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  1. 6 hours ago, Green Eyed Monsty said:

    It took an extra circa two years to adjudicate my case because of my absolute insistence on a COLA.

    L.M. has attempted twice to get me to accept a one time payout but since they keep lowballing the figure I have refused, and explained why each time.

    My attorney and I had a conversation about a settlement payout and I informed him at that time the price would be going up, not down because of the current state of the economy and the projected inflation that needs to be factored in, even though we've run one more year on the actuarial table.

    The more games they try to play, the higher the "inconvenience factor" that gets added into my price for a final settlement.



    Keep up the good work!  There is no excuse for that kind of behavior.  its standard policy in business these days in the hopes that the smaller party will wear out their resources and just have to except the results and its unfair as heck.  I sincerely hope you are successful and keep reminding them that its just smarter to do what was promised!


    1 hour ago, ManvsMini said:

    What Happened Wednesday for August 18th:

    • 1783 – A huge fireball meteor was seen across Great Britain as it passed over the east coast.

    you have to wonder how many of these still happen today but go completely unnoticed because of all the nighttime lighting.  I have seen some spectacular meteor showers in Norway and Montana but they are small and pitiful near the cities.  Although i will say the LED lighting has helped alot with that in the last few years.  my street recently converted from sodium lamps to LED and the effect is both a brighter street and a darker sky.  Yea technology!



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  2. 28 minutes ago, Cygnwulf said:

    I believe Pegazus does this as an excuse for some of the shyer folks around here to actually open up and go strike up a conversation in person with the people we've been typing at through the internet for years.  

    Of course he does.  And is works too!  

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  3. @Green Eyed Monstyi

    I hate to say it, but you can probably expect this kind of event every 5 to 10 years or so.  Some new manager gets put in charge of your account and gets told he can have a bonus if he gets you to stop taking payments.  If he fails he gets either fired or shuffled off to smaller accounts.  One of the favorite tricks is to stop Payment and see what you do.  Some people just shrug and move on others fight but because there is an occasional payout they will keep trying.  


    I like the idea of forcing them to put up an escrow against the repeat.  At least then there is instant retribution for failed payment.  If the escrow exceeds the potential bonus they will stop completely 


    Crappy business practice but their not alone out there. I would love to see the attempt prosecuted.  If I guess right the thing you will get once they are forced to pay is either 'clerical error' or 'we thought you died'   keep up the good fight!


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  4. @Green Eyed Monsty  that's a real annoyance.  To be expected, but an annoyance none the less.  I hope you get them straightened out quickly.


    @Sylverthorne  only time I ever had to do anything with a well was with my mother's friends house in upstate New York.  we contacted a drilling company and they supplied all the designs and engineering.  I am gathering it works differently around you?  Really hope you find a solution soon!

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  5. some of us Urbanites can destroy smartphones too!  there was one period when i was doing a lot of installations, and i must have gone through 4 of them in a year.  On the last one they demanded i send it back for evaluation.  I had accidently dropped it in a sample catchpan and it was covered in glue.  I was busy so i put it on a stair above me hoping it would drip off and i could clean off the remainder.  then a tech came down the stairs steped on it, felt it stick and stomped and scraped it until it came off.


    It took me 20 minutes to find all the pieces which i dutifully sent back to IT.  3 days later I get this brick encased in an otterbox with a note 'please stop that' stuck to the box.


    the phone did last 3 years but i looked really silly using it in a conference room... 

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  6. On 8/14/2021 at 5:19 PM, Jeepnewbie said:

    Let’s get the game on!


    Wife and kids will be there this year.  So I won’t play every night most likely, unless she is cool with it. 


    You are welcome anytime you can make it.  If the kids are young and your wife can sneak out, she is welcome as well!


    16 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

    Do you happen to know where I could find them? 

    Also, there is something called an 'advanced' or 'revised' edition; is that what we're using?


    (Sorry to be a pest, I can't put hands on my old BECMI rules right now, and I wanted to skim over the rules to refresh my memory.)


    the full search title you are looking for is Labyrinth Lords, revised edition.  Its about 95% of the right rules for the cyclopedia edition and the rules that dont match are for levels you wont reach in this little adventure!  also Swords and Wizardry rules are a good match if you have them as are the old basic and expert books from the 80s boxed edition of DnD (the red box and the blue box 🙂 ).  Basically, unless you are planning to get from level 5 to level 10 over the course of the Reapercon, Labyrinth Lords and the basic DnD sets will work.  If you have Swords and Wizardry, there are some differences, but I can make it work for the run.  Not supposed to send links over the forum but PM me and i can send you a link to the Labyrinth Lords rules.


    in other news, I was generating characters (I may have overdone it just a tad..)  there are 21 characters to choose from.  Magic items are almost completed too.  Getting ready for the convention and looking forward to seeing everyone!







