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  1. I love all of them. The ram heads are just the perfect addition. I will be looking at your thread for future inspiration when I manage to get some together. Awesome.
  2. Now that I had time to sort through all the contents of the Chaoswolf box , I took some pics of the bounty. And of course it is now on its way to Izzylobo. I had a minor delay with a wicked head cold but it is finally in the mail and I added quite of few of new items I hope to see posted when it finds a new home. As for my picks A wide shot ... we play Warmachine and thought hey I could use a spare battlebox for luring new peeps into playing with us. A few bones made their way into my collection as well as a group of lovely ral partha Kobolds, a reaper blister and a cute
  3. Chaoswolf box officially posted to @izzylobo, scheduled to arrive Thursday.
  4. Chaoswolf box arrived - will post once it is on its way on to izzylobo
  5. @Ratmaster2000 Awesome to see so much receive a home, you have your painting cut out for you. I'm excited per the tracking the box should arrive by tomorrow evening. I'll post here once I know it is safe and sound. Then once I get it sorted a post of the goodies I give a home to.
  6. I'd be in for a group paint if I'm not too late to the party for input. But if others would rather not, that's good too.
  7. I loved seeing her in person as always Rhonda beautiful. All the tiny details were just perfect. Thank you for sharing some of your process it's awesome to get to see it.
  8. ChaosWolf I need to formally thank you for making sure I was included on this round. I'm so excited it's been a bit since I participated and I love just seeing all the awesome minis in the box and quite enjoy following along and seeing what everyone picks. Not to mention all the minis I have that need good homes.
  9. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. These forums are the best.
  10. Looking nice I love he blue skin tone and color scheme as a whole. I may be too late but I would suggest mixing in a bit of Elf flesh or fair skin to your ashen blue to bring up her highlight. When I did a grey blue skin I shaded it with a bit of burgundy wine and added a bit of rosy skin highlight to my blue for my 1st highlight and a bit of pale sand for the final highlight. It helped the skin seem a bit more natural while still remaining blue. Although you need to be careful as to what flesh tone you use some with too much yellow undertone will turn green which you do not want. Lookin
  11. Looking forward to seeing these finished, awesome work so far.
  12. I'm torn too on the Gamblers Chest and the pinups. I'd rather have the pinups in resin even at a higher price point so I'm thinking of waiting as I hope he does a limited release of them in resin. Same goes for my favorite sculpts in the GC but the game content may make it worthwhile(even though we play very seldom as a filler for RPG's when someone can't make it). But it's a bit of a gamble as he may never release them in resin. I'll likely buy the GC and if he releases some of the sculpts in resin pit the plastic versions in the box of goodwill. It's just what to do about the pinup
  13. Beautiful color choice and awesome progress on her cloak. I can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the mini. Oh and it was lovely meeting you, I'm so happy I did.
  14. She was stunning! Congrats on the well deserved gold. I remember when you handed her to me to take a photo I had to ask if you sculpted her as I thought perhaps I somehow missed her release. Thanks for posting some of the process it is an interesting read, and of course bringing her to the show for us all the marvel at. Just lovely.
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