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  1. Well I have both the Rune Wights and the Dragonfolk so I'm def delayed.
  2. The Black is my absolute favourite, but they all look great.
  3. I honestly don't remember what wave I was/am. I'm trying to remain aloof and not drive myself crazy by checking my inbox incessantly, as I suspect I'll be one of the delays.
  4. I'm ambivalent about the use of camera if it's business. If it's personal I prefer to have video.
  5. You can also use a protractor to scribe a 45% line if you don't want to miter.
  6. I got a cheap set from Harbor Freight. Not the very best made, but good enough for me.
  7. I've sculpted a few things. Mostly scenery or things for basing. I've done some skulls (these still need work). I did a haunted tree. I did some gravestones.
  8. I watched them while I was working from home, at least some of them, but I find that now I'm back in the office I have rubbish Cell service, and honestly too many distractions to focus.
  9. Honestly I'm pretty well done with Kickstarters. I fell Victim to the Guthrie and Ridolfi sculpts in this latest Reaper KS because I saw them at ReaperCon, but I've just about reached critical mass with the amount of stuff I own. I can barely squeeze in time to hobby as it is. I no longer log into KS or pay much attention to the offerings. In previous Kickstarters I usually looked for something that was new or interesting, or a new spin on something existing.
  10. Movie would probably be Ghibli film, since those are nice and neutral, or a Wes Anderson. If they haven't seen it I would probably start with My Neighbor Totoro or Rushmore. I have the Hellboy Board Game. I'd love to crack it open.
  11. I've been playing a lot of WoW Classic, but favourite game title goes to The Last of Us. Best game I've ever played.
  12. And games only worked on Channel 3 or Channel 4 (depending on how you had the selector set).
  13. I figured out a way to Game Oregon Trail on the Apple IIe so that it was all but impossible to lose. I mean you might still get the odd bad RNG, but I could almost count on winning every time. I was that kid.
  14. Probably Pac Man or Space Invaders. Whatever came with our Atari 2600.
  15. I enjoy sushi. My current favorite is called a Tempation of Fire. I do sometimes enjoy Egg in my Ramen, but not always. My current favorite museum is the Saunders Museum in Berryville, AR. Such an eclectic collection of things that he gathered over the years.
  16. My apartment is not particularly energy efficient, so I tend to try and produce heat as little as possible. Leftover are always a good choice. Salads or cold sandwiches are good. I also enjoy grilling quite a lot; dogs or brats, burgers, sometimes steaks.
  17. I'm slowly losing my will save vs. buying a 3d printer. Have any of you used any of the plant based resins for printing? How do they hold up? Do you have any compatibility issues across brands?
  18. Oatmeal raisin or craisin are the preferred cookie. I do also like peanut butter and chocolate no bake, and just straight up peanut butter.
  19. Depends on the person. Usually 9 pm is a pretty solid rule though.
  20. I can't speak for paints other than Badger or Reaper, but I use the same thing for thinning that I do for cleaning, which is a mixture of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol. Hope that helps.
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