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  1. Just looking at my Nef models and thinking about some plots and builds..... How, exactly, does Part Death's River spell work? The "range" and the "AOE" are confusing to me. Does the caster grab as many undead as he wants to teleport with? Do all the undead have to be within the 3" AOE when cast? Does the caster have to be within the same 3" AOE when cast? The Results seem pretty clear...that all models end up 18" away and all undead must be within 3" of the caster. I'm just confused about the initial placement... Thanks =-Jake
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    Part Death's River spell Q:

    AHA! Silly me~ I was relying on the Army Creator and not checking with the rule book… 5”AOE makes a lot more sense…..
  3. Deadeye_Jake

    Part Death's River spell Q:

    Ok….. So if its 3 from the caster, it is not truly a 3 AOE, right? For instance, if a standard based caster uses the spell, he/she/it gets its base + 3 (sort of a 4 AOE) but if the Sphinx (lrg base) casts it, he gets protentially more models moved because he has something like a 4 ½ AOE…. OR…. Do you use the center of the caster’s base for the 3”AOE? This would mean the sphinx would just about have to be in B2B with any models he wanted to teleport…
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    Heh....yeah, that would be my army getting moshed by Mossbeard and DR/2 Danithal (ugly synergy) I have been trying to run a predominantly shooty Darkspawn army with limited suceess. Shooty just doesnt seem to do it against DR models. Perhaps Elfisses can pull it off. Any thoughts on making shooty more effective? Totems help with MAV. Many spells help with H2H but not so much for RAV. Fire/barrage/poison doesnt usually help (fricken non-poinsonable constructs!). =-Jake
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    Asylum Closed on Sundays

    All Sunday events will be held in the parking lot! This will be especially beneficial for the painting classes, working under natural lighting conditions and all....
  6. Got a question about casting damaging spells on your own troops. If (for some reason) you want to kill one of your own troops and you cast a damaging spell on it, do you have to overcome its MD or can you just get a regular casting check to whack it? Along similar lines, if you "accidentally" cast an area effect spell and catch some of your own troopers, do you roll against their MD or do you affect them with a regular check. Can you decide which to do? For instance, if your troopers have a VERY low MD and a regular casting check would be more difficult, can you decide to do it that way or are you forced one way or the other? Clear as mud? Thanks =-Jake
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    Burning + Stunned = ??

    What is the effect of being set afire (burning) and being stunned at the same time? For instance, if I get hit by the Fiery Hammer spell and take both effects.... Do you still get to put yourself out with your one action before you take damage? Under the Burning description it seems to indicate that you take a point of damage regardless since you only have one action to take. =-Jake
  8. Is counting the days til ReaperCon 2011

  9. Deadeye_Jake

    Vampire Mouse? O_o

    Well Doug, now you're just being obtuse!
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    Actually.....I did see the model. At least I was told by the sculptor that it was to be the Broodmaster. It looked very dragony, sort of an extremely tall Brood of Payanak rider (maybe 4ish inches tall) with its mouth open. The sculpt did not have its wings (at least I assume that's how it would fly) but reminded me of a bipedal dragon. Hmmmm.....upon reading the desc and thinking about it some more.... I suspect that what I saw was the Broodmaster's dragon mount......
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    Overheard at ReaperCon '10

    During a Kill ReaperBryan game: "I don't do it in the hallways anymore." -Erin
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    Cool!! So if I bring my assembled but unprimed minis to play against an army with SA Spray models....... I could save a bunch of money on priming!!
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    Fortunately I had swallowed **MOST** of my drink before I clicked the link. I only spewed a little bit.....
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    Opening Time?

    And are there festivities on Wednesday? If so, what would be a good time to get there?
  15. Deadeye_Jake

    Testors Dull Coat

    I have minis that I Testors dull coated maybe 10 years ago and I do not notice any yellowing (could be the crappy paint job, but....). That said, I usually hit minis with a Testors gloss coat then when it dries hit it with a Testors dull coat for extra protection on the battlefield.
  16. Deadeye_Jake


    3 Mossbeards????? I gotta say that 3 DR2 heavy hitters like that would seriously make me consider throwing in the towel before I even started.... Any thoughts on game balancing against this list?
  17. Deadeye_Jake

    Metal Trade In Approved Company List

    How about Flintloque/Slaughterloo minis?
  18. Deadeye_Jake


    I am signed up... How about Dr. Voodoo? Sounds fun....although I have no actual experience with the game
  19. Deadeye_Jake

    Looking for a roomie

    Hey all; This will be my first ReaperCon!! Before l shell out for a hotel..... does anyone need a roomie for the Con?
  20. Deadeye_Jake

    Curent minis you'd like to see rules for

    Definity the 65095: Eldritch Demon ! In fact, I'd love to see a whole faction of Cthulhu-y mins!
  21. Is the attack generated from Rush Attack SA a fight action? Becomes important for things like Shock SA which requires you to have performed a Charge and a fight action....
  22. Where does the begining of the Blowthrough originate? Makes sense to me that it starts at the "mouth" of the creature making the ranged attack. However, we had an incident where a blowthrough model (Size 2) was behind a rank of Size 1 friendlies. He claimed he could simply fire over the heads of the Size 1 friendlies and start the "blowthrough line" farther out..... Additionally, can a blowthrough model stop the line prior to the extreme range if he doesnt want to hit a friendly at the far end??
  23. Mine would have to be Guros, Darkspawn demon captain. Maybe I'm not playing him right but so far he either gets shot to heck or is completely ineffective as a spellcaster. Its like he tries to do too many things and none of them well.