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  1. I had a quick question about the CAV models. I was thinking about getting some of the tanks and flyers ect. What material are they made out of? I just got the new Crossbow and it seems like Bones Black which I like Are the other ones that way too? I do not want them if they are Bones Classic. Anyone know?
  2. I have the bones crusader ardent model and am trying to decide if I want to paint it or not. I would much rather have a metal version, and if it is going to be released I will wait, but if it isn't then I will go ahead and paint him. I noticed that all of the other crusaders that came with him have been released in metal but not him yet. thanks in advance.
  3. thank you for your response and picture, I will completely assemble it then and take a look. :)
  4. A month ago I opened up my Bones 3 Frost Giant King and started assembling him. I then noticed that the right hand on the bracer was miscast and missing half of the snake decoration on it. I contacted Reaper and asked just for the right hand replacement. They were super nice and sent me a whole new frost giant even though I only needed the right hand. The problem is this one had the same exact miscast on the right hand bracer. Is this common on all of them or just a few? Anyone else have this problem? I hate to say something again to Reaper since they sent me a whole new giant and paid the shipping ect but I really want this model to look good since the frost giants were the whole reason I backed bones 3. I guess I am just curious if this is a problem that is on all of them. (I found one painted one on the internet that had that view and it seemed like the detail was all there on that one).
  5. The barbarian thrud or whatever and the highlander encounter chick are a couple I would love to see in metal
  6. that is good new Bryan. I hope at least the barbarian and highlander chick will be. I collect all of your barbarian models and those are beautiful but I am just not a bones guy, so I hope to buy them someday in metal.
  7. I am one of those people who still love metal even if I have to pay more for it. I see there are some neat new figures from bones 2 kickstarter (highland encounter, minotaur demon, ect.). Will these be produced in metal after they are released in plastic?
  8. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/50263 and finally a full squad, thanks!!!!
  9. I am so glad you guys did an Intergalactic marine with assault rifle! If mine and I am sure other people's wishes come true you will do one more pose with assault rifle so a full squad can be made. (I am sure any other weapons or whatever would be appreciated and bought but just one more assault weapon trooper would be perfect). Been waiting along time to finish this squad :)
  10. My buddy was the owner of Dark Horse Miniatures (as well as out local game store for years). I have seen the TMNT and Groo minis he did go for around $25-$30 a pack 10 years ago, not sure if they are the same or go for more now. The Robotech ones prolly even more. He gave me all of his groo minis back in the day since I was a groo fan.
  11. I had heard that there were more intergalactic marines in the pipeline, and even Bobby Jackson mentioned he had worked on some more at one time. Just curious if anyone knew when they were going to be released and what weapon configuration they were going to be. (I am hoping a couple sculpts with just assault rifles and I would be happy). Been waiting forever for these to make a squad for my army. Anyone know?
  12. I am trying to contact Robert Cruse aka Jesterspeed. I was wondering if anyone here talked to him regularly. I have tried his email for last year, and on the message system here. If someone could pass on my message to contact me to him I would appreciate it. My email is [email protected]
  13. I saw the preview mini of the barbarian for warlord. That makes me extremely happy, I was dissapointed when it seemed you would be doing savage north with no human barbarians. Is it going to be a faction, or just a couple models for one of the other factions? Also, I like your dark elves you have been doing, way more interesting the the darkspawn and way better sculpts, keep it up!
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