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  1. 1 hour ago, Froggy the Great said:

    We have a signed contract to purchase a house we a) can afford in this market and b) really like.

    6 weeks and we're out of my parents' house with our two dogs, two cats, and 11 year-old!


    Now I just have to find all the reams of paper the mortgage guy wants to see.


    congratulations!  Hope everything goes smoothly for you.  

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  2. 16 hours ago, Corsair said:

    Well, I'm sort of back to normal today, at least I'm not taking the "Did you see the dragon in the kitchen?" stuff, so that is an improvement. Strangely, I have a craving for Pop tarts...I haven't had a poptart in decades. At any rate, thanks for the well wishes.


    Sorry to hear about your issues, glad to hear your feeling better. 


    Chronic pain management has been my life for the last decade but, I have never had these interesting reactions to any pain med, other than causing me to babble incessantly (which, some people will tell you, is no different from the norm 😁)  sort of wish i could experience some of this stuff, especially the floating on a cloud all worries gone bit (that would really be nice)


    As for pop-tarts, i go through phases...  probably more often than i should!


    best of luck and I hope you feel even better soon!

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  3. my battlemat workhorses are a set of 4 tablecloth battlemats from Smirking dragon.  I have a plains, ocean, space, and town battlemats.  you can mark them up with tailors chalk and they are completely washing machine safe.  they can handle a 6x8 table or anything smaller and they look pretty good as a table cloth if you need to quickly go from battle to dinner 🙂


    i also have some neoprene battlemats at the 4x3 size from monster fight club that were not too badly priced, an ancient chessex battlemat that has lasted forever but other than the grid looks very plain, and finally a 4x6 laminated mat from amazon that is absolutely the worst.  it has ripples and ridges and i pretty much never use it.


    But if you can get the smirking dragon products, i recommned them.  They are great and really easy to take care of and store!

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  4. I'm not taking the class so this input is of Mixed utility, However, learning how to plan to make 50 goblins all different and organize that would be worth some amount of conversation.  Planning 1 is inspiration, planning for  50 is a lot different!  Maybe something to talk about while the paint dries?

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  5. I am probably the only real interest in black seas but I do hope you being along a starter set.  Would love to play a few rounds and see if I'm missing anything.  Also, I wanted to ask about the possibility of clipper ships and potential rules for them.  I would also like to see the tireme and galleys in play.


    But I'm willing to give the other systems a try as well.

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  6. Well Phooey.  my company has been promising me an assistant and apprentice for years.  Then they discover someone who they want to retain and all the barriers fall aways, then the person decides to take another job.  


    I just hope that since the position now exists officially they will let me continue to recruit for it.  I could use someone to help out  and it would be nice to go on vacation for more than 1 day without spending 2-3 hours on the phone with work.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Sirithiliel said:


    i think it was 09091 golden shadow if i remember correctly, with 29825 tusk ivory over it, and dragon white brushed over that scale by scale, and more heavily on the lit side so that it's more white than the shadow side, where i left a lot of the ivory in place


    Appreciate it!  I have the Wizkids White gargantuan dragon and I have been dragging my heels over how to paint that one.  I like your idea and will probably steal it.


    Have a great weekend!

  8. Very nice.  also thank you for tackling my nemesis the white dragon in a new way. (blacks and whites, they are so difficult for me to do well!)


    What are you using to outline the scales?  the bone chest scales look like they are sepia but I cant place the color for the recess around the scales themselves.  its a nice contrast without losing the white tone of the dragon.

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  9. On 7/31/2021 at 6:14 PM, Arkady said:

    Eh, that kind of passage is exactly why I'm saying Traveller's high society seems modeled after the puritanical fiction than an upper class wedding necessarily carries an expectation of faithfulness. I get the sense the author is completely unawares that historically, the practice of marital monogamy is meaningless in gauging whether social and sexual monogamy are also the norm, particularly among the nobility/gentry - and that fleshing out a fictional society properly requires explicitly addressing those topics one way or the other.


    Take Dune: Frank Herbert's empire absolutely has marital monogamy, but does not carry an expectation of social or sexual monogamy; concubinage is quite normal. (I don't recall the books going into whether social/sexual polyandry is equally common, however.)


    Anyways, I take it you're going with "all-in" monogamy being the norm, and Crystal certainly isn't the kind of history buff who might point out that one can argue Lord Byron served as a cicisbeo in Italy, so technically it's a time-honored practice even from a stick-up-the-butt English perspective. Okay, I'll have to think about how she'll respond in that context.


    lack of a multimarital and complicated relationship system often results in the accidental death of one or more partners followed by many, many siblings.  bullets and a high class ticket to the other side of the galaxy are usually a lot cheaper than a divorce.


