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  1. I played this in the final Beta stages at Owlcon in Houston this year and really had a blast.  I give it a "thumbs up"!


    I am concerned that the $$ funding amount seems pretty high, but what do I know about finance?


    Doc, I have played Car Wars and find that Battle Roads has a much more realistic feel.  The scale is larger and the available actions are much more constrained, as is appropriate to drivers without super computers and 4-wheel steering like Car Wars.


    The only thing I am sad to see was the Beta had pegs for the control panels instead of plastic cubes....I'm thinking kit-bashed lite-brite pegs!


    The 3D prints look a little rougher than the injection molded cars we were playing with in the Beta. 



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  2. Yep, I'm pretty sure his designs were used for all the Roborally bots as well as some of the interior artwork for the original game (early 90's as I recall).  Although he was doing What's New with Phil and Dixie in the early 80's for Dragon magazine.


    Aww, the good ol' days!



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  3. We actually have a reasonable recycling program.  We get one large wheeled bin for garbage and another equal sized bin for paper/metal/plastic.  The bins are large enough that I seldom see recycling piled up around them.


    Anecdotally, driving around town, it appears that about 2/3 of the households participate in this recycling to some extent.



  4. I gotta agree with TaleSpinner to some degree.


    I used to play WFB a LOT!  Then after multiple new editions, obvious power-creep-to-sell-big-expensive-minis and making your favorite unit/character/elite obsolete I gave up.  My money now goes to Reaper and a small handful of other deserving companies.


    I'm not surprised by GW discontinuing WFB (if that is true).  Their main thrust has been their futuristic setting for many years now.



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  5. Early 80's, TSR put out a "range" of plastic figures that included this neo-otyugh.  As I recall, there were some adventurers, humanoid monsters and some other monsters like this (carrion crawler, shambling mound, etc).  All were sized around "Star Wars" figure scale.


    I have this guy in all his orange and yellow glory sitting beside Dr. Strange on my old-stuff shelf.



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