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  1. I'm also struggling with this a bit. So far I've had best luck with sanding sticks, needles, and very fine sandpaper.
  2. I will add an addendum that I don't use nonstick pans. All the pans I own are either steel or cast iron, so adjust accordingly if you're trying my method. I have a friend who taps the side of her egg with a spoon to crack it then opens it the rest of the way.
  3. It should be noted that I am no expert on cooking anything, especially eggs, but I cook and consume a lot of eggs.
  4. If I'm scrambling I use the edge of the bowl I'm whisking them in or if I'm frying them I use the edge of the pan. I can crack them one handed but it's hit or miss. I first take the egg in question and tap it lightly against a hard surface on the edge where I intend to crack it. Then I take it and rap it sharply but lightly on that same edge on the inner lip of the bowl/pan. If done correctly this makes a small indentation and cracks almost all the way around the egg. then I grasp the sides opposite the crack and pull apart. Egg shell then goes into the disposal or the compost con
  5. Because they are a fictional creature and therefore there is no empirical evidence of the presence of lack of awesomeness therefore it can be stated they are awesome, and no one can disprove it.
  6. Preferred ruleset these days for me is OSR. Picking just one I'd have to go with Labyrinth Lord, though they are all pretty interchangeable. I don't get to play ever, and any time I've tried to run a play by post on here it never gets anywhere so it's fairly academic. I don't think any particular ruleset is better, but I just can't care anymore about rule heavy systems like Pathfinder, which is shame because it has some wonderful lore. Back when I was in High School and we were playing semi regularly we were dirt poor, so our books were all a mish mash of 1e and 2e, and we used it pretty int
  7. @Inarahare you hypothesizing that Kyber crystals function like LED?
  8. I expect I will probably just take a pass. I love RCon, mostly just for seeing everyone since I don't really have any interest in entering the competition again, and I haven't taken classes in a few years. I agree that it is the responsible thing for Reaper to do. As we get closer to the event if things have improved and they open it up I may drive down for a day or two. I wish the rest of you well in getting tickets.
  9. I'm still more excited for some of the figures that are in the Bones USA banner than are currently released. I'm eagerly awaiting more additions to this line.
  10. Peonies. Jonquils have already bloomed, so I can't be looking forward to them.
  11. I think everyone should post pictures of their cats. So that there will at least be something redeeming about today.
  12. I had some kind of chocolate thing in Italy. I have no idea what it was called. It was served in a cup, and it was not quite solid. It was pretty delicious, but I don't expect my palate could handle that kind of sweets these days.
  13. So, I will admit to a certain amount of ignorance. I had to go read up on how VAT works. I'm not entirely certain I've got my head around it yet. All and all I can't decide if it's a better or a worse system than the one we have in place.
  14. My favourite baseball Team are the Detroit Tigers for Major and the Arkansas Travellers for Minor. I'm not much of a fan, but I do enjoy an occasional game. No dice on convincing me to root for the Reds, though nothing but love for Reds fans. Wasn't Sidd associated with the Mets? Maybe? So far I'm dealing with Help Desk Tickets and talking to users.
  15. Thanks for the heads up. I don't utilize rattle cans because the weather and my location make them not a viable option, but it's super cool that this is an option.
  16. Do you play tabletop games? If so do you prefer board games, card games, or RPG? What RPG is your preferred ruleset and why? Why is Morihalda the best? Hint: There are many right answers. If you could spend one day shadowing an artist and talking shop who would you choose?
  17. https://www.reapermini.com/search/gun/sku-up/14472
  18. I use Army Painter Warpaints Antishine on my minis. I brush it on, but it can be pushed through an airbrush too.
  19. I can't think of anything in particular that I'd rather see from another perspective. This does bring to mind the book A Night in the Lonesome October, though. Told from the perspective of Jack the Ripper's dog. Pretty interesting book.
  20. There isn't much food I won't eat. I won't eat tripe or chitterlings. Other than that I try to keep an open mind about all things culinary. I used to not like brussels sprouts, but I quite like them now. I also tended most of my life to shy away from "raw" foods, but after trying sushi I am a big fan. I've never heard of sauerkraut with caraway in it. Interesting. I quite like it myself. One of my favourite ways to have it is cooked with some summer sausage and some blackeye or crowder peas on the side and cornbread of course. There isn't much "eat out" food
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