    On 8/3/2021 at 1:40 PM, Colonel Kane said:

    It might be next week before I get to make a post. This week is going to be very busy for me. sheep auction today work the next two days and then family vacation for the next two or three after that.... I am tired just typing all that. 

    take your time, I'm in no rush

  10. i really wish they would provide wiring diagrams for the ones that have lighting.  some of the crystal caverns are pretty but i have lights that dont work in them.  I dont want the bother of sending them back to DF but if they could provide diagrams as to how they are wired, i could fix loose connections and replace bad bulbs.  a few of the crystal caverns pieces have two circuits in them with some common wiring.  it makes diagnosis difficult and getting DF to admit to even sending a bad battery or telling you what indicates a low battery (the piece flickers red and will not respond to the remote, if anyone is interested...) is very difficult


    I have always loved their stuff and have bought quite a bit of the dwarvenite (the first forest stuff they did was just out of this world.  I love it and use it almost constantly as either gaming or display background.  But, in all honesty, it has become too expensive for met to justify getting more.  Not everyone shares my view but, until either the kickstart prices or the list price drops, i have all of their stuff that i am going to get.



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  11. N-never really had a problem. W-with t-that, I sit and if s-someone t-tells me to m-move I st-tare at them until t-they go away. It w-works b-but doesn't make me many friends with the st-taff' He says with a lopsided grin.


    'Wrench, if your not busy, a pan galactic gargle blaster would be appreciated' if we're going t-to the end of t-the universe, I may as well arrive in style!'

  12. 9 hours ago, kristof65 said:

    You're right, it flusters them - I had forgotten that at one point I was getting tons of "Windows Tech Support" scam calls. I got one call where I misunderstood what he said at first, and thought it was one of my customers calling for support, so I asked him for his site name and how he would be paying.  I then realized he was a scammer, but kept up with the routine of asking for a credit card before I would continue the service call.  I got transferred to his "supervisor" who realized I was messing with them, got mad and hung up.   After that, anytime I'd get one of those calls, I'd ask for the credit card, and they'd hang up immediately.   Haven't gotten one of those types in years, though, and I never thought about using the credit card ploy on other types of scam calls. 



    This is precisely why I don't play computer games much any more. 


    truthfully that was the point.  I wanted to go dive into a game where i can forget the world and deal with simple solvable problems laid out in front of me with irritating people i can shoot or damage if i get annoyed.  its cathartic!



    2 hours ago, OneBoot said:

    I'm starting to get to the point where I can start setting up our Sweet Gaming Basement with new furniture, and I'm pretty excited. Our dining table, which has served many noble years of multipurpose use, is finally restored to its proper use and location, while I'm looking at basic (cheap) tables we can buy two of and push together to make an Ultimate Square-ish Gaming Table of Awesome. I found a great option at Walmart, and now I'm hunting for chairs.


    Does anyone have any suggestions for reasonably cheap (less than $100/chair) dining/kitchen chairs that are relatively comfortable even after multiple hours of sitting? I'm totally open to folding chairs as well, though those don't tend to have great back support.



    --OneBoot 😄

    oddly enough, I do.  the Hughes and Charthouse dining chairs from value city furniture are both sturdy, well supported reasonable comfortable and definitely durable table chairs.  we have had the Charthouse variety for over 10 years with some impressive gamers sitting, kits jumping, and pets crashing into them with no damage or wear to speak of.  I got them on sale for 59 each but they list at 99.

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  13. On 7/26/2021 at 3:25 PM, Cranky Dog said:

    At least their grammar is better than most.


    Many messages look like they went through several lazy iterations of Google-Translate.


    from what i have seen and read, many scammers intentionally put in mis-spellings and typos and poor grammar because they are trying to target the lower end of the education spectrum.  Scamming is a whole lot more profitable and less painful when your marks dont have the skills to track you down!


    On 7/26/2021 at 6:44 PM, Chaoswolf said:

    I particularly enjoy the scammers that tell me that 'local law enforcement has been notified and are coming to you arrest you'.

    Yeah, no. That's not how that works.


    Last time i got one of these live, it was all sorts of fun!  they called saying i had a warrant in New York, so I thanked them profusely for letting me know.  During the thanking i let them know what a brave thing they were doing;  not everyone wants to aid and abet a serial killer and most of those are not willing to share their address...  So, when do you expect to be home? *Click*


    I don't have the time to torment these jokers that often but I made time for this one.!


