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  1. Ma'al Drakar the Dragon Tryrant faces off against a brave group of adventurers as they attempt to stop her from emerging from one of her ancient temples. Reaper minis used: Ma'al Drakar - 77580 Dwarf Cleric, Herryk - 77220 Human Paladin, Almaran - 03292 Human Wizard, Lashana - 04007 Non Reaper: Elf Acher - Bite the Bullet Studio (3dprint) Bard with Guitar- Bloody Sword miniatures (3d print) Female Tabaxi Rogue - Wizkids
  2. Which would be the proper contest for a diorama that has one very large Reaper figure, 3 standard sized Reaper mini and 3 standard size non Reaper minis?
  3. Nice, and good show showing the lightbox, easy to make but great for pics! Now I have to go buy one of these, I sadly can never quite afford everything on the Bones kickstarters...
  4. That is ugly in the most beautiful way..awesome job!
  5. Really enjoy the patina look on the bull, nice work!
  6. With my collection being rather "large" these days, I've been trying to knock out tabletop quality work, and have shown a few here lately. Was time to slow down and enjoy the process more. I wouldn't say these are contest level, but hopefully better than tabletop! Anyone else find themselves speed painting far too often? (Shaman needs some basing still.) Mini numbers for those that might want to paint one of these themselves 02711 elf 14479 dryad 2805 shaman
  7. The game is Frostgrave, released pretty recently by Osprey. Very Mordeheim feel but faster play and easier system that has surprising depth. I can tell the differences in the photos above of my speed paint to have painted minis vs the ones I took more time on, but overall I am happy with them. Check out the game, it's a fun one.
  8. Frostgrave Warband, includes the following minis from Reaper In order top to bottom. 77159,77175, 77024, 61011,89017,61025, 77066,03255 . One miniature of unknown origin as well, the blue feathered cloak mini in last place. Please feel free to comment if you know what it is :) ! Fun game, and great in that any minis will work for it!
  9. While the Kickstarter was winding down I figured I needed to get to work on some Bones minis. Here are a pair I consider tabletop quality, not competition but hopefully not too shabby. Playing with the wet and dry looks for finishing here as well. So many Bones to paint before August 2016!
  10. Quick painted bones fire elemental, mounted on a custom LED base. Been getting more and more into finding ways to add light to miniatures and the clear Bones minis are simple but the results are great. In a darker area the entire mini lights up well! IMG_0177.MOV
  11. Great contest all, I was amazed with the quality of everyone's work. It always inspires me to push more when I see amazing paint jobs. See you on the next one!!
  12. As new gamers (16 years ago) we started using pop caps and soda cans for miniatures, then one day I went into a hobby shop and saw the wall of Reaper figures. It was, love at first site, and I bought a ton. I collected and collected, then sadly had every miniature I own stolen!! I was pretty upset, but fate came back along when a gentleman I new decided to quit painting minis, and I become the proud owner of his unpainted collection. Since, I have a growing number of miniature lines I buy from, but Reaper is still #1 in my book.
  13. My take on a timeless classic and my favorite Halloween phrase, " I got a rock."! Miniature used: 14150: Grave Horror, Necropolis Monster Pumpkins and ghost made from green stuff,jewelry chain, pumpkin shaped wood base with grass and sand flock.
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