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  1. 3 hours ago, Pegazus said:

    Finished up meeting #9 for the day. Had 10 but that one was a double booked thing. Now with the tenth of an hour I have left in the day I may be able to do some work. 

    sympathies.  sounds like you had a day like mine.  I am just finishing my last meeting... hopefully sometime in the next hour.


    the aggravation is gone...I leave the day with a whimper.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Green Eyed Monsty said:

    What you describe sounds a lot like winter depression is part of your problem

    Vitamin D might help.

    On the pain front, know what you are going through and that it saps energy and interest in everything.

    Hang in there my friend.



    Vitamin D is something I already take.   the lackluster interest in everything is mainly due to losing my last adrenal gland over the holidays and having to get using pills to compensate.  Its a learning experience.  I appreciate the concern an the sympathetic condition! Worst part for me is its pretty much voluntary:  the drugs I take to mitigate my cancer, cause a weird form of arthritis that attacks the tendons and muscles in various joints (usually just one or two each time but quite painful none the less.) 


    1 hour ago, TGP said:

    What is making your knees feel like they are on fire?  I join @Pegazus in commiseration; no it is not fair that a pair of joints will just betray you. 

    For the painting, maybe your inner chemist might have some interest sparked by trying to reverse engineer contrast paints or speed paints. I have heard rumours about acrylic medium+flow improver+water+ink … but in what proportions?


    A variety of arthritis that attacks the tendons and ends of the muscles is my torch to bear.  Its a weird variety of arthritis that goes after the connective tissue between the joints and the muscles causing inflammation and the muscles to pull on the joints in funny ways.  It makes the joint ache and the muscles all around the joint very unhappy.  the worst part is the sad fact that the joints will fuse if they aren't exercised so in order to keep movement i have to keep moving the joint in the most painful direction. (I lost this battle with my neck, i am not going to lose again!)


    On the positive side, I am literally living a quote from the Princess Bride:  "Life is Pain, anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something"  some of the drugs that keep me alive trigger flares of this condition.  but the alternative is a comfortable but very short lifespan! 😲


    The inner chemist in me tends to shy away from playing with paint.  i have had a few experiments go badly and still more where i have made something interesting and then completely forgotten what I did.  neither of these is conducive to continuing....

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  3. Day is meeting horror day!   started my day at 8am, meetings run until 9pm tonight.  I get a half hour for lunch and that is the only break I have today.  This Monday is not my friend!


    I am also struggling with starting to paint again.  I feel like I lost my mojo somewhere along the way.  I got sick in December and I dont think i have spent more than 3 or 4 hours since painting.  I just cant get my interest back.  Spending way to much time just vegging in front of the TV and wondering where my life is going.  Of course it doesnt help that my knees feel like they are on fire most of the time, but still, seems unfair that I can't do what I want to.  Anyone have suggestions?  Other than the obvious, just go paint?


    Hope everyone else is having a good monday!


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  4. 20 hours ago, Sylverthorne said:



    Apparently, on second thought, Andi's staying put until tomorrow, actually. Because his sugars are apparently doing things they shouldn't be doing, and they'd like to monitor.

    They aren't willing to kit him out to monitor him from home, however.


    Anxiety spiked again. Heck.

    So I guess I'm going out there anyway, to bring him Stuff He Needs. 

    Sorry to hear that @Sylverthorne I got a lesson in riding hormone and sugar level waves over the last 3 months and its no fun for anybody.  Hope he gets well soon and they have a permanent fix for him.  I will keep you both in my thoughts



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  5. Nice job!  I also really like the flame crystal in the staff very nicely done.


    As for basing, a friend game me a recommendation once and when I finally got done grousing about how it it didn't look realistic, it turned out to really set the mini off well.  You don't have to take it, but the recommendation is to always edge the base in black.  It sets the unit on the base slightly apart making it stand out more and highlights the part of the base you are supposed to look at instead of causing the base and mini to blend into the terrain. 


    Just a suggestion, I really like what you did with the mini and the color selection is terrific!

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  6. My desk dragon is pretty irreplaceable.  I got him in a lot a long time ago and it's one of maybe 100 castings and a combination of resin and metal.  Since I didn't know this until after I painted it fear of destroying the irreplaceable didn't kick in and I got a wonderful ice dragon.


    They won't be as rare but I hope that some of the bones 6 dragons will one as marvelous 

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  7. Just now, YronimosW said:

    A dragon hoard?  Dragon horde?  Both?


    well, yes.


    I even have a living dragon in the house. (Gabby is a bearded dragon and every once in a while goes wandering among her comrades

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  8. 1 hour ago, Evilhalfling said:

    that makes your pile just the right size!  (after buying a few more) 

    soo a quick count reveals 20 painted dragons. + about 6 wymlings.  only 1 in metal.  and only 1 larger than an American football. 
    just as soon as I get around to figuring out my airbrush... 

    there are more dragons that that in one of my 4 cabinets... I may have a problem   the 70+ finished ones does not include the ones i have sold, given away, or traded; only what remains at the house.  


    disturbingly, all of my painted dragons are right by the front door so if i need to bug out i can shovel them out the door on the way out!


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  9. On 2/12/2022 at 11:24 AM, Evilhalfling said:

    I have a lot of big dragons. 

    (unpainted totals::  7 reaper, 3 non-reaper:  3"base or larger.) 


    But I'm going to need that one too. 

    Err, so what does that make my pile?  I have over 50 unpainted and 70 painted dragons ranging from 'I cant see it' to 'now I have carpel tunnel syndrome' in size and weight.  (metal T'raukzul will add muscle to your wrist and destroy your tendons at the same time!)


    But I am definitely looking forward to the new dragons, which hopefully this time will be of the larger variety!

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  10. I like him, i find the club a little bland, but if you added some stitch lines across the top or side, it would look like he skinned another ogre and wrapped his club in it.


    Just a thought.  i really like the figure and i do like the face and eyes a lot!



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