    If one has time, my favorite scam the scammer routine was to wait until you get a live connection and then demand a credit card for your review of their presentation.  $10 a minute works well.  tell them the charges started when you picked up the phone and then continually insist for a credit card.  It usually flusters the heck out of them!


    On 7/27/2021 at 1:08 AM, TheAuldGrump said:





    The Auld Grump


    so is this 'Bast in a box'? or a god trap? 



    5 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    Me, a supposedly responsible adult: I will go to bed by 01:00 so that I'm able to do things early enough in the morning. 


    Also me: Die evil digital bad guys, face the wrath of the miiiighty Sniper! ...Or feel the wrath of my coloured gems as I steadily get further in this game!  (first one was Sniper Elite 4, second was Gemcraft: Chasing Shadows) 


    There were also movies and anime involved too, because that's why you get multiple monitors in the first place, right?  One to game in, one for Netflix or YouTube, and the third for your instant messenger clients, right? ::P::devil:


    responsible adult phooey!  I finally broke down and bought the latest Sub-Nautica Below Zero and i really havent done much else for the last 3 days.  when i sat down at the computer at 5pm, it was not my intention to be there until 2am....  If that game ever comes to VR, you may as well just put me in a haptic pod and throw away the key!  


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  14. anyone have suggestions for boiling or adjusting the main section of the ghost ship or finding a way to cool it other than using a bathtub?  the upper hull is curved inwards too far and doesnt line up with the lower piece.  I will probably try careful use of a Heat gun on low setting but i was wondering if any one else had the problem and how they might have solved it?



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  15. I dont know if there would be any interest but i use the Warlord Black Seas rules for 1:1200 scale and would love to do a large scale encounter, either with 1:600 scale (if warlord wants to provide the ships) or at 1:1200 scale (I can provide the fleets).  For anyones interest, the rules seem to work in either scale, 


    Regardless of doing the big battle, i would love to see a few demos of black seas and i would be interested in Gates of Antares and Warlords.


    I would, however, try anything once.  I have liked what I have seen of the rulesets so far!

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  16. 6 hours ago, kristof65 said:

    The Dwarven Forge pieces are beautiful but my reasoning for avoiding them is different than most. 

    I don't like the walls. 

    They restrict the bases that can fit, and they require having just the right pieces to make various configurations. 

    My go to are the Stones Dungeon Tiles from Frontline Gaming that featured in a couple of the Bones Kickstarters.  With no walls, they are far quicker to set up/tear down, and easier to store. 

    a lot depends on what you are looking for.  Its a balance of reality vision and imagination.  I like to show off the pieces and i like my final battles to be showpieces but I still have the most fun with paper and pencil, working out the maps and letting the dungeon world grow inside my head.  


    OTOH those walls let me give a much creepier vibe when i am running more of a horror theme as the players are jockeying for the position of not being in the front or last in line 


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  17. First, I love the stuff everybody has been building with the Hirst arts stuff, its amazing!  i am always intimidated by the little blocks and a glazed look of 'I had a plan...' I get every time i use the stuff.  but I may steal some of those ideas, especially some of the buildings!


    Anyway my commentary on the subject, for what it's worth:


    • A lot of the answer is time vs money.  if you have lots of money, you probably don't have much time (and if you do, I envy you deeply and would like you to consider donating some of both to me 🤪).  If you have the money, DF is a great way to get some really nice generic terrain for most situations that is easy to transport (a 4x6 table of terrain fits in a 2x2x1 foot rubbermaid container.)  If you have the time, Hirst arts offers some wonderful opportunities for creative beautiful terrain and a fraction of the cost but will involve a learning curve and some patience and planning
    • DF plastic used to be a decent price.  the first intro dungeon and caverns were a pretty good value.  The latest pricing has quadrupled or quintupled in cost, making it really hard to justify any further expansions.  (you can buy 1 or 2 nice resin structures for the amount that DF charges for a 20x20 hut!
    • Hirst arts stuff works best with planned structures and dungeons.  We have a HA dungeon we use for heroquest and its great but trying to make something in HA that is modular is difficult and tends to develop chips and nicks pretty quick  (we do mix some concrete color into the plaster so the dead white doesnt show through at every nick)
    • DF is much more modular but also more generic.  I usually have to make some compromises when building dungeons from a module or map (why did this dungeon need a 38 degree angle in the hallway?) but i can usually put together a 3 session dungeon with about an hours time.
    • I understand the reasons for making the walls align but I really, REALLY wish that DF had made their corridor pieces a wall and 2 full squares wide.  their current setup makes the hallways either 7.5 feet wide or 15 feet wide.  and one square is split in half so its almost always useless. OTOH, it does allow 2 characters to stand side by side on a round or 30 mm base.  it is sort of irritating when the 10' gelatinous cube becomes the 12' gelatinous floating nightmare because it wont fit in the hallway!
    • For buildings, i generally like HA or custom casts and prints.  The DF stuff does not do so well when you get over 2 or three 'squares' in any direction (x, y, or z) and can bow or spread allowing walls to fall out.  that said I do have some of the village that i use for as part of my christmas town decoration (and starting village for the holiday games)
    • of all the stuff DF has done, i love the forest the most!  that forest is drop dead gorgeous and if I had been smart about it, i would have picked up another set or two of it at the kickstarter and not gotten the ice caverns or the deep caverns, but that's water under the bridge.
    • the LED stuff that DF has is absolutely awesome and jaw dropping impressive but its a PITA to keep up with all the batteries and changing them is a chore.  basically you either use it a lot or you leave it off.  if you put it away for 6 months every battery in the set will be almost dead. (it works for just long enough convince you that there is no need to unscrew everything and then, right before your group enters the room, they start flashing red and then go out (the flashing red is the low battery warning, which would have been nice if DF had mentioned in their instructions... oh wait, WHAT instructions!)
    • HA support is non-existent.  DF support is about as good.  and trying to ask a simple question on the DF forums (which are supposed to be for that purpose) tends to get either 'how could you be mean to the great DF' of 'only a mindless fool wouldn't know the answer to that' responses.


