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  1. that works.  Anyone have a problem with froggies (Grippli)  he started in another campaign that died and he never got below first level.  I would really like to give Arune Loghopper, cousin of BoDeep Swamphopper a new chance.  He's a graduate of the legendary hollow world school of magic as a magus.


    let me know if that doesn't work and I will come up with something else!



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  2. On 10/19/2021 at 7:24 PM, haldir said:

    That sucks, I'm looking forward to see how they fare in Final Enemy & beyond. Plus hey, I finally will get to run a Slaadi. All these years & that is one creature I've never ran as a encounter.

    Yea, it does.  I had actually figured out a way to work in the old temple of Posidon from the old Dragon magazines (the first high level adventure I ever played) but where one door closes another opens and I'm now running a pulp cthulhu and that has been a blast so far!

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  3. round two of Rob vs the brandy Snap.  First round didnt last long enough to test how long they last filled.  this round I thought i would try to mix blueberry pulp with whipped cream.  this did not go as planned.  the cream did not get to a piping consistency.  Had to go back to brandy in whipped cream. 


    Still working on the snap recipe its an interesting little cookie? with a hint of ginger heat in the sweet and it surrounds piped (unsweetened) whipped cream.  the effect is addictive to say the least.

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  4. that is an awesome thing and a really great idea.  my basement still looks like something out of the 70s (its the paneling, got to be the paneling) but no one goes down there but me.  my game room is my dining room and i dont know if vistas and fine china go together (who am i kidding, the only way my walls look like that is if i hire someone else to paint them that way!)  


    Its beautiful work and I love it!

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  5. I understand.  just realize that the current train doesnt really fit Joe's skill sets so he is treading water until something more energetic comes along.  He is going to try to stay out of conversations and first impressions because, well, they dont go well for him.  he's a show not tell kind of guy. 🙂


    Dont worry about it, the story is interesting, just not something that Joe will shine in right now.  Much more Arkady's cup of tea.


  6. well it was the first cool weekend of the fall.  i was intending to do some yard work but then it decided to rain this morning.


    so instead i made some miniature holders... they are still a work in progress



    Then I baked some cookies... Oatmeal scotchies followed by cardamom lemon zest cookies.  both will be made again but i think i need to make the cardamom/lemon ones bigger!



    I think the scotchies are the generals and the cardamom cookies are infantry!

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  7. Sorry to hear that @ShadowRaven  I'll keep you and your friend in my thoughts and prayers 


    3 hours ago, OneBoot said:


    *tries to figure out how a

    medical coder would even go about coding that*




    *utterly fails*





    --OneBoot 😄

    Force feeding?




    Intravenous protein injection 


    Some weird new home remedy for Covid?

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  8. 17 hours ago, Kuroneko said:

    Happy Autumn everybody!!! :bday::bday::bday:



    really nice shot!  it sums up autumn beautifully 

    16 hours ago, Pegazus said:

    I’m not ready for fall. I don’t want the death and decay to arrive.


    Maybe I need to move south of the equator. Get some spring all up in me. 


    fall is also the time of harvest and relaxing, of beer and celebrations, a time to reap the rewards of the year.  Its my favorite season of the year, easily beating out spring and summer and more closely beating out winter.   Its just sad for me that it seems to pass so quickly...


    13 hours ago, Sylverthorne said:


    Only when I can actually see them. The rest of the time, they could be in Narnia, for all I know.

    Makes sense they teleport; just wish they could use it to evade the things that think they're food.

    okay since you all decided to bring it up and someone dragged out the punchline:


    A witch is nailing a lion into a wardrobe.

    a child walks by and asks "what are you doing?"

    the Witch responds: "Narnia business!"

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  9. After grumbling about how I missed this, I began reading 



    nice little military meets magic to save the world with an interesting take on dragons.  So far my experience has been overwhelmingly positive.  Looking forward to the rest of the series.


    also reading  Penric and the Shaman by Louis McMaster Bujould which is always a fun romp.  who doesnt want 10 new personallities in their head (12 if you count the lioness and the mare) and the ability to use magic.  That wont frighten anyone, will it?




    and just to round out my reading, i am trying to catch up on the latest books in the Liaden universe.  currently on Accepting the Lance by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.  The series is a long running space opera spanning multiple universes and following the family destined to save or destroy all of them.  It can get a little thick as the authors love to add new hooks and strings (Agent of change is the [sort of] first book and a pretty good place to start.) but they are coming to a climax (again) as the threads from about 8 different plotlines are coming home to roost. 




    and unless you include Darkness over Stillwater and a few other RPG books, thats been my reading for the last couple of days...

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