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  1. It truly is a personnel taste thing. I prefer a nice mate finish personally. Go with what you like.
  2. Brother don’t be so hard on yourself. Your painting is coming along very well. Hell in the time it took me to paint one mini you have paint 3 or 4 of high quality. None of us is ever 100% happy with our own work because we know were ever flaw is. Now on to the mini, I Love the face, the eyes really pop and the beard is great. My only criticism would be that cloak, pants, shirt and bow are two close in color they are blending. Now that I look again I think the bow and cloak are still primed :) Can't wait to see it finished.
  3. Great work as always, I like how the armor came out and the face is great.
  4. Great work, the bases are great and unify the party.
  5. Love the plants especially the way the leaves came out.
  6. The green does not look bad, the only thing the bone needs is a couple washes of a brown and you would be in business. Over all a very nice paint job.
  7. I don’t know of any good article’s on working with a dark color. In my experience, it comes down to restraint in the use of the highlight color to prevent it from shifting to a lighter color. Just remember less is more. I can’t wait to see it completed.
  8. The dragon is great but I really can't wait to so the base.
  9. Now that is a find, it truly opens up a world of possibilities.
  10. Looks good, I like how the blue and white work together. My only suggestion would be a wash of brown on the white bandages to make them look not so new but that is being nitpicky.
  11. I like your colors, good work so far. I can not wait to see more.
  12. I vote for it being cloth. However, it might be able to be painted up as flayed skin and look pretty cool.
  13. Great Work! I love the way the green came out on the dwarf.
  14. It is looking good, I like the how the goblins skin came out. Can't wait to see it finished.
  15. Looking good, these kids reminded me why I don't have kid's :)
  16. Looks good, I like the highlighting on the leather armor.
  17. Nice paint job i like the way the blue came out and your free hand work is very nice.
  18. That is going to be one lucky player. It is a very nice paint job.
  19. Good paint jobs, i really like the skeleton, looks cool.
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