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  1. Hi! Just a little paint job from my desk and shelf of shame to show that I am doing something to do with painting. this piece I bought because i thought it was cute but the smooth surfaces proceeded to haunt me for a long long time. Its not my best work but i love the eyes and how the shock on the alien's eyes looks like it stepped on something that wont come off. anyway, hope you enjoy!
  2. Thank you for my dragon fix for the day. He looks great! hope to see you more often here on the forums
  3. Great job! The nose and face are particularly lifelike.
  4. Nice group of goodies! Here's what I pulled from the @Inarah box Have a good week!
  5. A lacquered and hibernating bullfrog, prepared to come to life and break out hopping madly around the home of the next recipient?
  6. I am running a little slow this week. I will have the @Inarah box out a little later this week with pictures or what I took
  7. Our first jack-o-lanterns in a number of years. (Just haven't had the time or energy) I had fun with itwind we had around 40 kids this year...
  8. Sorry, I am a little slow this week. The Inarah box arrived here on Saturday! I will try and get it out Wednesday
  9. No worries. Just figured i would give him another go I'll come up with something else, just takes me a bit longer.
  10. that works. Anyone have a problem with froggies (Grippli) he started in another campaign that died and he never got below first level. I would really like to give Arune Loghopper, cousin of BoDeep Swamphopper a new chance. He's a graduate of the legendary hollow world school of magic as a magus. let me know if that doesn't work and I will come up with something else!
  11. thats cool. I just had a 14 day work week myself so I'm a little spent. Take your time. I'll still be here when you get back.
  12. Yea, it does. I had actually figured out a way to work in the old temple of Posidon from the old Dragon magazines (the first high level adventure I ever played) but where one door closes another opens and I'm now running a pulp cthulhu and that has been a blast so far!
  13. It is at this point that my group went off the rails, winding up in the sea elf prince's city which had been corrupted by the Sahuagin. it got weird and then the group pretty much collapsed sad but such is life
  14. Nice job on that! i like to think of the Owlbear practicing Kata (yea I know don't give DM's any more ideas but the idea of an owlbear with a black belt just amuses me! where did you get the idea for the flowers, they look lovely!
  15. All of you have such great talent. if it isnt on a drafting board or 3d, i only draw poor landscapes, and even those look like they came off a drafting bench. Congratulations to all of you and keep em coming!
  16. round two of Rob vs the brandy Snap. First round didnt last long enough to test how long they last filled. this round I thought i would try to mix blueberry pulp with whipped cream. this did not go as planned. the cream did not get to a piping consistency. Had to go back to brandy in whipped cream. Still working on the snap recipe its an interesting little cookie? with a hint of ginger heat in the sweet and it surrounds piped (unsweetened) whipped cream. the effect is addictive to say the least.
  17. that is an awesome thing and a really great idea. my basement still looks like something out of the 70s (its the paneling, got to be the paneling) but no one goes down there but me. my game room is my dining room and i dont know if vistas and fine china go together (who am i kidding, the only way my walls look like that is if i hire someone else to paint them that way!) Its beautiful work and I love it!
  18. Joe nods and picks up his kit, "l-lets go b-before that wreck s-sinks any deeper!"
  19. I understand. just realize that the current train doesnt really fit Joe's skill sets so he is treading water until something more energetic comes along. He is going to try to stay out of conversations and first impressions because, well, they dont go well for him. he's a show not tell kind of guy. 🙂 Dont worry about it, the story is interesting, just not something that Joe will shine in right now. Much more Arkady's cup of tea.
  20. Joe mumbles something about being more useful trying to keep the bird in the air but shrugs and goes to take his position in supporting the refugees. dealing with people is not one of his best skills
  21. Wow, its like having kids again: Hello! glad to see you. We trust you, now pick up my mess! 😁
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