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  1. looking forward to this! there were a lot of 1s and 2s that i liked in the expansions but it just wasnt enough to get the entire expansion and even the expansion i got had a lot of stuff i wasnt really excited about. Hopefully i will be able to correct some of that imbalance 🙂
  2. we will not discuss the number of rulebooks that have become impromptu early/late Christmas/Birthday gifts. at this point the big river site is sending me bi-monthly reminders that its time to buy a new one... 😄
  3. Sorry @Pegazus I'm out of recruits! although i think this is becoming our new family emblem
  4. there too, is the difference between frugal and comfortable. If possible, everyone should have access to their own set of rules. Personally i try to make sure anyone who plays with me has a summary of the rules that apply to them (everyone has pet peeves, my big one is people who cant remember what the character or team they have been using for 4 months does!). OTOH, what do you NEED to play? one set of rules that everyone can use works. As for kids vs adults: thats a die roll. i know kids who will blow a thousand of daddys money because they want to try something and adults that can barely buy food much less rulebooks, but this is a long time escape for them.
  5. I agree! The other thing in favor of the lack of books is the SRDs that are now common on a lot of rulesets. every edition of DnD (except 4th, I think, I never did play that edition very much, just played Diablo) has some form of online public rule set (may be limited but its there) as do a good number of the other modern rules and, for actual playing, the ability to look up individual rules on the web is usually faster and easier than trying to find it in a book. The books are nice to have and you will only part me from my dead trees when you pry them from my cold skeletal fingers, they are not absolutely necessary... I agree that editions make things weird, especially since its usually easier and less expensive to get the older editions. In the case of games like Traveller and CoC, most of the rules dont change edition to edition . When the COC edition went to 6 I was able to get 4th ed books for about 2 bucks apiece and picked up 4 of them and i hand those out to my players every week for 7th edition play. its not perfect but if you can multiply by 5 and 2 you can handle 90% of the rule changes on the fly. the other side is tactical miniature games (which is where this started) I really despise many of those edition changes and I seriously feel that a lot of them are to sell more books. (I feel the same for RPG editions but its easier to work around) 40K and Hordes/Warmachine are the worst offenders by far, making previous editions almost incompatible, Fortunately, i found a crew that was willing to stick to a common older edition, we picked up the books for a song as a common library and have fun with them once or twice a year.
  6. weirdly enough the skies opened up yesterday and the temperature plunged. got to have a short walk with temperatures in the low 70's today we are headed back into the mid 90... It was a nice reminder about what decent outside temperatures felt like and we certainly could use the rain. I recommend not staring at your boss with intense concentration today, or your pet!
  7. Something to keep in mind is that RPGs really cost what you want them too. its perfectly possible to play any RPG in theater of the mind (its actually the way I prefer to play. In this case all you need is the rules, some dice, and your imagination, everything else is just frosting on the cake. 5e actually is more compatible with theater of the mind than either 3 or 4 editions so its worth considering. we have also done a lot of replacement. Many of my dice have stood in for a monster or even a character when something needed to be worked out. I am a firm believer in having fun over making things realistic (that is not to say that i wont make a run that is drop dead gorgeous 😄 ) but i have played entire warhammer campaigns with a bunch of army men and some plastic critters from the dollar store
  8. Wish these weren't so pricey per mini. They look really nice and they are sizable but still, cost may be more than I can afford. But, sigh, they are beautiful and my son is a huge fan of kitsune so I cracked and got in before the early bird closed. I have no will power against minis...
  9. Its a question of what you have more of, money or time. I have really enjoyed painting the unpainted sets i got and the paint does stand up to a lot of abuse but, even painting the small sets well can be time consuming. either way its a good product, just pricey. I wish it was about half the cost.
