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  1. Holy cats! I cannot even wordify how amazing this is.
  2. The only Peter Jackson movie I particularly care for. I had forgotten Spaced Invanders. "Prepare to die earth scum!" Lot of great movies here. I am also stupidly excited about the new Ghostbusters movie.
  3. Well, he had a decent run. Godspeed.
  4. Building a new pump house, and I have minimal carpentry skills. Last weekend I was rushing to get all the metal cut for the outside, and we were running short on daylight. Everything went well except the very last piece. I even measured twice. Oh, well.
  5. One of my favorite Halloween movies that isn't actually a Halloween movie is Clue. We watched it on Halloween a long time ago, and it has always stuck with me.
  6. I tend to not eat much ice cream due to some lactose intolerance. I do like me a good mango sorbet though. However my perfect end of meal dessert would be a homemade blackberry cobbler with cow butter and crispy crust on top.
  7. Gardetto's Mustard Flavored pretzels, though they are increasingly difficult to get. I also enjoy vegetables like celery and carrots or sugar snap peas as a snack.
  8. The Song of Durin - Clamavi De Profundis. I've also recently gotten into Audiobooks while driving. If you haven't listened to Kenny and the Dragon narrated by Alan Cummings I highly recommend it.
  9. I am a self professed introvert. This is the third week I've been back in the office training the newbie, and it's really telling how much people drain me. Constant interaction...ugh. The good news is I'm almost ready to just let him fly free little bird, and ask me questions about the things that cause him confusion. Last week I started working half days from home, and I'll be honest, if I can swing it even after Covid season I will try my hardest to work from home full time. I'm so much more productive, even if I do tend to work longer hours because it's easier to keep working sometimes than shut down a project when I'm already right where I'll be for the rest of the evening. October means Christmas for me, but not in a bad way. I start all my Christmas projects like the painting of the cards, and picking out the few gifts that I buy.
  10. Many Happy Returns of the Day
  11. Many Happy Returns of the Day
  12. Many Happy Returns of the Day
  13. I love the changes to the Black with a powerful love. No, seriously. Black Dragons are my favorite of all the chromatics, and the first 1E dragon I ever fought. I will never not love the design for the Blacks from the 1e MM. Thanks for making my Monday happy.
  14. Man I loved Warlock, but it is one of those movies that didn't really make the crossover to more modern media well. A couple of others I enjoy that are acceptable for Halloween are Night Breed and Solomon Kane. Solomon Kane is one of the great underrated movies of our time, and James Purefoy is brilliant. I get that the production values may not have been the highest, but still a great flick. Night Breed hasn't aged as well, but it's still a decent watch.
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