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  1. This is one reason I use a black primer coat it helps to hide some of these hard to reach places and helps hide my bad brush control :)
  2. Mercius, You are truly improving by leaps and bounds on each new mini. I love the work on the pink the highlights are great and the face is very nice. great work on the eyes. I am jealous :) Can't wait to see her done.
  3. These are just great I am going to have to get some to paint for the wife.
  4. Great Work, I love the way the base is coming out.
  5. He is comeing along nicely can't wait to see more.
  6. A Little water and a shake should do it. I have some paints that are over 5 years old and they keep chugging along.
  7. Great work as always, the red is very rich and I love the free handwork on the dress. The facial expression is priceless.
  8. WOW! She came out very nice. You did an excellent job on the vines and I love the face details. Great Work as always someone will be lucky at the silent auction.
  9. Nice Work you are getting better with each mini. good luck with the contest.
  10. How did you paint your metal? Did you rehighlight after your wash? It has a very nice paint job but i do think the armor needs brighter highlights.
  11. Great Job Bro, The colors really work well togather and the boots did come out very nice. Can not wait to see it completed.
  12. He looks great. The colors really work on him.
  13. The colors are looking good, you might want to watch out for the mold lines. can not wait to see more.
  14. great luck on the move, It is great work. I love the bear.
  15. Greatn Work I just love the Russian.
  16. Looks good, very effective color choose.
  17. Aundine looks good as a good girl, I love the greens. Please do share the hair recipe. Great work as always.
  18. A bad tooth will skew anyone's prospective. I like what you have planned for the bow. can't wait to see more and I hope you're feeling better.
  19. Great work, it is very crisp and clean. The blues are just beautiful.
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