  10. ready for another round! Location: Clarksville Indiana (near Louisville) would prefer not to ship internationally but i could be talked into it... Not a box starter
  11. I need to get some of those for ghosts and ghasts and wights and specters. I think they'll make excellent mid range undead Nice job on these! They look great
  12. I think you did pretty well with the belly scales and the wing color scheme is terrific! Keep up the good work!
  13. Cool! conversion goodies AND a new RPG environment! Looking forward to it!
  14. Now those I need a break on every hour or two. Wearing N95s wears me out! and now you have to watch out that you dont get the ones with the flapper valve in them, most places wont accept those any more... Maybe the sales people are targeting a certain type of customer? 😛
  15. @Paradoxical Mouse! it will be good to see you again!
  16. just remember half of all people have a lower intelligence than the average. It can explain a lot...
  17. in April 2020 they sent us home to isolate and protect us. in 2021 they sold of the plant I worked at. Now I am permanently working from home. Though i will admit that Covid keeps the travel way down, which is sort of nice. at one point I was doing 80% of my workdays from an airport or hotel. This is better although much slower. Anyway, point is in September 2019 I asked the company if I could work from home and lower my travel and i was told that was not possible and there was no way that it would work! 😁
  18. You might also try something like this Might look a little bulky but it meets every definition of a full face mask I can think of and with a surface area like that it should breath pretty easy
  19. they just asked me if i was high risk. I said yes, they gave me the booster. No proof involved. I would think that they would do the same for you. On the plus side, while i was there 7 people were vaccinated for the first time and 3 for the second. Its a small step but a step none the less What has worked best for me was to put a piece of 6 inch thick fiberglass wool insulation over the door and stick it to the top of the door with tape, making sure it overlaps the seam by a foot or 2. sometimes you might have to tape two pieces together but its effective and completely removable.
  20. Happy Anniversary @Crowley!!!!! I got my covid booster today. It was there, they were offering... I'm as protected as I am going to get for a while.
  21. Keep up the good work! There is no excuse for that kind of behavior. its standard policy in business these days in the hopes that the smaller party will wear out their resources and just have to except the results and its unfair as heck. I sincerely hope you are successful and keep reminding them that its just smarter to do what was promised! you have to wonder how many of these still happen today but go completely unnoticed because of all the nighttime lighting. I have seen some spectacular meteor showers in Norway and Montana but they are small and pitiful near the cities. Although i will say the LED lighting has helped alot with that in the last few years. my street recently converted from sodium lamps to LED and the effect is both a brighter street and a darker sky. Yea technology!
  22. Of course he does. And is works too!
  23. @Green Eyed Monstyi I hate to say it, but you can probably expect this kind of event every 5 to 10 years or so. Some new manager gets put in charge of your account and gets told he can have a bonus if he gets you to stop taking payments. If he fails he gets either fired or shuffled off to smaller accounts. One of the favorite tricks is to stop Payment and see what you do. Some people just shrug and move on others fight but because there is an occasional payout they will keep trying. I like the idea of forcing them to put up an escrow against the repeat. At least then there is instant retribution for failed payment. If the escrow exceeds the potential bonus they will stop completely Crappy business practice but their not alone out there. I would love to see the attempt prosecuted. If I guess right the thing you will get once they are forced to pay is either 'clerical error' or 'we thought you died' keep up the good fight!
  24. @Green Eyed Monsty that's a real annoyance. To be expected, but an annoyance none the less. I hope you get them straightened out quickly. @Sylverthorne only time I ever had to do anything with a well was with my mother's friends house in upstate New York. we contacted a drilling company and they supplied all the designs and engineering. I am gathering it works differently around you? Really hope you find a solution soon!
  25. some of us Urbanites can destroy smartphones too! there was one period when i was doing a lot of installations, and i must have gone through 4 of them in a year. On the last one they demanded i send it back for evaluation. I had accidently dropped it in a sample catchpan and it was covered in glue. I was busy so i put it on a stair above me hoping it would drip off and i could clean off the remainder. then a tech came down the stairs steped on it, felt it stick and stomped and scraped it until it came off. It took me 20 minutes to find all the pieces which i dutifully sent back to IT. 3 days later I get this brick encased in an otterbox with a note 'please stop that' stuck to the box. the phone did last 3 years but i looked really silly using it in a conference room...
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