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  1. Is it specifically Kolinsky Sable you are avoiding, or all types of Sable? I am asking because my understanding was, possibly wrong, that red sable comes from the same beastie, but is just hairs from other locations and not the preferred. In my recent reading I haven't heard of many natural hair types outside of sable that really point well enough for the kind of work we do. I've seen a few squirrel/synthetic blends that purport to do so, but most of the other natural hair brushes I see are utilized in larger round brushes. I'm very interested to see what people recommend here.
  2. That's some fancy converterating. Great work. Needs more red though :).
  3. I recently purchased two copies of this mini. I bought two because it's limited edition. I'm really looking forward to painting it, and I'm glad I stumbled across this thread. Fantastic work. Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoy the weathered and nicked look of his sword, though any time I see a figured painted with a notched blade I can't help but think, "This guy does not take care of his kit."
  4. Sorry, kind of late to the party. Has anything been said about estimated production/shipping dates, or are they just a "wait and see?"
  5. I've got nothing but goodwill and respect for the ReaperPeeps. They are and continue to be top notch people. I went in heavy on Bones 1-3. The company has evolved a lot since I ordered my first miniatures from and AD in Dragon Magazine around 2000. I was one of the first few handful in on Bones 1. No regrets, even though the early Bones had some issues. I have backed every KS except Bones IV. I didn't go in too deep on Bones V. I didn't have any real interest in Bones VI, but unfortunately all the great artists associated with Reaper are enablers, and they will fill my Social Media with beautifully painted versions of amazing sculpts. I have 20 of just about every possible low level mook in RPG already in miniature, but I promise there will be Orcses or Goblins or Kobolds and I'll be all "I'm not addicted. I can quit any time I want..."
  6. I have 20 Reaper miniatures. 20 to a large order of 20. I went in early and heavy on the Bones Kickstarters, to date there is only one that I haven't backed to some degree, though I don't foresee backing further KS. I also have a prodigious amount of metal Reaper that I have purchased over the years. Having said that in the last few years most of my mini purchases have not been Reaper. Don't get me wrong I still love Reaper, especially the older metal minis from before the Bonesening, but more and more of their newer offerings are just not really my thing. I still love the company, and it's interesting to see how it has evolved and will continue to do so. I'd be lying to you if I told you I won't buy more Reaper, right now I'm waiting for the Spikeshell Antipaladin to hit retail so I can complete an order I've been slowly building for a while. Reaper has a niche, and they do that niche very, very well but there are certain things that you just need to go elsewhere for if you want it. Now if they would convert their entire Reptus range over to Bones Black or Bones USA I'd probably just hand them my credit card... Right now I'd say that easily 80% of my collection is Reaper. The good (bad?) news is I'm in the process of inventorying all my miniatures so when that's completed I will be able to tell you exactly how much of my horde is Reaper versus other brands.
  7. Klocke minis are always very busy especially when the concept art was done by WAR. Really great job on this. I love the colors you chose for the armor.
  8. Is that an apple pie? Really excellent. Thanks for sharing.
  9. This is super cool. Excellent work.
  10. Hey crew. I hope you are all well. I haven't been around much, but I wanted to pop in and wish everyone a funtastical and happy Holiday Season. Stay safe.
  11. Never tried a Manhattan. I usually order Dark Beer, Cider, or Bourbon. I'm sure there are a lot I will never try. Probably absinthe. I can say I will never again have an old fashioned. I'm reading a lot of books right now. Eye of the World - Robert Jordan (re-read) Leviathan Wakes - James SA Corey (re-read) Memories of Ice - Steven Erikson Ride the Rap - Elmore Leonard
  12. I'm also loving the adventure content. I play mostly Labyrinth Lord as my system, but it's not tough shakes to convert. Cheers.
  13. Still waiting for 02938: HUMAN FIGHTER, BORIS to transition into Bones Black or Bones USA so I can buy a few of them :P.
  14. Is there a schedule for the release on the various figures that were in the Bones V Kickstarter?
  15. I keep hoping these will go into production.
  16. Really love the rust effect on this.
  17. This miniature is not really my jam, but the paint job is masterful. I particularly like the effects you got on the candy cane.
  18. I would love to see more of the Reptus models move to the Bones Format. Some of them are heckin' chonkers, and they would work well in the material I think.
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