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  1. Ugh.  Life just seems to get more interesting.  On the plus side last night I got to sleep longer and deeper than I have in months.  I woke actually rested and it felt weird.  Took advantage of it to clean the kitchen floor.

    Spent the day just reading and relaxing (how the Heck have I missed the tales of Bazil Broketail?) and finished the day off by spending the evening over at a friend's house playing board games. Which is where life gets Interesting.  I discover on the way home that either I am suddenly allergic to cats, I have the worst timing for sinus issues out of nowhere or 3 of my teeth suddenly developed very painful issues.


    Took 2 Sudafed and 2 of the 3 teeth stopped being a problem.  The third is why I'm still awake (okay that and I wanted to finish off a Penric novel...  not my fault they are finally letting me travel again and traveling leads to reading...is it?)   Bother.  INSAIDS are the most effective for this but between. Empty stomach and kidney issues I'm not supposed to take them.  Oh well.  To bed and hope for the best


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  2. Joe just quietly sighs and mutters here we go...  He looks wistfully at the remainder of his lunch and heads off to see where this adventure will lead.  Things were getting a little dull around here anyway!


    If he happens to get by Crystal for a moment he will murmur in a surprisingly singsong sotto voice  I get the girl, but why are you protecting the suit?  He wants to stand infront of a wall full of death, let him and good riddance.  I will follow the miss and see that she doesnt get into too much trouble 


    With that he grins and takes off after miss Van Horton  and the bridge

  3. 1 hour ago, Chaoswolf said:

    Fingers crossed that the meds will go some good.

    Appreciate it.  Problem is I never feel better than when my meds aren't working.  Way too much energy and drive 😀   but I'm still here and still able to enjoy life and try new things and with my new meds my immune system just got a bunch of new weapons and issued a draft notice conscripting all other cell production.   We will have to see what happens...

    41 minutes ago, Corsair said:

    Still praying here buddy.

    Thanks for that! Everything counts 

    27 minutes ago, Green Eyed Monsty said:

    Praying for you.

    I guess something in the middle is to be preferred to the "really bad news" .  Hope for the best, plan for the worst, and be thankful for anything in the middle.


    That is pretty much how I live, well that and as my better half puts it being too stubborn to die.


    Me, I prefer to think of it as a vested interest in seeing what happens next....

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  4. Well, not the worst news i could get but not the best either.  basically the tumor showed growth but there is no sign of spread so i will take my blessings as i get them.  The tumor is now about the size of a baseball (started 7 years ago as a walnut).  at least is doesnt show any sign of spreading.  they are temporally putting me on a heavier medication before moving me to an alternate med next month after it gets approved.  Such is the joy of being a chronic paitient, as i am sure many here know all to well.

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  5. @Green Eyed Monsty  sorry to hear you have had so much fun.  You have a first for me though.  I never heard of a storage place that wouldnt take money.  Lose it later perhaps, but never one that wouldnt take it ...


    @Kuroneko  The gods of Scottish weather also have a soft spot for me:  I have been to Scotland on business about 5 times in the last 10 years and every time I have had at most 1 or 2 rainy days, the rest were sun and stunning beauty.



    And if anyone cares to wish me luck, I have a CT scan evaluation today.  Probably going to be bothersome but not critical news but I could use some good vibes...

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  6. 9 hours ago, Zink said:


    I'm working on this too. This weekend was drizzly and grey so I was in the house most of the time. Still never painted anything but spent a bunch of time digging through Battletech stuff with my oldest kid and Bones V stuff with my younger one. And a couple hours running in circles around the house chasing a screaming (happily) 4 year old. Not a bad way to spend a couple lazy days.

    Well, I did make a little progress 




    I didn't get anything new started but at least a few things got finished.  I may have to rethink the bunny's eyes though, the purple did not come through well in the picture...


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  7. Well to go by the wizkids website the miniature is roughly 75cmx40cmx40cm and I can see at least 3 major spots on the dragon necks where the painters missed and the raw primer is still showing.  Not the best foot forward.  I have Mal and I am very happy with that mini and my players Live with the fear I might on day bring her out to play...

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  8. 1 hour ago, Corsair said:

    Well, I bought an Ender 6 during their Kickstarter last year and by the time it arrived we were preparing to move, so it was never assembled. However, with the move and other priorities, I had not assembled it yet. Well today the g'niece Emma was over so we assembled it. Now, the beastie will not work. Gonna get a new SD card and hopefully that will work....waiting Baby Yoda is.


    Welcome to the finicky world of 3d printing.  why isnt it working today?  

    are the stars misaligned?

    did a butterfly fart in the amazon?

    did the plug fall out?

    Does my printer just hate me?

    Does the printer hate the printer i am trying to print?

    is it Friday?

    Is it Monday?

    is it the weekend?


    all of these are valid reasons why we cant get the printer running....

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  9. On 9/7/2021 at 11:47 PM, ironman1231 said:

    You're welcome. I dropped 14 pounds of metal on the table the first day, more than half of it being Warmachine/Hordes stuff. 

    somehow the hordes stuff got swept up before i had a chance to get in there 😛


    Metal and lead for me is still my medium of choice and I will take it above all other mediums.  That said, I realize that somethings don't come that way.  We use the smaller 25mm lead figures to represent the NPCs, torch bearers and other less important characters.  It makes it easier for people to see where the players are and the big monster vs. the extras.  I also use 15 and 10mm lead minis for doing some dioramas when i am trying to show a larger difference in scale.  T'Raukzul is much more impressive when he's facing 10mm Zulus!


    OTOH, I can understand why you would not want to handle the 5+ pound figure of the larger dragons (I still get a sore wrist every time I pass by T'Raukzul ) and plastics and resins make for much larger miniatures.  that said I will always take metal to plastic or resin just because I like the tactile feel of the metal.


    So make sure you put me in a box that likes both!

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