    I have both, I like both but the DF sees a lot more use (although, for most of my games, a simple chessex battle mat or one of my scenic Dragon tablecloths and some tailor's chalk is my usual go to!)  I have some HA set pieces but it doesnt work for me as a modular dungeon builder.  


    and thats my commentary and I am sticking to it 🙂

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  18. On 7/23/2021 at 2:45 AM, WhiteWulfe said:

    Wait...  You mean they've been shrunk...  They better not have done such to Nathavarr....  Whole reason I purchased them was specifically for additional copies of the dragon from DDS2, and that's how it was advertised... 

    as far as I know nothing has changed size, they just scaled down the final bones production of the original 3d prints to fit a typical size of 3-4 inch bases  Nathhavarr shouldnt have changed size (i already have 2 so its not worth me getting another....)

    On 7/23/2021 at 4:40 AM, Sirithiliel said:


    i'd like to know too


    how do they measure up against the picture of them from the KS with sir forescale, are they at least to scale with what we were shown?


    the pictures i have from Reapercon 2019 show them being comfortable on 6-8 inch bases..  this is probably more than most people want but i really wish we had at least gotten a couple of them the size that would treat a giant like a toy.  Argent is large but its all wing.  the body is not much larger than a Garuth or any of the old metals, besides, it reminds me of a weird pegasus. These were nicely balanced wing to body and looked good at the immense sizes. 


    again, I am not disappointed with what I have but I was hoping for dragons in at least the size of the old metal ones and bigger, rather than just another competition with Wizkids.


    14 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:


    i have, but it hasn't helped mine. The top one just bends so much, and it drags the bottom one with it


    with some pieces, I have found that drilling the really bendy spots and inserting brass rod can help with positioning.  its a lot of work but you can even work the rod around corners and it really helps with the shape stability.



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  19. If this isnt the right place hopefully someone will move it or transfer it, or tell me where it is.


    we have a couple of my local game group that are leaving the nest for the first time.  They would like to continue gaming with us and I want to try and give them that table experience.  what I would like is a video device that gives the impression of sitting at the table and being able to see the group (not just the DM and the miniatures and the table.  depending on the camera, i may even have a piece of software that will allow them to interact and draw on the screen but that is at the bottom of my list.  right now i am looking for that 'present' experience.  need good sound collection but also good speakers that allow them to converse with the group.  my budget isnt extravagant but i can afford some good quality equipment.  what i cant afford is to keep trying until something works.


    one of the issues i want to try and avoid is the inability to have multiple people talking if possible.  so many mics are not crisp enough to hear multiple conversations.  we can keep the background noise very low so we can disable the filtering but i want that natural feel of conversation in the room.  what i currently use works well as long as just me (the DM) or one person is speaking but as soon as there is a second conversation, you almost cant hear the primary conversation, and the second one is complete garbage.


    anyone have a good suggestion for a rig that works at the table and allows you to share?  anyone have a recommendation for the other half of the rig that allows them to participate rather than just observe?  one of the people leaving is my eldest and the other is the daughter of one of our closest friends so we really would like to make the experience cool for them.


    thanks for any suggestions.  


    Added 2 pictures of the gaming area we typically play in.




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