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    Huge Otyugh

    Early 80's, TSR put out a "range" of plastic figures that included this neo-otyugh. As I recall, there were some adventurers, humanoid monsters and some other monsters like this (carrion crawler, shambling mound, etc). All were sized around "Star Wars" figure scale. I have this guy in all his orange and yellow glory sitting beside Dr. Strange on my old-stuff shelf. =-Jake
  2. Your sad devotion to that ancient measurement system has not helped you conjure up the stolen data tapes, or given you enough clairvoyance to find the rebels' hidden fortress... I ALMOST shot coffee out of my nose. =-Jake
  3. Deadeye_Jake

    Some Minis Needing Identification

    The sword/gun dude to the far left is: Captain Melvin "King" Kong of Los Estados Unidos Banana De Republico. Critter Commandos is the company that currently produces him and his troopers. Not sure where or if someone manufactured him previously. =-Jake
  4. Deadeye_Jake

    Who's making good catfolk minis?

    Anitmatter Games has a pretty sweet one, the Ocelotl Longtooth for the Axibalan Empire.
  5. Deadeye_Jake

    Rooming at ReaperCon

    **SNIP** The hotel offers rollaways too if im correct (for an extra fee I think). We tried last year and were told in no uncertain terms that they did not have rollaways. Possible we got a less-than-knowledgable employee but I would confirm before you go with that plan... =-Jake
  6. Deadeye_Jake

    77194 : Call of Cthulhu

    Yeah, that base is pretty fantastic!
  7. Deadeye_Jake

    Weirwood (AKA Heart Tree)

    Having worked with lead and watching the aluminum-v-ant videos online, I suspect that lead would cool too rapidly to form the tunnels correctly.
  8. Deadeye_Jake

    Egyptian Themed Animals

    Very nice! I guess Indegogo will be getting more of my monies! Those rock bases remind me of some plastic minis I had. Do you know what material these will be made from? =-Jake
  9. Deadeye_Jake

    Overused Hollywood stuff

    What? I always land like this when I fall from any height. I very rarely break every bone in my arm....
  10. Deadeye_Jake

    Bloodstone Gnomes

    Slight problem with the build. Since the Bloodstone Golem is a construct, it cannot have the necklace (or any other equipment for that matter). Page 36 of the Savage North book under "Personal Equipment" details that Monsters and Constructs cannot have personal equipment. One work around would be to take the Return to Me Doctrine. That gives Lesser and Greater Golems the Summoned SA. So Kulgurk and Glaktu could summon them in later and could bounce them around the battlefield with the extra summon ability from that doctrine. =-Jake
  11. Deadeye_Jake

    Sports fandom

    Interesting. I was recently accosted about my fan-ship for the Oakland Raiders. Having grown up in South Dakota and living in Texas for most of my adult life, the accosters were incredulous about my fan pedigree. So you see, we got our first family television for Christmas in 1980. My father HATED organized sports in general, but I was able to sneakily watch Superbowl XV and my lifelong fanaticism for the Raiders was born. After all was said and done, the accosters agreed that I must truly be a Raiders fan since I still root for them after all these "lean" years. =-Jake
  12. Deadeye_Jake

    test thread, please read

    Saw it around 5:00 this morning, locked. Posting just fine (now that I remembered what sub-forum it was in). =-Jake
  13. Love it! Great concept. The creeping rust effect is particularly nice.
  14. Deadeye_Jake

    ShadowSea - Conquest of the Underlands

    Woo hoo! Got all my minis (and already received replacement parts for one mispack). Now just waiting on the book so I can stop flipping through the pdf
  15. Deadeye_Jake

    Ebay feedback: Advise me.

    If you are the average seller, you get like 50 or 100 items listed for free each month. However, they ding you pretty good on the final value fees. Its 10% of total including shipping, but eBay does offer a discounted USPS shipping. Then you pay a percentage for using Pay Pal but I'm not clear on how that's calculated.
  16. Deadeye_Jake

    Ebay feedback: Advise me.

    As a fairly frequent eBay seller, I've had a couple of unpleasant experiences so maybe I have a different perspective. I tend to be the guy that individually bubble wraps everything.... If I was bothered by the packaging, I would check the seller's other feedback. If they have a low # of feedback scores, maybe they didn't realize their mistake and you should point it out/ask for a partial shipping refund. Same if they have a good number of scores but no negatives. If they don't respond or refuse a reasonable request, I would leave then neutral feedback with an explanation. However, if they have other negative feedback, I would pile on. If they are receiving negative feedback and not responding appropriately, they deserve it. Maybe you save someone down the road the headache of dealing with the seller.
  17. Deadeye_Jake

    Freeblades Miniatures . Kickstarter 3

    Project just funded! YAY!!
  18. Deadeye_Jake

    Freeblades Miniatures . Kickstarter 3

    After playing their demo at ReaperCon '14, my son and I are going in on this KS. The models are nice, the game mechanics are sound and very fun to play. The set up and campaign rules are somewhat similar to Mordheim....but with a company that plans to support the game for a while...
  19. While I don't have the depth of experience with Warlord 1.0 that some on here do, I think you have rediscovered the over-powered ranged combat that plagued said edition. If you are going to bump up ranged combat stats, then I would suggest making everyone a ranged combatant. I personally think The Other GameTM has some seriously ridiculous problems with super-science blaster folk running up to each other to hit them with swords. I guess you could do a couple things like decking out your up-close-and-personal fighters with DR and heavy Defect bonuses (assuming you don't have too many Marksman SAs). Bogged down in mechanics? Pah! If we don't want mechanics we can just play checkers. =-Jake
  20. Deadeye_Jake

    Happy birthday, haldir!

    Nice bonus B-day present! Happy B-day!
  21. Deadeye_Jake

    what was your favorite part?

    Yeah, picking a favorite is tough. Met so many great people this year. All the gaming was a blast. I think perhaps sifting though the metal trade bin is in my top 5 as well. =-Jake
  22. Deadeye_Jake

    A personal thanks

    There were cookies?? Why did no one mention that there were cookies?? cutebutpsycho, I'm looking at you....
  23. Deadeye_Jake

    Boardgames Night??

    Any takers for after-hours Arkham Horror?
  24. Deadeye_Jake

    KS Goes Psycho - screws backers royally.

    Wow, crazy much? Or publicity stunt?
  25. Deadeye_Jake

    Knight Models Star Wars Han Solo 32mm

    Super nice!! Thanks for sharing