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  1. It is looking good so far, the hair looks nice and from what I can tell the eyes look really good.
  2. Outstanding work! I love the color pallet that you used.
  3. Nice Job, The feathers on the wings came out very nicely.
  4. Diamon Shark, I will give it a try can not hurt and thanks for the tip. Kit, I will try that as my Sony A350 on Macro mode has the habit of setting a very nerrow field of focus.
  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. Inarach, you are right I need to get a third light for my set up the underside of the wings are too dark. Kang, The bird is part of Game Workshop tomb kings line. They make some nice figures but they are a little expensive.
  6. Well everyone here is another older one a completed about a year ago. I was trying out my new light box. Please feel free to comment or give suggestions on how to improve.
  7. Nice paint job, this is the place to learn and everyone here is very helpful.
  8. Nice work, this is one of my favorite mini's i love the feel of movment it portrays.
  9. I like the look nice and dark, the red of his beard came out nice.
  10. Have to go with the Sgt. Crunch, it needs just a little more of a highlight and drybrushing would work fine. Over all it is a very nice paint, job and I look forward to seeing more.
  11. I have to second that the green is great on Sophie. You truly do great work.
  12. Great work, the face, hair and green cloth are great. For me I think the brown arrow quiver could use another highlight. That is just me though. Again, the piece is great.
  13. Welcome, you are doing some nice work. Cannot really make more suggestions than what has already been made. You are right the paint has came a long way since the 80’s.
  14. Nice job, your color choices are great they really pop. I especially like what you did with his shield.
  15. Nice Job, I do love the way the purple dress came out. Your blending skills are improving with each mini.
  16. Nice take on this figure. I like the colors you chose. Your reds came out very nice.
  17. Great work, I like the way the blue came out on Hannah. And the war pug brings a new meaning to beware of dog.
  18. Lyn, your greens came out great. I love the belly scales on the dragon.
  19. Still working on the new one, I just do not seem to get much done with an hour or two to paint a week. I thought I would share an older mini painted 3 or 4 years ago so you guys could enjoy. Painted mini's good :) As always, I am open to suggestions.
  20. I love the way you did the skin and the blood work truly makes the final pieces creepy.
  21. I really like the orc, he came out very nice, the skin and rusted armor plates are exceptional.
  22. Good clean work, Even if the eyes look like she has been drinking monsters continually for the last month. :)
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