    In other news, I put together a whole bunch (21, yes I got a bit carried away...) 

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  7. 8 hours ago, Crowley said:



    Yesterday I speed painted the dire cabbage and did some greenstuff work. Mostly I needed to gap fill the weird bones monster I made, and also the hound from the Reaper Expo, but because you never mix up the right amount of GS I also did some work on my space gnolls, giving one shoulder armor, another a rock to stand on, and the third a power cable for his mask. Then with the last bit, I stamped a base.






    Today will be my first shift working at the coop again. Gonna suck up the whole afternoon...



    Good luck!  Hope you had fun!  I created a small army of characters for reapercon....

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  8. 2 hours ago, ManvsMini said:


    Are you talking about the original series from the turn of the century, or the rebooted one from 2018? If it's the original, do recall that their an Aaron Spelling production, coming off the heels of Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place, so I wouldn't expect too much in the way of multi-layered personalities. That said, was still enjoyable.

    The reboot.  I couldn't make it past the second episode of the original.  So in that way it's improved:

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  9. 6 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

    Nothing wrong with that, you can be your own nightlight.


    Hey now, I said irradiated not contaminated.  Irradiation of sealed food packages is amazingly preservative and there is no residual activity from the package.  Comments like that cost us some amazing technology.

    6 hours ago, Sylverthorne said:


    This. Is apropos. Sweary, though. A lot of excrement is referenced. No apologies from me if you get it stuck in your head.


    I. Do not get to go to Reapercon. Andi has not been able to get his hands on a water systems engineer (that would, apparently, be the person we need to do a survey and make a plan that we would then be submitting to get a permit from the county so we can actually, y'know, call in some guys to do the drilling), because, evidently, they're all out of town or something (... actually, most likely a combo of vacations and whoever's left being eyes-deep in everyone else being in the same *redacted* fix as we are). Andi's left a lot of voice mails. I don't even *censored* know.


    I get ranty down here.


    ... *sigh* I am a very sad, stressed goblin right now.

    That's sad and not fair.  Being a city boy I never had to deal with wells except for my job.  If your well is dry due to a dropping water table can you have it sunk deeper without a permit?  I know there's some risk involved but is titan option that would at least get you some water?


    In local news, heat is hitting the area pretty bad for the first time this year MD it's uncomfortable.  I suppose I can't complain as it has been pretty mild  this summer but still.   Blah!  I cannot wait for cooler weather.  Looks Iike I spend tomorrow rummaging for melt minis and hiding in the  basement!

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  10. On 7/25/2021 at 12:37 PM, Mad Jack said:


     Just finished season one of the 1994 tv show Hawkeye (the literary one, not the comic book one...) starring Lee Horsely, Rodney A. Grant and Linda Carter. Still a pretty decent show. Some decent acting, lot of well-known guest stars. And Linda Carter is freakin' gorgeous and looks amazing in a corset, lol.


    Now I've started 1979's The Adventures of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, starring Gil Gerard and Erin Grey. Forgot how much I loved that show, lol. Awesomely cheesy theme song, lol.  Fun Fact: the voice of the robot Twiki is done by Mel Blanc... Third episode in and they've got Roddy McDowell AND Jack Palance guest-starring... :blink: Next episode the guest star is Cesar Romero...


    After that, I've got the first season of Charmed on the top of the pile...


    I have been enjoying the first season of Charmed.  Its not the greatest thing since sliced bread but it isn't bad.  I do find the characters suffer from 1 note personalities: the innocent one, the angry one, the logical one.  No real human being is that single noted all the time.  But, overall, what I have seen hasnt been bad.  


    I always liked Buck Rogers in all his forms and those shows can be a lot of fun (have to see where i can find that).  The whole concept was a lot of cheesy fun that was intended to be cheesy fun!


