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  1. He's just trying to let the whole world know you are owned by him, so that no random strays try to claim you.
  2. I doubt I will be in attendance. Maybe, who knows, but probably not.
  3. Many Happy Returns of the Day, @Morihalda
  4. I always enjoy your daily briefings. They say that God created man, and Sam Colt made them equal. For your viewing pleasure did you know that in Soviet Russia Papa Joe (Stalin) banned western music. In response there was a niche of bootleggers who pressed western music into discarded X-Rays. Collectors call these Bone Music.
  5. However many ReaperCons I've been to. Maybe 4 or 5. My favorite is Ringmaster Sophie.
  6. I've been listening to a couple a lot lately. The Adam Ezegelian cover of Sweet Child of Mine. The Super Guitar Bros Final Fantasy Medley. Clamavi de Profundis Song of Durin. I listen to music a lot though. It's as necessary to me as breathing.
  7. I cook in my crockpot a lot. I usually start things on Saturday night or afternoon and they are finished sometime Sunday. I have a lot of crockpot (see slow cooker, same thing) recipes. Another thing to remember is you can still burn things in a slow cooker, it just takes longer. So, be mindful of that.
  8. I usually wear jeans and a button up shirt tucked in with my work boots. Sometimes I"ll wear a sweater or nicer pull over in place of the button up and cargo or khaki pants. I used to read all the time. It got so bad that my parents limited my trips to the library to once per week (the library was a trip in to town so not just popping down the block). As recently as a few years ago I was reading about 3-5 books per week. These days I read much slower. I wear many more hats, and I'm just generally more tired all the time. I can't stay up 'til 3 am reading and then be at work at 7 with no real foul. These days if I read it's how to get a SQL query working that's freaking out or how old bull calves need to be before you band them. You know, the light reading stuff. My backlog of books is getting deeper and deeper. I'm currently trying to work my way through The Malazan Book of the Fallen and The Expanse.
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