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    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Glad to hear.
  2. Loim

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Speaking of children, I'm a firm believer in lying to young kids and calling them by names which are not their own. Most of the young ladies I know are either a Fred or a George. Sometimes I branch out. My best friend's daughter is The Zergling.
  3. Loim

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I woke up this morning with Moonage Daydream stuck in my head.
  4. Loim

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    A "true" longbow had a D cross section. However, it's one of those words like Broadsword that have fallen into common usage and don't typically mean what it started off meaning. Now Longbow is generally understood to mean any bow that is longer than 60" NTN (nock to nock). In particular the American Longbow is a thing, though it usually has a flat cross section. Don't get me started on reflex and deflex bows and how those get bandied about :). I'm by no means an expert, but I've picked this up over the last few years due to my obsession with archery. I personally prefer the Mollegabet or the Pyramid Bow. I also find it somewhat interesting that some of the same advances or discoveries were made in primative archery in widely different areas and cultures. It's also fascinating how the advancement in stringed stick technology was driven by the available materials.
  5. Loim

    Paint Equivalents

    Have you looked at Copper Verdigris for the Ghostly Moss? It may not be as blue, and I don't have my paints here in front of me.
  6. I like the concept of the Combine Spires in Everquest. Scheduled teleportation on a regular basis across continents or even worlds that doesn't require you to be a powerful wizard. Teleportation in general really. If I could port my life would be a lot more convenient :).
  7. Loim

    77019: Orc Swordsman

    Finally getting some more paint on this guy. This may be my new favorite base for painting leather.
  8. This is what I'm working on at the moment. I had to start over a few time due to issues with the sculpt. Before I even got started I had to, well I didn't have to but I chose to, fix some of the more obvious problems with the sculpt using Apoxie Sculpt. Some of the mail had no detail at all, so I add it in, and there were some just terrible mold lines. I finally just decided to say forget it and move on with the painting. I was going for more of a grey skin, but ended up with a greener skin. I'm ok with where it's going, but on the next Orc I'll adjust the skin tone. Sorry the pics are a bit wonky.
  9. I don't fear the weather. Having said that, I had a tornado come through very close to me this previous Saturday. It didn't do any damage to my apartment, but a lot of houses and buildings close to us got trashed. I realized when it was going down that I didn't have any place else to go, so why worry, but at the same time it's humbling to realize that things are beyond your control.
  10. Two or three maybe, to a very fast tabletop standard. Which would be basecoat, wash, drybrush, done. Normally I don't finish even one miniature in anything like a day.
  11. I never understood the appeal of TBBT. I have some friends who couldn't understand why, being a geek, I didn't absolutely love it. I tried watching it a few times and overall didn't care for it. I'm glad they had a good long run, and I hope that fans got what they wanted from the show. Generally speaking I don't have any interest on anything that runs on network television. Speaking of Doc Martin, great show. Too bad it's not on Netflix anymore.
  12. Legacy of the Void. I hate timed missions, because it goes against everything about the way I play strategy games, which I get is probably the point. But, I don't find anything fun about them. Once you add in Blizzard's always on line baloney it was the only StarCraft game I regret shelling out the cash for. Once I discovered how much I disliked it I cheat coded my way to the ending, and I haven't loaded it since.
  13. Loim

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    Can't remember if this one was done before, as I've been awol, but the C 96 Mauser Pistol only has one screw in its entire construction and it's the one that holds the grips on.
  14. I'm not really playing any games at the moment.
  15. Loim

    Tiny Furniture's "Quest Board"

    This is brilliant.
  16. Loim

    Colonel Kane' PbP

    Thanks for running it. I understand about life and time constraints. Cheers.
  17. Loim

    77031 Cassie, Gnome Wizard by Werner Klocke

    Oh, this is awesome.
  18. Dumb thing in the kitchen, gotten interested in making mead.
  19. There are a few in Lake Norfork, and I know of at least one more sunken in North West Arkansas. Pretty interesting stuff.
  20. I believe that Atlantis might have been, or at the least was likely inspired by some place that was. Beyond that I won't speculate. As technology advances in archaeology maybe one day we'll know for sure.
  21. I'm also a big fan of the bronzes based on the works of Charles M. Russell.
  22. Not necessarily sculpture, though there is some, but I really like all the building art in Downtown Fort Smith. It's pretty excellent. Beyond that I'd have to say some of the Egyptian stuff I saw @ the Louvre. There was also a lot of terrific street sculpture in and around London. I don't have access to any of my photos at the moment so I can't post pics.