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  1. I collect quotes. It's hard for me to pin down a favourite because it often changes depending on how I feel at that time. So I'll share one of the many that I love. Welcome, stranger. The paths are treacherous today. - Qanuc Saying (Tad Williams - The Dragonbone Chair)
  2. I like chert. It's pretty and it makes nice stone points.
  3. Today is the anniversary of Bilbo's arrival by barrel at Esgaroth upon the Long Lake. It is also Bilbo and Frodo's birthday and the Autumnal Equinox. Happy Fall to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere and Happy Spring to all those south of the Equator.
  4. Depends on its age classification.
  5. Naps always help. Tea. A hot shave.
  6. I've always loved this mini, and you did her justice. Great work.
  7. Additionally you could just use a circle of clear styrene for the prop if you want it in operation. I think I got the ME BF 109 in my swag bag the year they gave these out.
  8. I associate summer with all the farm chores that have to be done being miserably hot instead of miserably cold.
  9. Do you want to take a nap? I engaged in no piratical activities.
  10. I approve of this.
  11. I've got more years behind me than before me, and I don't particularly feel like an adult on any given day. I'm mostly just stumbling along faking it as best I can and hoping for the best outcome.
  12. My favorite miniature is Handy Havrik Master Guildsman. It is a Red Box mini that unfortunately has been oop for a while. I bought 3 or 4 copies of it just because. I don't have any decent pics at the moment.
  13. I have broken a few bones. I once cut the tip off my left index finger, but just a bit, no bone damage. I've had my head split open a few times, but probably the worst was when I inadvertently pushed my hand through a glass door and had to have stitches.
  14. I spent Labor Day laboring, that's how it's done right? I'm not, nor have ever been a member of a Union. Five things to summon me; a cat, coffee or tea, some Hoppes No. 9 (for smell), a well worn hoodie, and pasta.
  15. I'm in the same boat. Cool minis, but I basically have all of this already in one form or another.
  16. The last artists I supported directly were James Wappel, Rhonda Bender, and Dyson Logos because I patronize them on Patreon.
  17. Really lovely work. Thanks for sharing these. I first encountered the Rakshasa in Curse of the Azure Bonds, and they terrified me.
  18. Not going. Looking forward to (hopefully) an end to the oppressive heat. Also Bilbo's birthday.
  19. Shaving. It's a whole process for me since I shave using a double edged razor, soap, and a brush. On the really bad days I even involve a kettle of boiling water and a hot towel.
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