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  1. I didn’t know the scale until you stated he is on a 1 inch base. Fantastic sculpt and paint work. This is one I’ll be sure to pick up upon release. Well deserving of the gold you brought home.
  2. So I’m going to say regular…. I’m still new to the world of resin. Pic below of the box. I think the clear blue I picked up is ABS like. Is there much difference in how they print?
  3. I 100% agree with this comment. The blue and ocher skin combo turned out wonderful.
  4. I'm quite enjoying my 3D printer so far...even though so much I print will likely not see paint. So far I've been lucky with scaling but I haven't done anything too drastic. From what I read most that state 32-35mm sculpts need to be printed at 87.5%-90% to be closer to the 28-30mm scale which I prefer. I printed a fairy from a different sculptor at 50% which still printed fine, but I wasn't careful with removing the supports and took a piece of her wing with it. That's my biggest problem so far not taking my time removing supports and breaking fine parts of the mini. I use Elegoo Stan
  5. Lots of character in these two. Nice job on bringing out the slightly demented look. I can see them as backwoods cooks for sure that enjoyed a little too much moonshine.
  6. I think we've all been there with reworks especially on figures that linger in your WIP area. If you hadn't stated it we would not have known. Turned out great.
  7. Great work especially on your 2nd mini. The red wings contrast the green nicely. You can always wait sometime and revisit his eye if you like later especially since I imagine he'll be central on your desk for holding your brushes.
  8. Love the style you infused in this piece. Very lovely.
  9. So after a substantial break from painting I purchased a new toy….a resin 3D printer (as I don’t have enough unpainted minis). So far I have enjoyed printing some minis even though my favorite will always be pewter. My first choice to paint of the batch I printed to knock off the rust was this pretty lady Nihae. I printed her at 87.5% as Artisan Guild is too large to suit the rest of my collection. She is about the size of a standard reaper mini printed at this scale. I printed some ferns and quickly put her on a base so she is ready to hit the table sometime soon. C&am
  10. How long has it been since I started a show off thread???? Too long. I have missed everyone and hope to get back to at least a semi regular amount of posts. Figured I’d start with a Reaper mini. For the forum peeps that attended ReaperCon 2019 you may have seen my version of Derek’s beautiful sculpt O-Sayumi or affectionately named Akiko. I had a great time painting this lovely lady. Since I didn’t complete her until Thursday night of the con I didn’t get any photos until last week. Two years to take pics and post them up, not bad huh? I missed ReaperCon and all of you. I have been e
  11. Beautifully done. Everything really works well together on this whole piece.
  12. Executed nicely, really enjoy all the colors. The green really pops.
  13. Nice work here. The copper verdigris turned out great.
  14. Great piece. Love the subdued colors. Did you add the slime or was it sculpted that way?
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