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  1. Hope you feel better soon. This is an interesting sculpt which is off to a great start. Love the work you've done on the headpiece and head area. The blue is a good compliment. Also you're skeleton rocks, the sword and bone is perfect.
  2. Solid advice from Darcstaar I’d start there as well to get a feel for how the face reads after lining. Also for chibis I’ll use anime as inspiration. Looking at Goku (although admittedly more angular) you can see shadows from his hair and in this scene and the lighting is a clear source from one side creating shadow on the left side. Could create ease on the entire mini if you choose directional lighting. Here is a pic on goggled for Ed as she has a more similar face shape to your mini. Again light shadows from her hair but overall little to no shading oh her. Although I do love the artists choice in her blushing look in the middle to her face. Perhaps add some purple tinting/glazing around your succubus’s nose and cheeks under your highlights to create interest. I’d personally just go with the glazing and not the defined ovals in the reference art of Ed. Hopefully some of the above gives you some ideas. Your off to a great start and I look forward to seeing how you tackle the white hair from your reference art.
  3. The beast men look great. Their faces and shields are my favorite things about them. The whole group looks very consistent and nice. I’d say you met your goal.
  4. Nice work on this crew especially in the time you set aside for them. I did mine similar with red and blue squads for the base set. Figured when I add more to the army I’ll expand to other colors. Love the flair on the bases.
  5. It’s the easiest way for me to plan a paint scheme. I know many artists use their PC to flesh out colors, or sketch the mini then paint. It’s not always super accurate printing the stock photo as you’re basically painting over greyscale, but it gives me a good idea with my actual paints. It’s also good for breaking in brand new brushes as the paper is a bit harsh and causes some hair loss to the brush. So only use brand new brushes you’d like to see lose some hair or old brushes towards the end of their life. Most times I play with two-three potential color schemes as I use this method to settle on one. Sometimes I’ll find a mini the alternate scheme is more suited to and I can use at another time. Here is a mini that had two schemes and this led me to choose the blue with red hair and gave me a focused view of my overall plan. Thank you…my poor stormtroopers I had to break from them as they have begun to create a block for me. I leave them out to put a bit of paint on them between other projects and while paint dries. Hopefully soon they’ll get to see the finish line and game table.
  6. Since I haven’t had a WIP in a very long time, I thought this mini would be perfect for it. I plan to paint her up for a Christmas gift for a friend and figured to keep me on track I’d do a WIP. I have a few minis in progress she’ll be my main priority after my Darksword Stephanie Law Bard. I prepped her and primed yesterday after the humidity finally dropped. My current projects in various stages on my desk. And just the pinup after some prep work A few places I could have spent more time on but figured I’ll prime and see what stands out. I used army painter matte black primer followed by Tamiya fine white primer. For the bits on her base I left them in black since she will be the focal point no need to use white on them, it’ll help the colors be a bit more muted. And finally my quick mock up for color checking. I usually just print a stock photo and use my paints over it to plan the general scheme. Now to finish up my bard then onto tackling her flesh. Since she’ll have a hint of sheer with her stocking I needed to be sure the color for her skin and the sheer works and won’t lose the effect due to the color choices. Feel free to post C&C throughout, or ask questions. I’m always happy to share what I can. I’ll do my best to share the steps I take and colors used. Happy painting everyone.
  7. A beautiful start and I'll echo Chaosscoprion fantastic chibi eyes. I'll stay tuned as I love chibis although I don't paint enough of them myself. Perhaps this winter, but for now I'll enjoy seeing your progress.
  8. Great work. The colors work great together and his skin has the perfect amount of blue in the depths.
  9. Nice. I love the roof and windows. A lot of character in this terrain piece.
  10. Awww...such a sweet mini and expression on this guy. I agree with the others the snow dusting is awesome and really accents the paintwork. Nice job all around.
  11. Welcome to the forums. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Nice water weird.
  12. Any of your choices will be awesome I'm sure. Your description for the ice version sounds sweet though.
  13. Glitterwolf is 100% correct on the mold release residue. For me though I always at a minimum give my minis a quick wash with soap and water before priming to ensure no dust, skin oils or such are on them. Prep is just as important as painting especially for gaming figs to have durable paint work.
  14. Sweet group. If we are voting for favorites mine is also the purple hair chick. She reminds me of my Shadowrun Elmore print or at least would fit right in. Love them all for different reasons. The hacker Mr Blue hair (or at least that's how I see him) is runner up. Great work on the whole set, love the color choices.
  15. Love the gold and purple combo. You even echoed the gold in his mane which ties it altogether. His expression is just the best. Good work.
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