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  1. I don't know if its the same for everyone else but I always find that the intensity of LED lighting dies off much quicker than flourescent or incandecent light. the LED will seem incredibly bright looking at the light or right in front but move to the side or a foot away from the source and I am having trouble with detail again. Not really sure why this happens

  2. Looks like its a couple of early mornings for me. :-) Oh well. I consider the first con a meet and greet anyway. Plus the fun of digging through the old non-lead...


    Dont really know what to do with the one-on-one class.

  3. I had a more specific item in mind. About every third flight 1 or two families will be looking to trade seats because junior got a seat 5 rows back and the husband got one 3 rows forward. Or 2 families will want to sit together (and didn't plan on it when they booked?) Just curious if anyone else had seen this and if there was a common reason. I'm used to the problems above and have experienced most of them. (although me and my wife will take the aisle and window and have been known to leave the guy or girl in the middle...no one said I was nice)

  4. Someone satisfy my curiosity... I see alot of people trying to trade and arrange seats on the flights I travel. when I set up my flights, free, personal or business, I always choose my seat when i purchase the ticket, then if something better comes along I can always change it day of flight. Is this a perk I dont realize I'm getting?


    ... On the bright side, mostly direct flights is nice, and this year Southwest has a nonstop HOU-IND flight, so United has matched the fare for their corresponding flight even though the flights are from different Houston airports.



    Need to try that trick. Maybe they'll knock a few hundred off the fare. :-)

  6. Pricing is also a humorous subject. I have a conference every quarter in Houston and it usually cost me 2-3 times as much then when I travel to the west coast, even though I am flying through houson!


    And I don't know about spirit airlines but for me, Frontier has a worse on-time record than US air and that is saying something. Out of the 30 times I have been on Frontier over the past few years, they have been on time exactly twice, and cancelled 8 of my flights. Not my airline of choice by a long stretch.

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  7. Glad someone else mentioned that. I travel for a living but my company has certian deals with specific chains. I have free plane tickets, free hotel, and a 39 dollar car for both me and my son. More money for the con! I do have to stay at the holiday in though... Nothings perfect


    soooooo looking forward to this!!!!!

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  8. I have been to a number of Cons before but this is my first Reapercon and my first con devoted completely to gaming. It will also be my son's fist con ever. I am looking forward to putting faces to names and relaxing with a few of my favorite hobbies. Any suggestions for a couple of newbies?

  9. Out of the past, one of the ancient dragons from heritage. this one came to me with a missing tail and frill and some "interesting" solder work on the chest. The tail and frill are my own creation with green stuff and magicsculpt. I am still working on my photography and this is just off my bench so the veining in the wings is actually much redder than the picture would show.


    This little monster weighs about 5 pounds. Enjoy and of course, comments are always welcome



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  10. Only about half. the group in the top center was the most used. The baby silver travelled with the party for 5 sessions getting into trouble and being a PITA. Mama is the NMM Sliver on the mountian with the girl below as her human form. Needless to say that the party has a phobia of baby dragons

  11. Not to say that I haven't been busy. Thought I would show off the last year or so of dragon work. A little bit of everything here including two of the original circle of dragon lords. (silver and red). As always, let me know what you think and enjoy!




    Same dragons different angle



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  12. this is a small commission I did for my brother in laws wife.

    The under plates of the dragon washed out horribly in the light but I have no

    lightbox yet...

    The miniatures are Ebonwrath and Amathor the Arch-Mage


    As always let me know what you think.











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  13. I suggest adding a spot of white highlight on her lower lip, but the skintones on her face look lovely. You need some more midtones transitioning between light and dark between her breasts, but otherwise, it's coming along nicely!


    The work is great and I love the eyes and skin tones. Do have a question though, What color(S) are you using on the lips. Every thing I try either leaves the mini bloodless or looking like a stage host

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