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  1. Ratticus and Pip offer their services in setting up camp so the more heavily armed members can keep an eye on the field
  2. I love the Freckling! it looks amazing! I have never been able to make that look so good mine always look like I spilled paint or accidently splattered paint on the miniature. Great job!
  3. Well I hope mine slipped out just in time. I have 2 packages in the order and they both show as shipped. And the order contains 2 ships, one normal, 1 GitD. I couldn't make up my mind.... And the combined total was not near as impressive as some here, just 37 pounds total, given how often 24 comes up, I strongly wonder if that isn't the weight of 2 ships?
  4. Received mine in Indiana today! hopefully i will get a chance to see them tonight.
  5. Considering I am in one of the later waves AND I have most of the minis in the last shipment, I imagine it will be a while before mine shows up... mater of fact, since I am planning a work trip in 2 weeks, that will probably be when it ships
  6. Hi Apologies for the hiatus, sometimes life gets ahead of me. We'll put down Joe's absence to a bout of jump sickness in the med bay and then he will go looking for Crystal as the only person he feels remotely comfortable with. He'll find her in the bar on deck 1. Talking to the robot barkeep.
  7. I didnt realize it was a trick. you cut a 1 inch hole in the watermelon. you plug a bottle of vodka (vanilla or pineapple flavored were favorites but straight works just as well) roll the watermelon until the bottle is vertical and wait about 15 minutes for the bottle to drain into the watermelon. A big watermelon can take up to a gallon that way. It is sort of fun watching the watermelon drink the bottle and I have noticed (in the past) that the seeded watermelons take more booze than the unseeded variety. Favorite summer party melon. just dont forget to have a separate one for the kids!
  8. My better half spend the weekend visiting friends so me and my sons started a clandestine project to refloor the upstairs bathroom before she got back. the project was a success, though not without some learning experiences. However, the job was completed before she got home and all was in place. Clean up was not quite complete so it wasnt a complete surprise but still 48 hours to rip the old floor up resurface the subfloor and put down the new floor and trim was a pretty impressive endeavor happy the noise level continues day!
  9. sure, we can wind up in the same bar. Call it serendipity
  10. Joe mutters quietly about smooth transitions and goes to find the Bar
  11. No worries. I'll keep playing when you have the time. Pbh is more of a thinking and role playing game than action and tactics. I'm fine with the pacing
  12. At the first warning, Joe will find one of the big observation bays to settle down in. If he can cadge a celebratory glass of champaign or beer, so much the better!
  13. Nice work! I really like the worn metal and the spots on edged where it looks like the paint is worn to expose the metal. It really sells the piece!
  14. Ratticus gets a 16+2 = 18 fort save and a 17, no bonus, con check No power issues If it's going to take us more than a day to get where we're going we should push on a bit but stop well before dark. Setting up camp in the Dark sounds unpleasant
  15. the problem is the price I pay for personal time is not usually worth it. I look away for a week and i come back to the office world with emails from the CEO of a billion dollar company sending hourly emails about what is going on. usually all of these can be stopped with a half hour email... unfortunately this means never looking away...
  16. This vacation thing you speak of..it sounds fun, how do you get it? My favorite period of Dragon. I grew up reading it and still have and read from issue 15 through issue 233. Once 3.5 started getting popular the magazine became less about discovery and more about critique and I got bored and lost interest, but I loved the magazine in its heyday and would drool over the minis and dream about the pbm adventures (mom would never let me subscribe, maybe that's why I'm so fond of the forum games...)
  17. I'm sorry @haldir, it's hard to lose a pet so suddenly and pretty crappy of the vet not to at least have someone see you. My sympathy, Thumper was the most unique bunny I knew and the stories will be missed!
  18. good Job and Congratulations! Wish my wife would take the plunge. she has a couple of really good works but is afraid of rejection so she wont take the final step and seek a publisher. Not one of those issues I can push any harder on so, good for your wife and i hope she enjoys much fame and prestige!
  19. Joe on the other hand, listens to the minimum spiel and then waits patiently for them to leave. he re-emerges to go explore the ship when he has a chance to change into one of his nicer kits (dress merchant marine) and takes the opportunity to wander the ship to find the places they will throw him out of....
  20. Great, and by the time we get there, they'll blow the bridge and I'll be stuck swimming. I do not like the smell of wet fur Ratticus moves at 30ft
  21. those are just the common ones. there is hijacking, mysterious encounter in hyperspace, look we found a new star, look at that phenomena out your side window, aliens ate my baby and plenty of others but the setup of skeleton crew, new computer, new stuff in old ship, super powered drives all point down the path of the first two. that doesnt mean I am not enjoying the surprise or what this is working to. But given Joe's life and experience, he is expecting something to go wrong. it always does. and then there is the artifact in his pocket that may or may not come into play..... but with only 20 passengers and a skeleton crew rattling around on that ship, i dont think it will be long before Crystal loses an audience.... 😀
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