    On an obscure note, I was pointed away from a show called Scorch recently, someone calling it really bad, so of course i had to go hunt it down!  Truth be told, I have seen a lot worse.  the dragon is a ventrloquist act and the actor does a pretty good job of it.  Besides the intro song is pretty fun.  OTOH i am not sure if the author of ALF should be suing Scorch or Scorch should be suing ALF but somebody stole somebodies idea!


    the only Anime I have been watching currently is the Seven Deadly Sins finished the first season and working my way through the second.  I am hoping that it picks up the momentum it had in season 1 and doesn't devolve into the showcase of dramatic persona that so many anime shows, and the second half of the season 2 is looking more promising but I may have to give up on that one.  In the second season you could go from episode 2 to episode 9 and you would not lose any important plot points.  Its typical but really sad when that happens.



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  11. Anyone know if irradiation of food to provide shelf stable food is still a thing?  In my first job we worked with a number of companies to develop the technology (long story but the site I worked for started development in 1979 when they discovered a lunch with a well sealed ham sandwich and cookie that was left in a radioactive area in 1954 and it was untouched by time!)  But I haven't seen much since the early 2000s when there were labels saying 'irradiated to extend shelf life'  


    I'd be curious to see if the tech survived the stigmata of being NUCLEAR!

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  12. Joe takes very well to the idea of hanging out and being friends.  He tends to be the good listener or quiet companion as he's learned his stutter and direct mannerisms can put people off.  He's willing to give anything a try though and asks to join in anything his new companions want to try and, for a beginner, is surprisingly good at it.  He does ask Sarah and wrench about the ship systems and tries with his new companions to get into everything and everywhere, including the 'where does this door go' game of exploring the ship.  One of his goals is to explore every emergency escape and alternative operating locations.


    Overall he has a merry time with his new companions, let's them talk and tries to see and do everything on the ship.  Though before bed and after the others depart, he records notes he learned about the ship and gets his kit bag and old vacc suit readied for a quick departure.  He is used to things going wrong....


  13. The usual run plays on Wednesday and then if there is continued interest a table gets grabbed when the other events die down and we can play on!  in 2019 we went every night of the convention.  I will be willing to do the same if people are interested.  dice, death and usually something to keep everyone lubricated, what's not to like?

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  14. 5 hours ago, Pegazus said:

    Nope. That’s the way her father taught her. Since he’s passed, he cannot be asked. He also took his steak sauce and salad dressing recipes to the grave as well.


    sounds like that was a shame!  unique salad dressings are a marvelous thing! (never been much for steak sauce -- but to each their own!)  maybe when he plated it he allowed a small gap and it trapped the juices under the meat?  Either way 


    3 hours ago, haldir said:



    I did give a general warning when we first started that the contents of this adventure was ported over from a 1st edition adventure. ::D: The players have enjoyed the game so far.


    our group made it through the first 3 modules before the adventure diverged too far (they wound up chasing though an undersea city complements of the sea elf prisoner you pick up in the second half of the first module.  the whole thing collapsed not too long after that though.  

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  15. Adventurers gather round! 


    the stinking graveyard in the Lost Lands is releasing its evil into the land.  A party of adventurers opened the doors and then disappeared leaving the gateway open for things best left forgotten to creep out of the darkness.  The Minions of Orcus roam the lands and the season of the froghemouth is drawing near, threatening everyone outside of the walls of the town.


    the path to the graveyard is known, the doors to the mausoleum stand open…  After gorging yourselves on pizza, dare you dare push back the darkness and close the gate to the deeper abyss?


    In the spirit of @Crowley, who cant be at Reapercon this year, this old school dungeon delve will be run using the D&D Rules Cyclopedia rules (also known as BECMI D&D). Free rules are available under the name Labyrinth Lord (which are about 97% inline with the RC). 


    Characters will be provided, but if you want to roll up your own, bring a 5th level character, rolling 3d6 for ability scores (you can assign them where you like), with whatever non-magic equipment you like.  I’ll hand out magic items at the table.


    Any questions? 


    calling on those who have come before  @Dragoneye @TripleH @Green Eyed Monster @rawlkeer @Jeepnewbie  @Inarah @Thes Hunter but not everyone will be there and there is and there's always room for another sacrifice  meatshield  adventurer at the table! 

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  16. 11 hours ago, Pegazus said:

    She said she doesn’t know with bone in, but if the bone was out then it would be upside down. 

    No idea how to tell myself and she seems tired of the subject. 


