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  1. IronChief

    winter contest discussion

    Me too actually! The poll is up and they listed one entry from... everybody. I guess Reaper decided waited a week to decide not to judge the contest.
  2. IronChief

    winter contest discussion

    If I ran the zoo... First I would salute all the entries. I admire anyone who is willing to take brush in hand and create something. Also, I believe that it takes more courage to submit something to the public view knowing you are not one of the best painters and/or photographers in the land. I wish Reaper awarded a door prize for these contests to honor the efforts of the less skilled. But since some people <wink> seem to be getting impatient. Here are my favorites in no particular order: Barak_Wolf - Harbinger joe b - Elf Nameless - Dragon cookjimjr - Edge of Chaos Marsya - Goblins Inarah - Winter Queen Bailer - Indian Shaman MamaGeek - Spike Warrior Citrine - Olivia Dargrin - Dwarf There were some rough decisions picking just a top ten. I can see why the fine folks at Reaper may be having trouble making the official list.
  3. From - 14041: Familiars I(5) by Werner Klocke "Who you callin' a fairy?"
  4. IronChief

    Halloween contest

    My thanks to Reaper for hosting the contest. It was my first on-line painting contest, and I must say it was a treat. Looking forward to many more.
  5. IronChief

    Halloween '09 Contest

    Fly my children of the night! Fly! 14017: Naomi, Necropolis Mage - A little something from the Warlord range