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  1. Well to go by the wizkids website the miniature is roughly 75cmx40cmx40cm and I can see at least 3 major spots on the dragon necks where the painters missed and the raw primer is still showing.  Not the best foot forward.  I have Mal and I am very happy with that mini and my players Live with the fear I might on day bring her out to play...

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  2. 1 hour ago, Corsair said:

    Well, I bought an Ender 6 during their Kickstarter last year and by the time it arrived we were preparing to move, so it was never assembled. However, with the move and other priorities, I had not assembled it yet. Well today the g'niece Emma was over so we assembled it. Now, the beastie will not work. Gonna get a new SD card and hopefully that will work....waiting Baby Yoda is.


    Welcome to the finicky world of 3d printing.  why isnt it working today?  

    are the stars misaligned?

    did a butterfly fart in the amazon?

    did the plug fall out?

    Does my printer just hate me?

    Does the printer hate the printer i am trying to print?

    is it Friday?

    Is it Monday?

    is it the weekend?


    all of these are valid reasons why we cant get the printer running....

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  3. On 9/7/2021 at 11:47 PM, ironman1231 said:

    You're welcome. I dropped 14 pounds of metal on the table the first day, more than half of it being Warmachine/Hordes stuff. 

    somehow the hordes stuff got swept up before i had a chance to get in there 😛


    Metal and lead for me is still my medium of choice and I will take it above all other mediums.  That said, I realize that somethings don't come that way.  We use the smaller 25mm lead figures to represent the NPCs, torch bearers and other less important characters.  It makes it easier for people to see where the players are and the big monster vs. the extras.  I also use 15 and 10mm lead minis for doing some dioramas when i am trying to show a larger difference in scale.  T'Raukzul is much more impressive when he's facing 10mm Zulus!


    OTOH, I can understand why you would not want to handle the 5+ pound figure of the larger dragons (I still get a sore wrist every time I pass by T'Raukzul ) and plastics and resins make for much larger miniatures.  that said I will always take metal to plastic or resin just because I like the tactile feel of the metal.


    So make sure you put me in a box that likes both!

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  4. Back at work again on Wednesday and i am paying for the sin of taking vacation by having meetings 22 of the remaining 24 hours of the working week.  Lately vacation seems a lot like novocaine  from the dentist:  it doesn't prevent the pain as it delays it and allows it to find its little pain buddies to join in the fun!


    1 hour ago, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

    That's true, but if it can summon the ectoplasm to drain the pot, it can damn well summon the ectoplasm to make the next! I went through this with too many coworkers in various places to put up with it at home. 


    Think of it this way:  at least if you get to make the coffee, you get to make it your way and you get a chance to make it better.

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  5. Last night our small group of explorers was nearly extinguished below the ancient cemetery after picking a fight with the the undead.  Ghouls and ghasts poured out of a room they discovered like a tide and, although they fought valiantly they were overwhelmed and one by one paralyzed until only the halfling through superb luck on his saves was able to escape the hoard.  


    The halfling lived to tell the tale and reached a small Village to round up a new party for the sake of vengeance.  What will become of them and what horrible fate awaits!

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  6. It still remains, hands down, my favorite style (My absolute preference is AD&D but any of the 1e rulesets work!)  so its a joy for me to play or DM.  Besides its great to only need 1 book to play all the rules, it makes conventions much easier 😁  We may need to find a bigger table than last year!


    I never learned 2e pathfinder so there is that.


    I am also just putting this out there.  with all the games and classes I have a number of off the cuff games and things I am willing to run while I'm there if we accumulate people who want to play something.  that can include more 1e, Call of Cthulhu, Numenera, and give me 10 min and a printer and we can have an intro game of 7th sea.  (I'm the guy front and center with the white beard in the picture above.)


    If someone has something they want to run and needs someone to fill it, I only have 1 fixed game during normal play hours so if I'm around I am usually willing to play.

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