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  1. Great work, really like the conversion.
  2. Nice, the face is very realistic.
  3. Love the paint job. Good use of bright colors and excelent free hand work.
  4. Rippy looks great, Good job.
  5. Great work, really love the realistic paint job.
  6. Your color selection is great. The green is really working with her hair color. Can't wait to see them finished.
  7. Great work, The blending is great and i like the colors you chose. The base truly makes the finished piece.
  8. Jim, All I can say is great work, the colors work well together and the NMM looks good to me. Mercius is right you’re improving with each new piece done. Can’t wait to so the next one.
  9. Nice Work, They look like spring with the colors you chose. I really like the way the purple came out.
  10. Nice Work, Can't add any more than what was said. I do love the purpule dragon.
  11. Great Work, I love the colors.
  12. Great Work, The reds and yellows work well togather.
  13. This should be good one. I cant wait to follow it.
  14. Love the story line that goes with the kit bash. It looks cool should look really good painted.
  15. This would depend. The way I paint my shadow color is used as my base coat and then I work up from it painting smaller and smaller area’s. That is just my painting style I am not sure how others work.
  16. I love the Santa Clause one he looks really cool.
  17. I agree with midnight lurker prep and prime only what your going to paint.
  18. I would go with a deep rich red it would complement it well.
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