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  1. I love the red armor, How did you do it?
  2. Citrine, The water element is excellent. It’s nice to see the old figures once again.
  3. Thanks for the replies. It will be nice to share my work with other people besides the wife. Midnight Lurker- I did use Lich purple on the axes, I have been working on thinning my paints but still have a hard time with the metallics. Still have not quite mastered the dark washes yet always afraid of messing something up. Oh, well it is just paint. Citrine- The figure is from Games workshop, Dwarf Lord with Great Weapon part # 99066205117. I think it is one of their best dwarf pieces they have made recently.
  4. Hello Everyone, I have been lurking around here for years off and on. Like many of you, I started painting miniatures in the early 80’s in connection with D&D then quit when I joined the navy in 89. I picked up the brush again about 8 years ago and have been painting off and on. I am trying this board to share my work after some bad experiences on cool min or not. There is beautiful work on the site but it is not to supportive of beginners and just ok painters, my opinion. You all seem to be supportive and encouraging. So, here is probably my best work to date. It was the last thing I painted 8 months ago and now picking up the brush again after retiring from the navy and making the move. I hope you all enjoy. Always looking for comments and suggestions. I really hope the pics uploaded?
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