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  1. "sure. Besides, I am extremely curious to find out what takes a scout ship out and leaves it in one piece.  That is one hardy piece of equipment."  


    Joe will start working with Pita to put together an evaluation survey and start identifying potential fault areas to look into.

  2. Joe looks up and at the ship: "we can probably use the shuttle as a relay between the short range radios, it should certianly have the transmitting and receiving power.  Misss Sarah, Id be grateful if you could keep in direct communciation with both land parties so you will know what is happening and provide cover for both and an emergency rescue should one be required. Hopefully that will keep disasters to a miniumum!"  


    Joe thinks for a minute "if we can get the scout going, its space based weapons make excellent monster deterrents, makes me wonder why they didn't use the old lightning from god gambit to eliminate the beast in the first place."


    He grabs up his kit and (hopefully) one of the ship radios and looks at Crystal, "If you think someone with years of ground and space based scrounging can handle a little spelunking that is.."  with that he breaks out into a big grin and stands waiting for everyone to get started.


    Rob:  I assume the shuttle has no weaponry?




  3. No worries.  Not going anywhere.  take your time and get a little unwound, then come back to this.  Sounds like you have had a heck of a winter so far!




  4. Joe pipes up "you aren't really going to leave me here to guard the shuttle, are you?  I have spent enough time drifting in space for one reason or another that I look forward to spending some of that time actually doing something!"  Joe doesn't really want to think of the number of months spent drifting half a lightyear from destination because the Jump engines failed again or the shady navigator got drunk while plotting a course.  At least this time the ship wound up near a planetary system. 


    "Besides, you need someone with my general skills, i may not be the expert, but i can still get water from the ground or get a starship flying again.  Lets find anyone left and get them safe."

  5. I have been reading the playing section.  i see no issue playing the way you are.  not everything has to be dice rolls and a lot of the best storytelling RPGs I have played in have no dice rolling.  As long as you two are okay with storytelling mode, I am not going to complain!


    Personally I love the flow of what I see but I will be up front:  Crystal thinks  A LOT more than Joe does.  Joe is much more of a 'Poke the bear and see what happens' type guy with his reasoning for poking the bear being 'because it was there'


    I will give you a response this evening.  looking forward to getting back to this!




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  6. On 11/28/2022 at 4:29 PM, haldir said:

    Since I got to see this one or others in person at RCon, I may have to get those + the price isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be either.


    Great work, Andy!!! Love the old school vibe to this one.

    Andy, these are wonderful work and I loved seeing you compose these on the thread.  If they had been cast in metal or been about 50% less expensive i would have the set but the last dragon i paid $50 for stands 12 inches high.  inflation is one thing but this seems excessive for plastic.  I know they are prone to failed casts and limited reuse of the mould but this is a further good reason to not use the material.  


    If they ever release in plastic or metal, I will be first in line, because these are wonderful and I might get still get the white as I really like that sculpt.  


    So kudos to you for doing a wonderful job with the sculpt. 


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  7. Hi to everyone!  sorry if I wigged out for most of this year.  I was dealing with a medical issue that was leaving me with sleeping 14 hours a day and still being tired while holding down a full time job... doesnt leave much time for anything else! (  @Colonel Kane sounds like he has a similar issue, if a bit more hours of work and less illness 🙂)  Anyway, I had a procedure done in November which sort of reset the clock on my illness and i find myself with a lot more energy and ability to concentrate.  If you would welcome me back, i would like to join you again when you get started.


    Also, congratulations on keeping together, even with breaks!  so many of these fall apart in the first 3 months.



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  8. On 8/29/2022 at 2:28 PM, Pegazus said:

    Hey @Kangaroorex, figured you would get a chuckle out of this the most. But others are welcome to boggle at the bizarre world of engineering.


    I am sitting down now to write out detailed engineering instructions on how to properly calibrate a technician’s fingernail to measure the depth of a scratch.


    Talk about high tech!

    I think the penultimate procedure I had to write was either changing an incandescent light bulb or how to use a urinal.  Both wound up being 6 and 10 pages respectively 


    I gotta admit, how to calibrate a fingernail is spectacular! !   Thanks for sharing that.  Bureaucracy is still alive and well I see!


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  9. 7 hours ago, KruleBear said:

    Nice work and cool pose. 

    only thing that I would suggest is dropping the contrasts on the “snacks” yellow shorts.  The black/brown in the creases seems too dark for wet yellow shorts.


    (I never thought I would recommend reducing contrast on a mini). 😲

    I don't know.  The coloring and shading looks pretty good for shorts stained with the usual result of death

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  10. On 8/4/2022 at 5:25 PM, PaganMegan said:

    It was.a missing spring.

    They wanted to charge $30 shipping on a missing spring.

    You got me there.  for ender parts I turn to fleabay or the river.  they are cheap usually easy to figure out and a lot less hassle than trying to get anyone in customer support to care.

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  11. 2 hours ago, ManvsMini said:

    I bit the bullet this weekend and ordered a Neptune 3. Theoretically it should be here sometime this month. So I don't have much info to contribute yet, but hopefully it turns out as a pleasant experience. The auto bed leveling was what pushed me towards it instead of the Ender line, plus the price point. Split the cost with my brother.

    I'll be interested to hear what you receive.  the examples of neptunes that I saw required quite a bit of assembly but there could be other options out there. 


    I wish you better luck with auto-leveling than I had.  My personal favorite is the Ender v2 which has manual and auto leveling so when the auto leveling fails you can continue printing (another feature not provided by Prusa --- yes I really do not like that company.)  


    Good luck and welcome to the world of 3d printing!

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  12. 9 hours ago, PaganMegan said:

    Elegoo's customer service is good.


    Creality was absolutely terrible.

    I suppose it depends on what you want.  I never had problems with the crealty to need customer service.  The Neptune looks like a fine model as long as you like a diy kit.  I hat the ender up and printing in 20 minutes.  It's all in your experience I guess.  People swear by prusa but I've found their support stuck up and unable to ha dle anything not on a checklist and heaven forbid you ask questions about design choices.


    In the end you really shouldn't have problems with any of the basic printers (ender, Neptune, ender clones)  the fancier you get the more problems you risk.  At the same time those features can also make printing easier.


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