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  1. Great work and the base is just awesome.
  2. The sash and matalics look great. I can't wait to see the finished piece.
  3. Great job, i like how the spots came out.
  4. Great ideal, can't wait to follow this one.
  5. Those are some nice mini's. They should be fun to paint.
  6. it does have a green cast. i used a mix of dragon black and dragon white reaper paints i picked up last summer with citadel colour "goblin green" that is probably 10 years old. many watery layers mixing those together to various shades. thanks for the comment! Thanks for the info
  7. Great job, The NMM looks great. I love your color selection. The purple really works for me. Again great paint job.
  8. Nice work, I really like the snow leopard skirt.
  9. The green works well with it and I agree vivid blue would work better. I have a hard time with color selection. Many times, I shift colors on the fly as I paint.
  10. I love the colors you used and they fit the piece perfectly. The base is just phenomenal. Always enjoy your work.
  11. I Can’t add much more than what everyone has said. The base looks good. The more you paint the better you will get. Quick question doses the sword have a green cast to it? If so, how did you get that effect?
  12. It is a great paint job on a nice looking mini. The fair skin works for me. I really like the leporded skin on the base. great job and cant wait to see more.
  13. Great work, I really like the hole thing. The armor came out great.
  14. Great work, I really like the vains and the details on the control panel.
  15. Very nice paint job, the dress came out great and I like the way the hair came out.
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