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  1. Your painting style is very unique and inspirational. When I place a giant order to Ral Partha for minis that I don't need or have room for it will be your fault. Really excellent work.
  2. Everyone have a fun and safe RCon.
  3. Excellent. Glad to hear you are still painting. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.
  4. Great work on both the elf and dwarf. We need more different Vampire subtypes represented in miniatures imo. Undead are my most favoritest foes to throw at players.
  5. Excellent. Really solid work. Metallics are my favorite, but they have a learning curve to them just like NMM if you want to move beyond the "basecoat-wash-highlight-done" method. I'm not knocking that method at all, by the way, because it produces some great results if executed well, but there is a lot more nuance to metallics if you want there to be.
  6. The only gripe I have is that there are decently priced bundles that let you get a variety of Elves and Dwarves, but the similarly labeled bundle for Goblins has 3 models. I will likely back this, but I'm not sure how deep yet, or what options I'll go with.
  7. Great work. I have modified or replaced a lot of the weapons on the original Bones for just this reason in similar fashions.
  8. A dragon about as iconic as it gets. Reaper makes some young dragons in Bones. Maybe a rust monster? Ogres, stirges, Lizardmen all spring to mind.
  9. These are really great. You've given me a lot of inspiration to paint up some of my gobbos.
  10. Is it specifically Kolinsky Sable you are avoiding, or all types of Sable? I am asking because my understanding was, possibly wrong, that red sable comes from the same beastie, but is just hairs from other locations and not the preferred. In my recent reading I haven't heard of many natural hair types outside of sable that really point well enough for the kind of work we do. I've seen a few squirrel/synthetic blends that purport to do so, but most of the other natural hair brushes I see are utilized in larger round brushes. I'm very interested to see what people recommend here.
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