    As noted, the only time i have seen it plated the other way was when the bone was still attached.  given the thickness of beef ribs, you dont see that much anymore (with the full tomahawk cut a slab of standing rib roast is 1.5 to 2 inches thick and weighs 32-48 ounces of meat).  there is no reason why it couldnt be plated rind in but again, a rare steak would probably create a pool of juices on the rim of the plate and cause a spill.  


    interesting, I dont suppose she ever explained why the alternative plating was done by her family?


    7 hours ago, haldir said:

    Fun night at the FLGS running Ghosts of Saltmarsh. We got a new player, so it was nice to see some new blood at the table. The players went into a room with a fireplace as they seen a glint of something shiney. They were set upon by 2 spider swarms. After initiative rolls & a couple players went, it was the spider's turn. I grab 2 d20s & declare which is for whom & threw em down, 2 natural 20s. I don't think I've ever done that one before (2 20s in a row, yes, all the time, just never in 2 separate attacks). The paladin ate 18 points of damage & the rogue took 14. Both characters are 1st level so both went down. The party did finish off the swarms (the drunk monk killed both....ok then) & was able to stabilize the rogue. The paladin did his death saves & it came down to a 50/50 roll & he succeeded.

    The treasure turned out to be a 5 sp quartz crystal!! The human fighter took the sphere (it's a counterweight used in a alchemist tool set) & just chucked it out a broken window.  HA HA (Loved the reaction on that one!).


    The party finished off the 1st & 2nd levels of the house, they've explored the cellar but they didn't go into the skeleton room yet or find the secret door to the tunnels. They'll do that next Weds! Funny thing is they are afraid of fireplaces now. :devil:

    That fireplace is a deathtrap!  my group had a similar experience, except it was the warlock rooting around in the fireplace whom the swarms descended on and the rest of the party started attacking the swarm while it was still on the warlock.. with lit oil...


    the warlock survived (death save mechanic) but from then on had a healthy fear of both fire places and spiders!

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  17. On 8/8/2021 at 3:05 PM, Skallabjorn said:


     and toddlers rarely climb well. 


    wish you had told my youngest that, especially before the second ceiling fan incident.  bookshelves, curtians, and the stair bannister from the outside were all fair game until he was about 4.


    now he doesn't like heights, go figure?


    14 hours ago, Mad Jack said:

     Anytime someone asks me how I did something I just look them straight in the eye ( just long enough to almost be uncomfortable) and completely earnestly and in dead seriousness say, "Magic." without elaborating before I walk off.

    my co-workers already suspect me of this.  I try not to encourage the behavior.  its really disturbing when your co-workers start give you a warding sign instead of a wave when you walk by...

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  18. On 8/10/2021 at 9:45 AM, Jasper_the_2nd said:

    So the oldest boy lives out in Calgary, which has a much higher rate than out here.

    But he is still not vaccinated, at all.

    This has nothing to do with him being anti-vax either.  This has to do with a severe lifelong phobia about needles.

    It's so bad that the few times they've talked about it on the phone he has become lightheaded and nauseous.  He knows he should be getting it, but without anyone to drag him there, he can't help but avoid it.

    And it's not like he's in a low risk of exposure situation. He has housemates that work in the restaurant field, and he's had to get tested at least twice due to potential exposures at their places of business.

    My wife's kind of stuck on how to get him past it.....



    I am sort of surprised that they havent brought out the subdermal pneumatic injectors again.  they sting like anything when they are used but they have no needles.  phobias are weird things.  I have a friend with a needle phobia and won't talk about them.  He always talks about someone else having the shot and he and his doctor discuss all of his procedures indirectly.  when he has to have one the doctor will distract him with some procedure while his nurse gives him the shot, all the while discussing the problem of this other person and getting verbal permission to have this done to the other person.


    Its weird but it works for him.

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  19. 1 hour ago, Pegazus said:

    Hey, ya’ll are smart. Does anybody have a link or personal knowledge of how to plate prime rib?


    The reason I ask is that my wife gets it at Outback every time we go. And every time the meat is “backwards”. Now, if it was a 50/50 thing, I would say it’s just an uncouth plating. But every time makes me wonder. Her father owned a steak house in Japan, which leads me to believe that there are two “styles” competing here and I am curious to see what that could be. 

    Are you referring to rind in or rind out?  I was taught to serve ribeye (prime) roast with the fat rind towards the edge of the plate (so the fat prevents juices from accumulating at the edge of the plate and running off) and standing rib with the bone to the plate edge (so it doesnt stick into the other food on the plate or interfere with removal.)  is there another way to plate it that I don't recognize?

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