 was the Dragons.  the initial prints were significantly larger and i was a little disappointed with just huge minis rather than gargantuan.  I know it doesnt really matter but I paint dragons mostly for display rather than play and I like the bigger platform.



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  14. 7 hours ago, TGP said:


    Said no Doctor ever !?

    Doctors say this to me and other cancer and Addison patients all the time.  Being above your average weight is important when body systems can shut down and leave you unable or unwilling to eat for a couple of weeks!

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