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  1. this is a small commission I did for my brother in laws wife.

    The under plates of the dragon washed out horribly in the light but I have no

    lightbox yet...

    The miniatures are Ebonwrath and Amathor the Arch-Mage


    As always let me know what you think.











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  2. I suggest adding a spot of white highlight on her lower lip, but the skintones on her face look lovely. You need some more midtones transitioning between light and dark between her breasts, but otherwise, it's coming along nicely!


    The work is great and I love the eyes and skin tones. Do have a question though, What color(S) are you using on the lips. Every thing I try either leaves the mini bloodless or looking like a stage host

  3. I'm playtesting a skirmish rule called Transfiguration where you can turn one figure into another (think werewolf or the Hulk). Since my primary playesting army is a group of mad scientist I thought I would go with the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde angle.


    This is Ted the Lab Technician:


    He’s a Hasslefree Miniature I picked up from Gen-Con a number of years ago. He’s been very useful in my army because he’s quick and skillful and pretty good with the 9mm that’s hiding in his lab coat. However, he gets torn to pieces when he is involved in melee. So Ted was the perfect candidate for the Transfiguration rule.

    Now, whenever enemies come close he turns into this:




    This creature is slow and useless at a range but is a real beast up close. Here is how I made him.

    I took the Chronoscope Lab Mutant and the Creature Components and Creature Components II packs. The Lab Mutant is nice would make a great Necromunda Goliath or Resolution Ronan, but I wanted something that would strike a little more fear into my opponents. I used the fish head and tail from the Creature Components II which gave it an Alien feel. I used the claws and tentacles from the Creature Components and greenstuffed a gaping maw on his chest for a more Cthulhu feel.



    I actually spent more time thinking of what colors to use than it took to build and paint him. I went with a cockroach color feel blending Mahogany Brown and Tanned Leather for most of the skin. Since I use my figs on the tabletop a lot I doused it in a protective coat which took a lot of the highlights away, but I still think it looks Ok for the table.

    Here he is next to Ted.


    Here is my Mad Scientist army so far. I have more robots to paint and Dr. Totenkranz is getting primed today.


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